Gain enlightenment! Read ISSTH Chapter 209!

I wrote this really long intro about speaking Chinese in China that seemed hilarious at first. Then I re-read it and decided it sucked. Instead of coming up with something else, I’m just going to release the chapter….. T__T

Chapter 209: Opportunity for a Secret Meeting
Translated by Deathblade
Contributing Editors: Madam Deathblade, John Rogers
Proofreaders: Lingson, MeeBoo and Yascob
Sponsor: Fan from WA, Melvin Smith, Anonymous, Quentin Niven, Atmasatriani Mannan, and Cole Hausner

Thanks to all the Fellow Daoists for brining this first sponsored chapter of the week!

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  1. Stick the jettisoned intro in the comment section here, why don’t you? Would be a shame to let it go completely to waste; and that way, the whole world won’t see it, only the people who are keen enough on the release to read the comment section!

      1. My humanity hinged on my ability to add five plus five. Good to know know our standards are very high. As an honorable Pringle I have surpassed all my peers and become a human, “Hello.” Ok, ignore that.

        I only meant to say that I was quite worried that we wouldn’t see it. ;p
        I won’t worry any longer.

    1. Honestly at first the only reason I started reading was because Deathblade’s intros were funny. I’m happy I did, it’s a good story. The original author can be cryptic at times which is annoying since this is a translated work, but Deathblade does an excellent job at keeping us in the loop. The protagonist is interesting since he’s basically a loner, I mean he has friends but it feels different from the other stories. He doesn’t really have any powerful backers to help him when he’s in a pinch. Anyway I’d check it out. Deathblade updates often!

    2. Pacing, writing style, character development, mystery, adventure, passion, catharsis. It has it all.
      It is a document dictating the change from mediocrity to supremacy, with a perfect blend of comedy and intrigue.

    3. you get a very realistic feel, obviously it’s a fantasy, but within the setting you don’t get stupid shit happening, the mc is a reasonable guy and his actions make sense (e.g. running from a strong opponent, not just powering up his plot armour) it has really nice pacing, a slowish start which, for me was lovely easing us into the world

      my opinion, issth is top 3 on wuxiaworld at the moment
      MGA (i love ruthlessness in a mc)
      issth – as above
      ATG- find it fun *shrug*
      i mean, damn, not having CD in there hurts me badly, i am current on all the xinxia except Skyfire avenue but right now? them’s my faves

    4. It’s good enough for me to obsess over it, and regretting not taking Chinese lesson in college.

      In my opinion, the strongest point of ISSTH is definitely the intricate yet complex and logical plot developments that makes you gasp with excitement and anticipation. Then there’s the unique and memorable cast of main, side, support, and antagonistic characters. So far there are very little, if any, throw-away characters; you’ll see them again unless they died. That being said, it is a slow-burn type of novel that requires some level of patience but it’s definitely worth it when you get to the conclusion of each arc/book.

      And different from most xianxia I’ve read so far, the comedic elements are super funny and are relevant to moving the main story along (they are not just breather between the actions). Furthermore, the character progression of the MC has quite a bit of depth, allowing you to relate to him much easier and thus, makes the story much more enjoyable.

      That’s about it i think, can’t praise ISSTH enough.

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