Fellow Daoists, please enjoy ISSTH Book 2, Chapter 166!!

Meng Hao opened his quest book to review his uncompleted quests. Reach mid Foundation Establishment, Dispel Resurrection Lily Poison, Kill Li Daoyi, Reunite with Xu Qing, Reunite with Fatty, Awaken Mastiff, Wear Blood Immortal Mask, Use Flag of Three Streamers, Compile Classic of Time, Forge Time Sword, Create Woodless Larva, Create Ninth Demon Sealing Hex, Understand Copper Mirror. He sighed. “I have a lot of work to do….”

Chapter 166: Ultimate Vexation Bonds a Master!
Translated by Deathblade
Contributing Editors: Madam Deathblade, John Rogers
Proofreaders: Lingson, MeeBoo and Yascob

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P.S. Did I miss any quests….. ?

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  1. Quest: acquire 7 more legacies.
    Side-quest: Investigate the rumors about the cultivator who resembles Wang Youcai.
    Continuous-quest: Defeat Wang Tenfei.
    Quest: get your pet turtle back.

    Also thanks for the chapter!

    1. Yeah, I was disappointed that Meng Hao didn’t seem to care much about the Little Tiger/Wang Youcai mystery, but to be fair, he had other priorities at the time. 😛

      For anyone who forgets what this is about, Little Tiger and Wang Youcai were part of the group of boys Xu Qing kidnapped (along with Meng Hao) at the beginning of the story. One day while they were living in the sect, Little Tiger told Meng Hao that Wang Youcai fell off a cliff and died… Meng Hao felt that Little Tiger wasn’t being completely honest about it, but he didn’t demand the truth from him. Much later, when Meng Hao was being pursued by Shangguan Xiu after the Reliance sect disbanded, he met Little Tiger again. Little Tiger lent him a treasured pearl during the fight which elevated Meng Hao into the 10th level of qi condensation and allowed him to easily kill Shangguan Xiu. (Interestingly, Meng Hao thought the pearl was a treasure comparable to the copper mirror.) Little Tiger also blurted out that Wang Youcai was alive shortly before the fight, but Meng Hao didn’t respond. Finally, Wang Youcai appeared in the Blood Immortal Legacy tournament as the chosen participant of the Blood Demon sect, the most mysterious of the 5 great sects. His Blood Divinity took the unprecedented form of a blood-colored sprite, which looked similar to a Nascent Soul.

      I hope Meng Hao investigates all of this eventually. Little Tiger and Wang Youcai seemed like fairly ordinary kids at the start of the story, but something strange happened to them in the Reliance sect… and suddenly Little Tiger has an incredible treasure and Wang Youcai disappears for awhile before returning as a chosen disciple of a great sect.

      1. he could not see the characteristics of the others in the toury so all he know is that Wang Youcai fell of a cliff and tiger said he was alive. still I do hope he does investigate.

        1. If i remember correctly, in the 9th matrix of the blood immortal legacy they were in the same space. so he could in fact see? him, not to mention he cut off his arm.

          1. they were blurry, so they could not see nor hear the others…until that li patriarch broke that rule in the sixth matrix, but by then wang youcai had left
            we most definitely haven’t seen the last of him, if anything so that meng hao can complete the hidden quest “piss off every major faction in the southern realm and then some more”…this is a continuation from a previous one “piss off every major faction in the state of zhao” which he completed in record time XD
            so far he’s got the wang clan, the li clan, the song clan and the violet fate sect. in no time at all he’ll get the black sieve sect (probably next chapter).
            after that there’re 3 more to go: the golden frost sect, the solitary sword sect and the one wang youcai belongs to (demon sth?)

  2. Thank you Deathblade, Madam Deathblade, John Rogers, Lingson, MeeBoo and Yascob.
    Uff, just reading the quests makes me tired! Luckily Meng Hao is a hardworking guy, not like me.

  3. Quests: finally learn foundation stage magic (f***ing noob lol) and learn more about the starry-eyed corpse from the sky that covered him in death qi

    Was it called the tower of tang? Can’t remember

  4. 1. 100% NTR Chu Yuyan.
    2. Kill Wang Tengfei and obliterate his clan.
    3. Steal 20 more Legacies.
    4. Get his pet turtle and bird back. Wait for his dog to wake up.
    5. Dupe more legendary items and cry/regret over the lost of spirit stones.
    6. Get chased by everyone.
    7. Get revenge on people that offended him.
    8. Reunion with friends (Chen, fatty, and etc).
    9. Start a family with Xu Qing and Chu Yuyan.
    10. Learn Pill Crafting. Learn Magic Item Crafting. Learn Pocket Dimension Crafting.
    11. Offend more people. Get more revenge. Troll some more.
    12. Steal/Seal/Shatter the heavens.
    13. Get rich. (HA FAT CHANCE MENG HAO!)

    Anything else?

  5. summation of stuff above and thing I thought of
    get more money to duplicate things
    find out about that one guy who he was kidnapped with, who then disappeared.
    find protection against lightning for perfect core pill
    understand treasures stolen from reliance
    did that north sea get the hole left by the turtle or does he have to still do that?
    find out about this bird that ultivexy is talking about
    find out about mark on hand
    under stand the demon sealing scripture stolen from reliance
    Does one need a foundation cultivation Manuel for reaching the core formation stage? if so then need one.
    Return the Classic of Time to that one girl and get a body for guy in mask?

    learn foundation stage magic
    learn more about the starry-eyed corpse from the sky that covered him in death qi
    search information about the previous demon sealing hexes
    Refine Perfect Core Pill
    Investigate the Wooden Swords
    Fully assimilate the Wind-Rain Dragon demon core
    Journey to the Great Tang in the East(?)
    Find his parents

    Poor Meng Hao has his work cut out for him, I am eagerly awaiting the rest of the story.

      1. Nope, that was a dragon core I personally think that this bird ultivexy was talking about has something to do with the mirror as when it stopped him from putting on the mask there was a bird cry. That or it is the roc but that was dying, and going to rebirth cave, which kind off goes against the idea of immortality this bird is supposed to have as suggested by the sect and ultivexy.

      2. No, I think the bird is the Roc, the big bird who awakened from the Milky Way Sea and threw him and Chu Yuyan in that sealed volcano island where he got his perfect daos and did the Blood Immortal trial…
        We never heard of that huge bird anymore since then, even though it attracted so much attention flying. It couldn’t have just disappeared after that, so I’m betting it’s still involved with Meng Hao somehow…

        Seems like the Roc did more than just send him there eventually…

    1. Yes I got it. Thank you sir. The next release will be a sponsored chapter, but your donation will most likely be attached the chapter after that! Thanks again!

  6. You forgot “to reunite with the talkative older brother”! xD
    And the “to be hated and maybe persecuted by at least 60% of the clans and sect of the south”.
    Thanks for the chapter!

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