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Hey guys, FYI, the FAQ has finally been posted!  I’ll share it here for a while so that everyone can see it xD.

Q1: Does IET know you are working on this?
A1: Yes, IET knows about this translation!  I informed him myself, twice, through his public Weibo page via private message and I provided links as well.  He really doesn’t seem to care/mind!

Q2: I’m bored and I want to read more IET/Xianxia works! What other IET works are available?
A2: I’m not too familiar with the Japanese works, but Wuxiaworld has Coiling Dragon and Stellar Transformations. SPCNET has a translation of Swallowed Star that is currently being worked on by Zebulin, while IEatWatermelons is translating IET’s latest work, ‘The Desolate Era’, at worldofwatermelons.com. Aside from that, I’m not sure if any other IET works are being worked on, but a number of other similar Xianxia works include Douluo Dalu (from author Tang Jia San Shao) being worked on by the redoutable Bagleson at Blue Silver Translations, while Zhan Long is quite popular as well and is being worked on by the team at Gravity Translations.  For some old school Wuxia works, SPCNET’s Wuxia Translation forums has quite a good amount as well!

Q3: Ads – I see an ad that I don’t like for some reason. What should I do about it? Also, are the ads here pay per click, or pay per impression?
A3: First of all, if you are seeing ads, that means you have your Adblock off, so thank you! If you see an ad that is causing problems, you can let me know in the comments, in the forum, or directly at rwxwuxiaworld(at)gmail.com. Please provide the URL of the ad if possible, so I can try to block it! Most of the ads here are pay per click, and primarily provided by Google, so they should be good ones and not virus-y. I’m trying to get into some book advertising networks, but it’s a bit of a slower process.

Q4: I am on mobile, and one particular ad is causing me major problems, in that it is giving me constant pop-ups and redirecting me constantly to the Android Store!
A4: As best as I can tell, this isn’t an advertising problem, this is a problem with having a virus in your browser. The solution that has worked for many problem is clearing their browser cache for Android Chrome. Go to Chrome Menu, then settings, then (Advanced) Privacy, then ‘Clear browsing data’, then clear everything.

Q5: For some reason, I keep on seeing the ‘mobile’ version on my desktop, or my ‘desktop’ version on mobile!
Q5: I know  T.T.   It’s a weird bug which I don’t know how to fix as of yet, but which is really high on my list. Basically, I –think– it has something to do with caching settings or the mobile detection, but I can’t seem to fix it. If anyone here thinks they can, try dropping me a line at rwxwuxiaworld(a)gmail.com.  One possible fix might be to stay logged in, which seems to resolve the issue for some people.

Q6: What’s all this about donations/sponsored chapters?
A6: Check the ‘sponsored releases’ page here!

Q7: You skipped a regular chapter this week/last week/whatever!
A7: No, I probably didn’t, check again. I do them every week xD

Q8: What’s your regular update schedule?
A8: Well, I’m not a machine, so it’s not exact, but usually during the weekdays, I post the first chapter at around 11 AM – 12 PM U.S. Eastern time, the second chapter around 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM, and a third chapter around 11:00 PM to 11:30 PM. Weekends are more erratic, and sometimes I’ll do four, other times I won’t. Also, it does depend on the queue as well. The 22nd of each month, I take off, as my ‘one day a month anniversary’. I occasionally help out on Stellar Transformations as well.

Q9: Would you be willing to consider working on [XXXX], maybe after you are done with Coiling Dragon?
A9: I’m totally focused on Coiling Dragon right now, and I still am not even half way done, so I’ll worry about that later!

Q10: Hey, I just made these PDF/ePub/.mobi/etc. versions of Coiling Dragon. Would you like them?
A10: Hey, in order to help foster the community and keep the discussion centralized, I’d strongly prefer to not host ePubs or to have ePubs spread around, at least until I finish the entire translations in a few months. I’m totally fine with you creating them for personal use or sending them individually to people who ask for them, but I prefer you don’t post them up willy nilly. Thank you!

Q11: You misspelled startled as ‘started’.
A11: No, actually, ‘started’ has a second, more obscure meaning, which means to make a physical, involuntary jerking movement.  For example, “Startled, Ren started” = “Ren was surprised, and suddenly twitched/made a jerking movement.”

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  1. Ren plz plz get rid of the video ads that auto play and auto loop they slow down the site and eat up my net. i have had as much as 4 at once and they will not stay paused so it is near impossible to read a chapter let alone post this comment since there are 3 of them on my screen now.
    They are about cosmetic surgery series 1 min and 5 seconds long if that helps find them.

    1. dragonmage, can you provide me the link? I can’t block all video ads, but I can block the worst, like those which auto-play sound. There shouldn’t possibly be four of any ad at all, because I don’t have four ads of any particular network up. Everyone sees different ads, so there’s no way for me to see yours through a ‘description’ (I have seen zero cosmetic ads period). In the mean time, I would totally understand if you went ahead and Adblocked for now. Thanks.

      1. The only info i can pull up on it is that it is from flowplayer.
        I do not know why but when it shows up i get 3-4 flowplayer video ads of the same video.

        1. Flowplayer is just a type of software; I’m not able to identify anything from it. Hrm. Let me think about how to deal with it. I might send out a call for help and see if someone can create a ‘custom ad box’ that is closable on the website. In the mean time, pls feel free to use Adblock if it is bothering you like that 🙁

          1. I hate having to close the ads off altogether but ya can not read the chapters otherwise and i noticed that the video shown changes when refreshed so it must just be pulling different videos from a list That seems to be labeled Health Theater since all the different ads that have shown start with that. If it was just one video it would not be bad if it stopped after 1 playing. But 3-4 videos that auto play and auto loop(replay) make it nearly as much work to move down the page as on a high streaming game site.
            Hope someone else can get more info for you I not that good at finding tech info so you can fix it or you find another way to fix it.

          2. Hey Ren, I refuse to turn off ad-block for you. These ads, however, are getting pretty resource intensive and keep causing flash to crash. I don’t know what to do if anything, but I just wanted to alert you. As others have said its chrome/desktop

          3. If it’s causing you problems while on Chrome, then go ahead and keep Adblock on, bakaman! Thanks for being here anyhow! 🙂

          4. I’ve been asking around the community, and it seems Chrome is problematic for ads, because its built in flash isn’t coded in very well, unfortunately =\.

      2. Yeah getting the same issue he does. I think it has more to do with the autoplay ads that use flash. Flash is basically slowing down the browser causing it to freeze. Basically I would be scrolling down the chapter and it will freeze every few seconds if I don’t have adblock on. It honestly isn’t just your site. I have to keep adblock on for both reddit and worldofwatermelons. It really is just something wrong with flash sadly. Wish it could be phased out. It also cause issues with Twitch for most people.

          1. Yeah soley desktop using Chrome. Actually I just checked and I don’t seem to get the issue with firefox. Yet I still get horrible lagging with 60fps vids on youtube using firefox. I just can’t win. XD So I guess I will just read your site on firefox. There we go there is a fix. :p

          2. lol what the heck? Must be some weird codec/coding thing. Sigh. Oh well, if that works for you….xD

      3. Ren, I am getting a ton of ads from the manga viewing site Renta as well as Balloons & Chapters. Not just one URL, but each different ad from them sends me to a different manga. It’s pretty weird, and I don’t like it that much. However, I will keep my Adblock off! I will support Ren!

        I seem to be getting them from all devices (Android Tablet, iPod, Windows Computer, etc.), and I think it may be linked to either my google account, or my wordpress account. Thanks!

        P.S. Links to one of the ad’s from Balloons & Chapters: http://www.balloonsandchapters.com/landing/ad-2

        Link to an ad from Renta:

        P.P.S Oh yeah, as I was searching for those two ad links, I got 3 ads from Flowplayer all at once.

        1. Hehe, I think the ads are based on what they think you like! Thank you so much for supporting me!

          BTW, are you seeing any book-related ads pop up? I just joined a new book ad network, and hopefully it’ll have more book-related ads coming up :).

  2. Hello Ren, about the Q&A number 5. I also had that problem where i often saw mobile version on computer and the other way around, but since I registered and I’m constantly logged in, this problem has ceased for me. I just thought I would mention it so that it could possibly be help, if not to you, then to other readers.

  3. Ren, I wouldn’t be surprised if through your handwork and astute study of the laws of economics, you would have a break through into…a new tax bracket this year.

      1. Yeah last time I looked “gifts” we not taxable to like 10k. But after that is taxable and at a high rate too. But I havent looked in a while so i wouldnt know what the exact number is now.

        1. Actually, here’s the thing; it’s the GIVER, not the recipient, of gifts which is taxed. You can give up to ~10k to each person each year without being taxed, but after that, you get taxed. For the RECIPIENT, however, there is no tax 😀

          1. I believe it’s a bit over 13k per person you gift, and you start paying taxes only when you accumulate a certain amount of gifted money over your lifetime. Moreover, you actually can gift 13k x number of people in your household, so people with families can gift even more without worrying about taxes. And last but not the least, all of that is for US residents gifting money. If the donations come from abroad, I wonder if they have to pay any taxes even if they gift a lot.

  4. You currently have two mobile website themes. One is the desktop theme’s mobile version where it looks nearly identical to the desktop site with just the above menu being compressed into a single button(“mobile menu “) which drops open the home, index…
    The other is your purple mobile specialized theme. The font in this one is better optimised for mobile. Bigger, clearer- less grainy, thicker.
    Having two mobile themes might create a conflict, I think.

    These two themes come up randomly. It might change multiple times in one session. One page might be in one theme, a link on it(eg., to a chapter) may give you a page in other theme.

    1. I shouldn’t have two mobile themes though, just the ‘specialized’ theme, the second one. I’ve never even seen the first one. It isn’t Jetpack, and I have no idea where it’s from. Hrmm….

        1. Yeah, that’s not a mobile theme at all! That is the mobile theme NOT being used, and the desktop site loading, which is the problem. Grr…

          1. The one I’ve shown on the screenshot may look like the desktop theme but it will be technically classified as a mobile theme as the desktop theme checks for the browser type, determines it is mobile and then gives out this slightly different “mobile” theme page(look at the “mobile menu” button, that clearly indicates its not the desktop theme but some form of mobile theme). The code for this desktop-like mobile theme is included in the desktop theme module.

    2. Another thing, since you’ve changed adserver, the mobile site has become a pain to browse. I still get the redirects from back then. I’ve checked for viruses with multiple antivirus softwares. None found.
      I’ve also tried this on a new phone with nearly nothing downloaded on it, no PC ever connected to it. The below problem persists.
      I’ve got the browser crashing down now. I’ve had dolphin browser and Google chrome crash multiple times only on this sites. This began after you changed adservers. While the website loads completely, I can read a few lines and then it crashes by the time the ads load (last to load)
      So I strongly suspect it’s ads.
      Maybe, and this is just a hypothesis, the desktop theme’s mobile page brings in heavy video ads which crash the browser on mobiles. But the problem is I’ve had crashes on the purple mobile specialised theme too. Moreover, the new phone is a Moto X gen 2 which had got fairly good specs. If it can crash on that, I can see a lot of phones not being about to handle the ads.

      1. The problem is, I’ve never had any problems with my Nexus 4 or my iPhone 5, which spec-wise, your phone beats. The first ‘theme’ you mentioned isn’t a mobile theme at all; that is the desktop site loading on your phone, which of course it is not optimized for. This is the problem; I have never gotten the ‘desktop page’ on my phone, a single time. So I have no idea why some people are reporting it, and it’s hard for me to troubleshoot when I can’t replicate the problem >.<. Btw, have you tried clearing your cache? That solved the redirect problem for several people who ran into this issue and thought it was the ads. Also, are you usually logged in on your phone? At least one person has said that he also used to have the problem, but now that he is always logged in, he no longer has the 'desktop loading on mobile' problem any more.

  5. Hey Ren,

    You might have missed hyperlinking the “here” in this sentence.
    “Q6: What’s all this about donations/sponsored chapters?
    A6: Check the ‘sponsored releases’ page here!”

    Then again, they could just look at the top of the page anyways lol.

  6. Actually, I would like to complain about not seeing an ad. The one that says:
    New CD Chapter Release! Book …, Chapter …

    I’m just joking, your pace is insane and I’m just a leech.

    As for the mobile problem, I’m not to sure on the whole wordpress thing but generally, you’ll just include a small line of script at each page when you make your website that checks which browser/version you have. It might be a problem with that line not functioning properly or some wordpress plugin overlapping it or other plugins that do the same thing. Then again, I’m not too sure. I don’t really want to use the ‘inspect element’ thingie to go look for things I might not even find.

  7. Home a.k.a Index, shows donation 60/80 instead of 490/80 at least I assume/HOPE all the other pages are correct? ^^

    PS: This is only when you are not logged in when logged in it will show correctly

  8. Ren could you also add to that list up there about people reposting your chapters copying and pasting to other sites, you’d be losing money that money that keeps this site a float. again I’m not a hundred percent sure of your stance on this but I figured I’d mention something about it.

  9. One thing that bugs me, the usage of “hrmm”. To be honest, I’ve never seen this word spelled your way. I’ve always seen it spelled “hmmm”. Maybe you can research the spelling?

    1. You are absolutely correct. I just think you may have been confusing “hrmph”, which does have an “r”. Regardless, please continue the awesome translations.

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