Gain enlightenment! Read ISSTH Chapter 243!

“Er Gen just released chapter 1376,” said Chinese ISSTH fan Li Lei. “I really can’t wait for the next new chapter.” “You don’t need to wait,” replied Han Meimei. “Just MTL it!” “What’s MTL?” “MTL stands for Metaphysical Translation! It allows you to extract the future story from Er Gen’s head. It will be incomplete and hard to understand, but at least you’ll get the general idea of the story!” “Wow,” said Li Lei. “I’m definitely going to try it out!”

Chapter 243: I Dare You To Say That Again!
Translator: Deathblade – Contributing Editors: Madam Deathblade, John Rogers – Proofreaders: Lingson, MeeBoo and Yascob
Sponsor: Caleb Gleason

Many thanks to Fellow Daoist Caleb Gleason for bringing the fourth sponsored chapter of the week!

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  1. haha I love it, you do make a point though, when the cliffhanger gets too strong, I will occasionally MTL the next chapter. Not with any of Er Gen’s work though, his stuff is reaaally hard to translate.

    1. lol so true – the only novel I’ve found harder than Er Gen’s to read in MTL is World of Cultivation. Some of those chapters I get to the end and maybe understood 5% of what just happened.

  2. What an amazing new technology! Perhaps WE could utilize this fantastic method for ourselves one day!
    Thanks for the chapter!

    By the way, I had a profound insight just recently… with all this talk of cultivators and meat jellies, I realized that there’s only one letter separating “immortal” from “immoral.”
    Make of that what you will.

  3. Wow, are there really 1300+ chapters? 😯
    That actually kinda worries me somehow… the longer a story goes on, the tougher it becomes to keep it at a consistently high quality, even for the best writers.

    (And lol @ MTL, I don’t understand how people can torture themselves with it either… usually looks like 60% gibberish or more)

    Thanks for the chapter, btw 🙂

    1. nah it’s pretty normal for it to be this long. i mean we are at chapter 243 and he is still in foundation establishment and the resources he will need will just increase as he levels up more. Also, he has to find the other parts of the sublime spirit scripture and find recipes for perfection after core formation

    2. Its pretty normal specially for chinese web novels as I think they are paid to do 1 chapter per day so even if they have writer block they still have to keep writing so you end up with lot of filler chapter that does jack all XD And lot of these stories are also super epic as well.

      Heck Xian Ni, a complete work by the same author has 2088 chapter so ya =X

    3. MTL varies from work to work.

      The more allegorical the story is the harder it will be to read. MTL and flowery Chinese literature don’t mix.
      The more random magic-kungfu move names in a chapter- the harder it will be to read (although sometimes hilarious).
      Same goes for character names – especially when new characters are introduced.

      If you want to get past a cliff though – it’s pretty easy to read the last couple of translated chapters first in English then the MTL, then read the next few untranslated in MTL. You can follow which hilariously translated name matches with which character then.

    4. Read Skill’s taker domination or Ark (+ Ark The Legend), it’s MTL and it’s really good translation.
      Recently, Legendary Moonlight Sculptor has MTL and it’s not really good but it’s readable ^^.

      1. I got tired of Ark. It was the same old thing, over and over again.
        Meet someone. Find something wrong with them/piss them off. Have them irritate/act against ark. Go into personal mode to destroy them. Find an ally, take advantage of them. Have nursing skill activate mid-fight and win. Find an enemy, destroy them. Sees someone that reminds himself of being orphaned, help them. Screw over more allies. Have someone fall in love with him. Make an enemy.

  4. No, I think there’s a better way. I been watching these creatures called zombies roaming around, eating brains. I believe by eating brains we can learn the native languages of the brain. Thus we shall abandon the machine way for a more natural way.

    ~ Eat Brains is the solution 😛

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