FRESH Skyfire Avenue Release – Chapter 31


The Reaper Arena, the place where Adepts brought their enemies for duels.

Here we go! Here it comes! We’re finally getting some action! How often does a translator of Chinese novels get to say that sentence while not referring to an evening of late-night HBO and a bottle of wine? Rarely, I assure you.

Lan Jue has been challenged by the Barber, who seems pretty self-assured that he’s going to win this little exchange. Meanwhile the Beautician continues to jab at the two men. What’s her game anyway? I guess we’ll find out, but what’s a fight without a little side-action to make things more interesting? And you know it’s got to be good if Lan Jue necks a bottle of super-rare wine just to tick off some old guy in a winery. Read it in Chapter 31: Harlequin Silver!

Xiao Lai


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