Fellow Daoists, please enjoy ISSTH Book 3, Chapter 210!

This just in: What’s worse that drinking cheap Chinese baijiu? Answer: Drinking cheap Chinese baijiu and cheap Chinese red wine together! Urggggghhhhhh.

Chapter 210: Chapter title kind of spoilerish, avoid it if you wish
Translated by Deathblade
Contributing Editors: Madam Deathblade, John Rogers
Proofreaders: Lingson, MeeBoo and Yascob

This is the second guaranteed chapter of the week! Some very important information regarding the fragment of Sublime Spirit Scripture that the Violet Fate Sect has. If you were paying attention to that a few chapters ago, please read the following info….

A few people questioned the reference a few chapters ago to the Violet Fate Sect having the Core Formation manual fragment of the Sublime Spirit Scripture. Earlier today I was reading ahead in the story, and it made a big point that they actually have…. the Foundation Establishment manual!!!!

I freaked out, thinking that I made a mistake in the translation. However, after going back and checking the original Chinese I found… it was Er Gen’s mistake! One of the most frustrating things for me is that Er Gen actually makes a lot of typos, and of course doesn’t go back to fix them. It’s not uncommon for him to mix up names, techniques, etc., or to just make random typos in which he uses the wrong Chinese character. In some ways, I’m acting as translator and editor, to fix some of those problems.

Anyway, I’ve already gone back to adjust the translation and sorry for the mixup.

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    1. This is about the fragment of the Sublime Spirit Scripture the Violet Fate Sect has, not what Meng Hao has. 😛

      There are 7 different manuals of the SSS, one for each stage of cultivation (Qi Condensation, Foundation Establishment, Core Formation, Nascent Soul, Spirit Severing, Seeking the Dao, and Immortal Ascension). Each manual describes the method to reach the “pinnacle” of each stage (below perfection, that is). Examples are the Flawless Foundation and Violet Core, which are the best types of foundations and cores that normal cultivators can hope to get.

      Patriarch Reliance only found the (complete) Qi Condensation manual of the SSS, so that’s all Meng Hao has at the moment. One of the reasons he wants to infiltrate the Violet Fate Sect is because they have a fragment of the SSS Foundation Establishment manual which describes how to form a Violet Core.

      Er Gen (ISSTH author) previously made a mistake and said the Violet Fate Sect had the SSS Core Formation manual rather than the FE manual, which is what Deathblade is talking about here.

      1. I only now realized another problem with this, lol.

        Qi Condensation manual = Flawless Foundation
        Foundation Establishment manual = Violet Core
        Core Formation manual = Four-colored Nascent Form
        Dao-Seeking manual = ??? (the highest level of Immortal)

        Then what does the Immortal Ascension manual do? Is there another level above Immortal Ascension? 😮
        I don’t blame Er Gen for confusing himself 😛

        1. I was thinking about this too. It seems like it would have been better if Er Gen had named them according to the cultivation level they were in instead of the next one up. After, forming a flawless foundation is not a part of qi condensation, it’s what happens after you’ve hit the end of qi condensation.

  1. Okay so can someone clear this up for me? Does the Violet Sect only have a fragment of the Foundation Establishment manual or the whole Foundation Establishment manual which is only a fragment of the whole set of the Sublime Spirit Scripture?

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