First CD Chapter coming late today

Have an event at work, will be coming out in the afternoon, with the second chapter coming out at night 🙂

52 thoughts on “First CD Chapter coming late today” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Don’t worry, take as much time as you need.

    I have already finished reading the raws 🙂

    P.s. All thanks to you~

    It was a nice read, it’s the best! 😀

    But I’ll still read the translation later to get a full grasp of the situation.
    I was just speed reading and there’s some “laws” or “colors” or stuff I can’t quite make out…

        1. Well I just simply use Google or Bing Text-to-Speech :/

          Since I can somewhat understand Chinese, I just copy/paste the raws the listen to the speech :p

          P.s. Yea, I can understand but I can’t read, sadly.

          1. By earth essence.. do you mean water essence?

            But yea, apparently. This word “青” have several meaning.

            I have only known that word as green until recently…. I didn’t know it can also mean blue and black o.o

            I think the author used that word for both wind and water elemental essence…

          2. wait now im really confused.. his earth essence is blue right? i mean his pulse guard is has blue essence… but now it isnt?
            i might need to do some intensive research in order to get to the bottom of this !

      1. Apparently, (dunno any chinese myself, just what i’ve seen people say) the character in question can translate to either blue or green. Not gonna act like i’m 100 percent certain, but every time I see this question somebody answers that :p.

        1. I can’t read Chinese but I read Japanese well enough, and Japanese Kanji actually are Chinese characters (it’s literally means letters of the Han).

          青 : blue, azure, green
          緑 : green, verdure

          I’m not really sure about the differences, but I think green (緑) is considered as a subset of blue (青), the way teal and indigo are considered as different shades of blue in English.

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