Forum Event! Artwork Competition! $350 in prizes!

Hey guys, the new forums have been up for five days now, and as we work out the kinks, we’re seeing some great adoption rates for it! Many original stories have begun to be posted, and several translations as well; The Great Ruler (大主宰), being worked on by jn19930, and Child of Light (光之子) being worked on by ruze, in particular have had a good number of chapters uploaded. The former was written by Heavenly Silkworm Potato (the author of BTTH), while the latter was written by Tang Jia San Shao (the author of Douluo Dalu and Skyfire Avenue), so if you are caught up on your other reading, I encourage you to give them a spin!

With the forum working, one of the things I’ve wanted to do so time now is have an artwork competition; with literally tens of thousands of daily readers, I’m sure some of you are really talented artists!  I’m thus announcing our first ever Coiling Dragon artwork competition, running from July 23rd until August 23rd, with cash prizes totaling $350!

There will be two competitions, held on temporary subforums in the Original Creations forum; Competition A is for the best map of the Yulan continent (based on both accuracy and beauty), while Competition B is an ‘open’ competition for the depiction of any event that has occurred thus far in Coiling Dragon!

The rules: Each person can submit a single entry for each competition (in other words, you can submit one for A and one for B).  For competition ‘B’, the title of the post should be self-explanatory regarding the scene which the picture is about which has been made!  Submissions will be accepted between July 23rd and August 15th; on August 16th, the forums will be locked, and a voting procedure (to be revealed later) will begin, ending on August 23rd with the announcement of the top three in each category!

Note – There must be at least six entries per category for a third place prize to be awarded, at least four entries per category for a second place prize to be awarded, and at least two entries per category for a first place prize to be awarded.

The rewards: First place in each category will receive a prize of $100, second place will receive a prize of $50, and third place will receive a prize of $25 (payable by Paypal).  In addition, on the ‘victory post’ announcing the victors, the two first place winners will each also be given the opportunity to briefly introduce/write about themselves, and also link to their website, deviantart page, or any other page they want to promote (within reason).  There may or may not be other swag as well!

I look forward to seeing what the talented people of Wuxiaworld have to offer!  😀

70 thoughts on “Forum Event! Artwork Competition! $350 in prizes!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Awesome, i’d love to see some artwork depicting linley’s dragon form(i imagine it similar to dark souls 2 full dragon armor), or even him ‘munching’ on the neck of the wyrm. XD

    I might give a go at it, but my art is so-so. -.-

      1. Actually it is unclear if The face change into lizard like or not, it is only stated that there are scale in the face. Also, the horn is in the forehead, not in the back

  2. This sounds pretty fun! I’m not going to participate myself but I’m excited to see other people’s work! 🙂 Good luck to anyone taking part! 😉

  3. This is great! I would participate, but I’d lose face.
    The Yulan Continent map idea is excellent, and it’ll be delightful to see depictions of things/events such as: Awakening From the Dream, a Baruch Castle feast (we can see all of our favorite Yulan characters), Fogsea Storm, Grandpa Doehring’s sacrifice, Dylin’s “Apocalypse Day”, Dillon vs Rudi, Hillman’s nostalgic training sessions for Wushan children, Great Botha Levee, and more!
    Can’t wait for all the eye-candy! Good luck guys.

  4. Damn even though im not good drawing stuff, I wanna other ppls artwork. There’s 2 scenes in CD where I wouldn’t mind seeing, one is Grampa Doehring sacrificing himself to save Linley and the other is when Linley and Bebe meet for the first time.

  5. How about someone using a photoshop by cutting here or there.and combine to a new kind of pic. Like armored razor back wyvern. By using dinosaurs and dragon

  6. Yo Ren,

    Just as a heads up the mobile site platform is being nuked by a Candy Crush app AD. Literally get to read 10 seconds on my phone before it zaps me to Iphone app store to try and by Candy Crush. I can’t even read Wuxiaworld on my phone any more because of it, anything that can be done about that?


    1. Yes, tomorrow I’ll take some time to try manually disabling and troubleshooting ads. This has come at a really unopportune time…meanwhile, try clearing your cache to see if that helps? I’m so sorry for the bad experience.

      1. Hi Ren, although clearing cache helps, the next day the same thing happened again. It is only at ww that this is happening on mobile. Don’t have this problem when going to other sites.

    1. No, there should be an option called “Log in with wuxiaworld”, if you click the sign in button. That option appears if you are logged into Wuxiaworld, and automatically transfers your account to the forum platform. After you set up the account for the first time, you’ll gain the hability to log in with your user/password or the aforementioned option interchangeably.

  7. First post. First of all thanks for the awesome works, you totally got me addicted to Chinese Wuxia and Xianxia. (I mean the quality of the translations are really good).

    It’s a great idea, the contest I mean, I have been wanting to do a painting from Linley in Dragon form since a long time ago but never had the motivation, now I do 😀 the other problem is that the description of scenes and characters are so action based that the visual description are seriously vague. His dragon from has been described a few times but it’s still not clear how large the spikes are or how it generally looks like.

    I think the people who are not participating in the contest can still contribute to it. If each from all the people who are here, look for and posts one of the paragraph where there is a description of the Yulan continent and Linley in some Thread, all the contesters would have a solid description of what they paint. If not it would be also a contest of reading through all these chapters to find the descriptions of different characters and locations and that’s very time consuming.

    and lastly I think it’s great that the people are doing some translations in Forums, I hope someone translates the Wuxia The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber, a Chinese friend of mine said it’s really good (it’s 60 years old something) and I would really love to actually learn something about the Chinese history while doing all these readings. But unfortunately I cant even buy them in Amazons.

    Long post 😀

    1. The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber is certainly good, but don’t hope that you’ll be able to learn something about Chinese History there. It’s 99.99% fantasy.

    1. are you that oblivious? there is a reason ren is building up the website and inviting new translators here. once he fully translates CD, he is going to ascent to a higher realm. i doubt he will have time for mortals like us. we can only hope.

  8. wow, so interesting! i always imagine Linley in dragonform similar to Toothless from How to Train your Dragon, except more humanoid. Haha, I hope there will be artists that draw Linley in a cute way.

  9. I want to participate but I’m too shy…
    The maps competition is out of the question for me, I love drawing characters so I hope I can make it in time for the 2nd one.

    So excited for this! Can’t wait to see everyone’s art works.

      1. AH, good. So nervous I skipped that part. Ren I’d like your help. I’ve decided I will draw Linley’s first transformation or along those lines but I’m not sure about some things;
        -Does Linley’s hair get covered by his scales as well?
        -I know they turn a gold color but do they still look human after he dragon-forms?

        1. Hey, I don’t believe his hair gets covered by the scales. As for ‘still look human’, what do you mean? He’s in humanoid form, yes, but covered with scales, spikes, and has dark golden eyes.

          1. I’m not sure if after Linley transforms, he has regular human eyes, just in a dark golden color or dark golden colored lizard eyes… I hope I make sense.

  10. I’m working on a Delia. If I win, don’t want paypal, just add it to the queue for next chapter. Or I seem to remember you’re not accepting those anymore, so just add it to the MGA queue instead if that’s the case.

    1. You could try using a VPN. Maybe your ISP blocks the request to the SSO page. Deathblade was not able to log in from China, and that method worked for him.

      If I remember correctly, I changed the password from your account, triggered the account creation in the forum for you, and restored your password. It was just a matter of following the instructions and filling the autentication form. If that does not work, I can not think of anything else.

      It worked for me from 3 different browsers, on different operating systems. I reviewed the code of the SSO plugin, and everything seemed fine. I don’t have any options left.

      1. then what is the unempty one?
        I can only use emoticons. And when I creat a thread, I can only post a title. If i write the contents of a thread, then ‘ Body is required ‘ problem will show up.

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