FRESH Skyfire Avenue Release – Chapter 61


So what would you do if the love of your life exploded with an entire planet and you later discover she’s going to get married to the political elite of a rivaling alliance but when you save her from her fate you discover that it’s actually not her but her sister who looks exactly like her but you’ve already messed up the wedding and possible started a war between the two alliances and in an effort to apologize for your actions towards your wife’s look-alike you work for her as a bodyguard but due to the fact that they look so similar you can’t help but have strange confusing feelings for her?

I don’t know either, but that’s Lan Jue’s problem. See what he does in Chapter 61: Professional Ethics.

In addition I would like to offer a heartfelt thanks to JY of Australia, YCH from Canada, and VC of France for your generous donations, I hope you enjoy the chapters!

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