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    1. Yea the surprise is….. it will be chapter 200!!! Deathblade sounds like he is going to be crazy busy the next day so we should be happy to even get a chapter 200 if he has the time.

      1. Haha. Yeah, I’m don’t think there will be any special event to go along with 200, although it is quite a milestone. I will put on my thinking cap though…. Hmm….

  1. Thanks for the chapter Deathblade, I just finished catching up to the series which for some crazy reason I had decided to take a break from around chapter 59. So while I was reading this, I, for some reason, decided to write down all the typos and such I found in the translation, (well there were quite a few I forgot to write down and quite a few more I missed I’m sure, but let’s not talk about that). Why did I do this? Probably out of boredom, possibly for internet cookies, (it was definitely for the internet cookies). Without further ado, here is the list!

    Chapter 96
    “An understanding from ancient times, the smelting of a demon, severed by the hand of a of a Demon Sealer. Such a pity; an inch of joss ash upon which descendants can prostrate.”
    Chapter 101
    Soon he was fifteen hundred meters.
    Chapter 103
    Their were faces pale as they all cupped their hands and bowed deeply to him.
    Chapter 120
    They had been called here to wait to for orders from the Sect Elders.
    Chapter 138
    Filled with stubbornness, his glared out with fading eyes.
    And yes that incomplete spirit could…
    Anyone Cultivator of the Foundation Establishment stage could participate and receive a Sieve Earth Pill, regardless of background or heritage.
    Chapter 155
    It wasn’t that she specifically didn’t like Han Bei; actually, she hated all beautiful women.”
    Chapter 160
    “In fact, of all the treasures here, only these scriptures can be taken away. All the other statues are perfect and unharmed.
    Chapter 164
    “So, it’s… Fellow Daoist Meng….” His face was pale, his voice anxious as he looked at Meng Hao.”

    And there it is!

    1. Hey I very much appreciate this actually. I will go back and make all the changes… probably tomorrow I’m guessing. I remember binge reading ST and finding mistakes and thinking ‘I should write these down’… except I didn’t. Bad me. Good you! Thanks so much!

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