Fellow Daoists, please enjoy 5 chapters of ISSTH!

Several sages sat around a wide table, playing with their iPhones. Suddenly, a message popped up. “Holy Confucius!” said one of the sages. “There’s a special 5 chapter release of ISSTH!” “No way!” said another sage. “Reading ISSTH helps settle the Qi and calm the mind! Let’s read it now.” Eyes glittering, the sages quickly clicked the link and began to read…

Chapter 46: Three Long Spears
Chapter 47: Title Withheld for Spoiler Purposes
Chapter 48: Eccentric Song and Wu Dingqiu
Chapter 49: Mountain of Trial by Fire
Chapter 50: Iron Spear

Translated by Deathblade
Contributing Editor: Madam Deathblade
Proofreaders: Lingson, laoren and MeeBoo

This special multi-chapter release has been brought to you by everyone who has selflessly donated to support ISSTH over the past few weeks. Please join me in giving three kowtows and a bag of holding filled with Spirit Stones to Jon Alle, Jingping Lai, Erik Gordon, Christian Dela Cruz, Sai Pakalapat, Marco Pacheco Dera, Chris Sherman, Sheela Mugan, Tjandra Johannes, Deep Bhattacharya, Allen Porter, Daniel Delaney, Steven Melendez, Abdul azim Nasyirah Diyana, and Austin Minett. You guys are awesome! Thanks for helping us reach chapter 50 way ahead of schedule!

SPECIAL and IMPORTANT announcement below which will surely cause your body to tremble:

I’m very happy to announce that starting this week I’m going to add sponsored chapters to the 7 guaranteed chapters per week. At the moment, I can only add 3 sponsored chapters per week. The current plan is to release them on Wendesday, Friday and Sunday, meaning those days would have 2 chapter releases. The total maximum chapters per week will be 10.

I started with 5 guaranteed chapters, then went to 7. Now I’m adding sponsored chapters to raise it to 10. In the future, maybe I will be able to increase the chapters even more. Keep your fingers crossed for that and burn some incense in your ancestral hall.

P.S. Sorry, I was too busy and tired to come up with a good picture for the sneak peak chapter …. agghhh

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  1. Came to see if fbt posted mga chaps but I was surprised to see that the sages posted five chaps of ISSTH.

  2. hehee, thanks DB :3
    I may be late, but just like a hero, I arrive when I’m needed the most!
    Or… I arrive when my schedule becomes free. 5 chapter hype!

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