FRESH Skyfire Avenue Release – Chapter 73

Fourth chapter of the week comin’ atcha. Chapter 73: The Shattered Starfields

So have you guys ever just… walked in to your house to find someone sitting there? Not, like, a thief or psychopath or anything, but like a friend. Just someone who thought they were familiar enough with you to just waltz in to your house? I don’t ask for any particular reason. It happened to me once, but after I nailed his thumbs to my door knocker nothing like it happened again. But then, I stopped getting any visitors at all… or calls, or emails. So a success, if you ask me.

Xiao Lai

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  1. That’s nice, I prefer seeing why they have the balls to do that first then act accordingly. Like powdering a sleeping pill and offering them a drink before dislocating each and every joint in their limbs before they regain full consciousness, then checking for any missing items from food to valuables before continuing, you know just in case they had balls enough to steal from me too.

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