♔ SOTR Chapter 55!

Hi guys, I’m Kidyeon, the editor.  I’ll be posting your regular chapters, while etvolare will generally post the sponsored.

Our schedule runs with 3 regular chapters during the week, and up to 2 sponsored (unless something special happens) during the weekend.

Etvolare left me a note to give you guys though!

“Thank you all for the warm welcome and close read! Much love to all of you, and thank you in particular to Dain who pointed out a HILARIOUS mistake. Pills used to be called dan back in the day and when I was done TLC’ing a chap, I would just control F and replace all dan to pills. Well, I created some new words like attenpilltes and confipilltes. Fun stuff. :D”

Here’s the chapter, and thanks for reading the small wall o’ text!

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  1. It’s been a few months since I last commented, but I just wanted to say…..

    Welcome to the Wuxiaworld family etvolare! This is really wonderful work, and I’m glad that you’re translating it and sharing it with us :]

  2. Thanks for the chapters.

    Just hope you can release the chapters on a dailly basis (just me dreaming x])


    Welcome to the Wuxiaworld family! This is a really wonderful work and I’m glad that you’re translating it and sharing it with us :]

    1. *blinks at the queue* I ah… have a feeling only 3 chapters a week will never happen… or rather, only happen when I’m slammed with work. XD

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