Fellow Daoists, please enjoy ISSTH Book 2, Chapter 161!!

For many of you, the day is starting to wind down, but for me it’s just beginning… And I’m already tired… Need coffee……

Chapter 161: Ultimate Vexation Appears!
Translated by Deathblade
Contributing Editors: Madam Deathblade, John Roberts
Proofreaders: Lingson, MeeBoo, and Yascob

This is the seventh and final guaranteed chapter of the week!

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  1. Hey Deathblade,

    Have I told you lately that I love you?
    Have I told you there’s no one else above you?
    Fill my heart with gladness, take away all my sadness
    Ease my troubles, that’s what you do

    Hahaha but in all seriousness man you are doing an amazing job. Thanks for all the work you have put in to this series.

  2. Thank yew, enjoy your busy workday!
    …or so I would say, but I’m not a jackass.

    You can make it! Slack off and nap as much as possible! Be well-rested so you can translate more chapters… >.>
    Or be a productive member of society and drink your coffee… up to you!

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