First chapter today coming late

Hey guys, busy day at work this Monday, had a morning/lunch event I wasn’t aware of; first chapter will probably come either really late after lunch (around 3 PM Eastern time), or around the time when the second chapter normally comes out (at 7 PM), at which point the second chapter will come out at 11 PM.

Meanwhile, in another chapter of the Excellent Adventures of RWX and GGP – GGP wants to get back at RWX for making fun of him regarding walking the dog.

GGP: when
GGP: if
GGP: three hours
GGP: behind
GGP: look
RWX: Is this a haiku? I’m confused T.T
RWX: …..
RWX: You slay me xD

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  1. Nice attempt GGP, better luck next time 😛

    I’ll probably read both new chapters of CD at once after I watch the new Avengers movie tonight :3 can’t wait!

    1. Apparently in the last BTTH chapter there was a short convo left in by accident from the TL/Editors and one of the lines in the convo was Brb walking the dog or something similar.

  2. Man means I was F5ing for the past 25 minutes in vain lol. O well will just have to start again around 3pm Eastern. Will you update us on twitter if you will be putting it out at that time or not?

          1. That’s actually the somewhat acceptable change lol. The worst ones comes in the following chapters. It’s enough that it’s not coiling dragon anymore

          2. They did the same to BTTH, it’s horrible, too… Though Duoluo Dalu manhua is good enough, it follows sotory 🙂 It’s ‘combat continent’ in english, for those who want to search it in google 😛

          3. The Douluo Dalu manhua follows the plot but the issue with it is that they basically changed a lot of the stuff. For example: Tofu Monopoly (Really? It’s not even Tofu monopoly anymore either), color of the 90k ring, why the hell did the rings suddenly change from moving around the spirit/person to suddenly floating randomly in the sky, and from the latest chapter… WHERE THE HELL DID THE BREAK THE BOWL WITH YOUR SPIRIT POWER CAME FROM?!!

            So ya at this point it seems like it’s not even following the novel anymore. Things are getting added in, removed, and some events are completely changed (Like Tang San getting his spider lances)

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