GOC Chapter 82 & Mass Release

Hi everyone,

Exciting news! I’ve been preparing a surprise for everyone and its finally done! Now, those who followed my other series will know that I like to do a mass release celebrating the ending of the series.

Therefore, I will be doing a mass release over the next few days until GOC is complete. Yes, 83 chapters will be released in the next week!

In addition, 1 hour after the last chapter is released, I will be doing a Q&A (Question and Answer) time on the Wuxiaworld discord, as well giving a sneak preview of my next story. I look forward to see you then.

Hope you enjoy this.

Here is the first chapter of the mass release: Chapter 82

20 thoughts on “GOC Chapter 82 & Mass Release” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. What. EIGHTY THREE chapters???? You call 83 chapters, half the series, “almost done”??? Rainbow Turtle the goddess of translating. Mere mortals cannot hold a candle to her “already released half the series, might as well release the other half all in one week”.

  2. Well hot damn, I was planning on starting goc when it reached around 120, but guess I might as well start binging now xD. PRAISE BE THE SU-, i mean RAINBOWTURTLE!!!!!

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