FRESH Skyfire Avenue Release – Chapter 177

Hey guys,

You may have noticed I’m a little scattered lately, and that’s because I recently got a job in a new clinic. It’s one am as I’m posting and I have to get up at five :S. So I apologize for any interruptions or delays we may experience in the next little while as I’m re-organizing things. Tonight we have Chapter 177: Competition Arrangements for you to enjoy. I know I missed yesterdays, so I’ll do an extra Saturday post this week.

And p.s., inb4 Lan Jue uses the Soulcaller gem to cheat during the competition with Qianlin. Watch it happen.


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  1. even tho i really like SA i don’t mind if you don’t do a chapter a day, you have to take care of yourself!
    also, are skyfire avenue chapter getting longer or is just me perception?

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