Fellow Daoists, please enjoy ISSTH Book 2, Chapter 145!!

Deathblade hunched over his work computer, casting surreptitious glances toward his boss’s office. “At risk of my very job, I vow to upload chapter 145,” he muttered coolly to himself, eyes glittering. His hand began to tremble as he reached toward the mouse, moving the cursor toward the “Publish” button…

Chapter 145: An Ancient Mountain Path
Translated by Deathblade
Contributing Editors: Madam Deathblade, John Roberts
Proofreaders: Lingson, MeeBoo, and Yascob
Sponsors: Quentin Nivon, Danh Tran, Dainius Gliebus and Joshua Marsh

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  1. A loading bar then appeared. His eyes flashed, and immediately he started an incantation with both of his hands. He could faintly hear a dragon roaring as his cultivation soared…

    1. except it come from the direction of Deathblade’s boss office followed by a not so muffled “Another ISSTH Chapter released! YEAH!!”.
      Moments later the boss poke his head out and looked left and right seeing nothing out of the ordinary before disappearing back into his office
      “If only I could hire this Deathblade…” he muttered. If only he knew…

      1. Time flashed by.
        Soon, the sun was rising from the east.
        Deathblade`s boss looked out the window as he sighed: “if only there were more chapters a day…“. He then proceeded to check ISSTH wuxia page.
        His eyes narrowed as he muttered: “the donation progress bar is empty. If only I didn`t have pay my employees this month“.
        Not very far away, Deathblade felt a sudden chill down his spine: “not good“, he thought.

          1. Whilst checking the Wuxiaworld site for another update, the boss decides to read the comments and suddenly a flash of recognition hits him and he smiles.
            Deathblade is someone from his department. As quick as flash he loads up the HR database and scrolls through the list chuckling evilly here and there… Deathblade feels another sudden chill go down his spine and can’t help but wonder if someone had turn the air-conditioning on too high or if he is coming down with a cold…
            “Nah…must be imagining things” he thought and turns back to work…whatever that may be

          2. Deabhblade`s boss eyes suddenly came to a halt. His eyebrows frowned: “Could it be… he`s hiding his talent?“. An idea soon flashed his eyes, in which one could notice a curious glint deep within. He immediately picked up the phone and started making calls.
            By this time, Deathblade was already leaving to the hospital. “Where did this cold come from“, he murmured.

            OMG I`m gonna stop this here otherwise I`ll be here all day. Thanks fellow daoist for following up.

  2. Thanks for taking such risk upon yourself to bring us chapters, Deathblade…
    But maybe your boss knows, and is a fan of Er Gen! Maybe he’s been waiting for you to come out and tell him, so he can give you that promotion that’s been sitting there for you for months now!
    You should come clean, tell him everything…

    jk, thanks for the chapter 😛

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