FRESH Skyfire Release – Chapter 56

SABanner“Ey, Linlin, is this your boyfriend hm?”

How-diddly-doodie there readers,

Second chapter of the week comin’ atcha. Lan Jue and Zhou Qianlin are spending some quality time in a retirement hospital, because it’s not like she’s being hunted by the Western Alliances (possibly), Skyfire Avenue is preparing for an assault by the Western Adepts (possibly), and Lan Jue has two shops he’s supposed to look after (definitely).

But I’m a crotchety old guy so maybe it’s me. Read and decide for yourselves where their priorities should lie in Chapter 56: Kindness Should be Preserved!.

Xiao Lai


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  1. Hey Xiao Lai, I noticed all the reddit threads say that SA is by Tian Huo Da Dao while your index says it’s by Tang Jia San Shao….which is it? o:

    Also thanks for your translations~

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