FRESH Skyfire Avenue Release – Chapter 77

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?yrotirret reh ni smeg eht tuoba tahW ?gnoY oaG ot deneppah tahw retfa elbacima eb llits sserpmE eht lliW ?dnif yeht lliw tahw tuB .devirra evah seoreh ruo yllaniF

.keew eht fo retpahc drihT !ti evah uoy ereH

Special thanks to JZ ‘I got 99 problems but some cash aint one’ of Ontario, and GC ‘Gangsta Crayon’ of Hong Kong. Thanks fellas!

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  1. Here you have it! Third chapter of the week.

    Finally our heroes have arrived. But what will they find? Will the Empress still be amicable after what happened to Gao Yong? What about the gems in her territory?

    Welcome to Whoever wanted to decrypt it?

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