FRESH Skyfire Avenue Release – Chapter 22


“I had a beautiful wife.”

Greetings readers,

For the last twenty-one chapters we have read about the times and trials of Lan Jue as he’s made his way across Skyfire. Through the journey we are given glimpses of a past he has tried to forget. People make mention of Zeus, the monarchs. Of Hera. But the bitter heart that beats in Lan Jue’s chest has always defied scrutiny, veiled by a veneer of nobility – and yet an almost crass apathy. But now, some of that tale will be revealed. A small part of what makes Lan Jue tick, and react the way he does. Why would this Talent, this God-Level mecha pilot, this man called Zeus cast his normal caution and carefree spirit to the wind to find Hera? Part of the answer lies in Chapter 22: His Story.


P.S. – I will also be adding a character list and glossary of terms to the index under the heading… er.. Glossary of Terms. This will be added as they occur to me, but if you have any specific questions or concerns hit me up in the comments and I’ll make a note!

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