FRESH Skyfire Avenue Release – Chapter 42

SABannerBut in truth, his respect for this teacher has grown despite his reservations. Even now, with not a student in attendance he did not appear the least bit flustered.

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

It’s Friday again, and here is your dose of Skyfire Avenue. It’s about that time; Lan Jue stands at the podium, ready to instruct young minds in the ways of etiquette. Well, ostensibly, anyway.

I highly recommend listening to Don’t Stand So Close to Me by The Police and Hot for Teacher by Van Halen as you read Chapter 42: The First Class.

Now for a few things. First and most important I would like to humbly thank Xenaca, OK from Germany, and Anonymous for their generous donations. They are very much appreciated and I hope I can continue to provide you with something you enjoy.

Second, we’re going to see a change to the release schedule through the end of July to the beginning of September. Saturday will have a special weekend post, followed by a delay. Posts will resume hopefully on the 29th, and will be provided every other day (weekends included) throughout August. I will be traveling to the US to spend the month with my family, so things will have to be adjusted. I will do my very best to remain consistent throughout my time there.

Thank you all for understanding, and enjoy the latest chapter!

Xiao Lai


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  1. I thought you were living in the US?
    Is it okay to ask where you are from originally? ^^
    I’m spending a month with my family at the moment as well but I live near enough to be able to visit them whenever I want 😀
    It’s just that I normally only am in the city where I study.

    What I want to say: I can understand it and hope you enjoy your time with your family 🙂

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