First Skyfire Lane Chapter Released! Chapter 1

Hey guys,

Over the past week, I’ve been slowly working on Skyfire Lane.  Whew!  The language being used by TJSS in this one is considerably more difficult for me than IET’s, especially since I’m already used to IET’s style now, so it’s been slow going.  We had a half day today, so when I got home, I finished it up.  Here you go!  I don’t think these are divided into books, so just go ahead and enjoy Chapter 1: Zeus’ Jewelry Store!

For any questions regarding Skyfire Lane such as chapter speed, etc., please look at this post, which I’ll eventually add to the FAQ.  Cheers!


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    1. Yes, I saw that after I started. It looks like they started two months ago, did two chapters, then stopped :). I should have my chapter 2 up this weekend.

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