Gain enlightenment! Read ISSTH Chapter 215!

Unless you are from San Diego, or have lived there, it may not be possible for you to understand how much I miss the following: rolled tacos, California burritos, carne asada burritos, cheese enchiladas, and shrimp diablo. OMG. I’m suddenly so hungry….

Chapter 215: Lift Your Head!
Translated by Deathblade
Contributing Editors: Madam Deathblade, John Rogers
Proofreaders: Lingson, MeeBoo and Yascob
Sponsors: Dewi Suryono, Paul Venesky, Kirin Tantinon, Christopher Choi, and CV

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  1. Time flashed by, and soon two hours had gone by. Deathblade had come back to check the comments from his last post. “I wonder if I’ll find a fatefull comment this time”, he lightly muttered. Few people knew, but it had actually been more than three months since he last found one. The joy from that one comment had been enough to change his life; he had started to take translating really seriously because of it. Now, he couldn’t even be compared to his previous self. All it took him now was one publish button and hundreds of people started posting, thousands of spirit stones were thrown at him. Back then, if there were five posts, it was plenty, and very few people dared to even spare him a glance. Deathblade hadn’t actually changed. He was famous now, yes, but his core foundation was still the same. He couldn’t afford the time to reply to every post, but he still tried hard to read them all. It barely took him 5 minutes to read all of them, that was how fast he was at it. “*sigh*, I wonder where that person is”. Remembering the cultivator that wrote that comment, he couldn’t help but cup his hands and slightly bow. Not wasting any more time, he closed all the tabs and opened a doc. file. Excited about the prospect of finding him, he immediately began to translate again. His eyes flashed with endless determination, and a hint of sorrow. “No matter what, I will find you…”. With that, nothing more was said. The only thing that could be heard was the sound of what seemed to be a god typing at incredible speed.

  2. Mmm some rolled tacos from Sergio’s or California burrito from Lolita’s. Even better, carne asada fries or just regular tacos from Tacos el Gordo. Sounds like I’m going to have to head out and pick some up for dinner.

  3. Moved up to the bay area last year from SD. I miss Lolita’s (in general), rolled tacos from Roberto’s and the ultra thick cheese quesadilla from Cotixan. I just finished dinner but I’m hungry now.

    ..oh yeah thanks for the chapter!

    BTW what does the $80 pay for? One sponsored chapter? Thought I was paying for three but the sponsors changed today.

  4. Lol I just noticed the tags for this on aho updates:
    “ISSTH Chapter Release, California burrito, carne asada, enchiladas, er gen, Food, hungry, I Shall Seal the Heavens, ISSTH, mexican food, oh my god I’m so hungry, please overnight me some mexican food, San Diego, sponsored chapter, thanks, xianxia”

      1. I’m vegetarian now, so last time I went down there I grabbed some potato rolled tacos from the Lolita’s by Petco Park. mmmmmmmmm

        Though I do miss carne asada fries sometimes.

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