FRESH Skyfire Avenue Release – Chapter 11


“An electronic ringing arose, the holographic keyboard dispersed, and two sides of the metal box drew out. They opened quickly, retreating layer by layer as the interior rose to reveal the goods within.”

Riddle me this! What happens when you add a brooding super-powered mutant noble, a mysterious cipher box, and a missing love interest?

Flying purple people eaters! Or… well, it would if I was writing, but luckily for us I’m just translating. So find out for yourselves in the latest installment of Skyfire Avenue with Chapter 11: The Cloudless Storm!

Xiao Lai


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    1. One chapter takes me around 4 hours. My Chinese isn’t super awesome and I spend a good deal of time researching the writer’s obsession with super fancy stuff.

      I’m now a certified sommelier, gourmand, interior designer and chemist.

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