Gain enlightenment! Read ISSTH Chapter 223!

If you’ve never lived in China, you may be unfamiliar with one of the most annoying things in the entire world. Virtually all houses in China have tiles floors. Whenever anyone renovates their house (which happens more frequently than you might imagine), they have to jackhammer the tiles up to replace the floors. Said jackhammering generally starts at about 7:00 in the morning (usually the one morning you wish to sleep in), filling the entire apartment building with a buzzing, grinding sound that stabs into your psyche like the bleet of some sort of garrulous, satanic goat. Curse you, renovators! Curse you!

Chapter 223: How Alchemist Fang Carries Himself
Translator: Deathblade – Contributing Editors: Madam Deathblade, John Rogers – Proofreaders: Lingson, MeeBoo and Yascob
Sponsor: Joseph Gange

Many thanks to Fellow Daoist Joseph Gange for bringing the first sponsored chapter of the week!

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  1. i understand, i have devil neighbors that do not know how to operate the jack so the renovation is ongoing for a month at a time, small drilling at a time then it stops and you think after waiting for a while : its finally over… but then he grinds a little bit and waits for you to almost fall asleep, and then starts again! and for some reason they seem to do this 1-2 times a year…

    and btw thank YOU for chapter refreshed second before it was posted and was like i wish there was a chapter refreshed WOOT! <3 fulfilling wishes!

  2. I live pretty much right next door to a petrol station that’s just been torn down and rebuilt from scratch. I can relate to the 7am wake ups… and probably any ‘earthquakes’ you might have felt due to the jackhammering too

  3. Deathblade, you think that’s bad (it is!), imagine neighbors excavating several floors beneath the house with trucks blocking the street all day for years at a time. I just finished watching a documentary on basement renovations in London because of all of the zoning laws. It looked pretty abysmal.

  4. It can’t compare to jackhammers, but my parents like to wake at 6am on the weekends, which ends up being fairly noisy. I wake up, grab my earplugs and muffle my hearing as I go back to sleep another couple of hours. Sometimes I sleep with them from the start when my neighbor starts playing party music or my sis watches TV late into the night. Semi-thankfully, I’m a light sleeper so I can still hear my alarm through the earplugs.

  5. I’m imagining the morning music playing from a Disney movie, and you look out your balcony and the birds are singing and flowers are blooming, you lift your head and inhale deeply with a satisfied smile on your face, when all of a sudden-


    And you fall off the balcony from shock. Thanks for the chapter!

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