FRESH Skyfire Avenue Release – Chapter 224



the tables on us before. Watch and find out.
Whale. And what about that mysterious Poseidon’s finger or whatever. You know what I’m talking about (checking…. checking… Poseidon’s Mark). That’s what I said. That looked intensely bad-ass. All I’m saying is, TJSS has turned
any of his compatriots. Hua Li may be specialized in healing, but did you just see that massive water canon? It’s like blastoise hit the ‘roids like a beast, genetically devoured the ninja turtles and channeled his spirit animal the Blue
Happy Monday boys and girls. I hope Sunday left you hungry for a little bite of Lan Jue and his three homies. Chapter 224: Total Victory has a pretty straightforward title – or does it? It’s been a long time since Lan Qing has fought

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