Ergen Spotlight + Wuxiaworld EXCLUSIVE Interview!

Hey guys, our very own ruze has completed the latest ‘author spotlight’ on Ergen himself, and as a special bonus we are throwing in the special exclusive interview we did with Ergen. Check out the page here, and the video itself below the jump!  Big props to ruze for putting the author spotlight together!  PS – if you hear giggling offscreen in the video, it came from Patriarch Deathblade!


41 thoughts on “Ergen Spotlight + Wuxiaworld EXCLUSIVE Interview!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. This is like the only place Ren might actually read comments, so, can you do something about spoiler chapter titles? At least don’t include them in the announcement post? thanks

    1. I read almost all comments, actually. Spoiler chapter titles, mmm, different people have different interpretations of what constitutes a spoiler!

      1. Great interview RWX. The only thing I would change would be that in order to shorten the length and since you are doing subtitles anyway, then I feel it would be better to do the interview in chinese and then just translating with the subtitles rather than orally.
        Speaking in chinese then translating what they say to english kind of ruins the pace of the interview and is probably not so fun for the guest either.

      2. Could you do an option like you did with Day/Night? Do a Titles/No Titles option that changes the color of the title to match the background color? Of course, this would also have to work in conjunction with the Day/Night option. Not sure how much impact that has on your translators.

  2. In my honest opinion I love Ergen he’s the first author to make me cry when reading ISSH and the way he touch my feeling when I’m reading is so magical. for me he’s the best!

  3. In all honesty what i observed about issth readers to be most interested to know , is exactly when did Meng Hao lose his virginity if at all during the series.

    1. idt he has yet cuz. remember him and xu qing needed to get buzzed out on so much alcohol to even make out (i think that was their first kiss) so one can imagine whether or not they ever got beyond that. at times like this u gotta love mcs like yun che from atg who do whatever they wanna do. one of the reasons i like yun che is bc he keeps all (most) of his girls happy through romantic and sexual actions. chu feng from mga is alright too but he seems too rough in my opinion.
      the only thing i disliked about meng hao is that bc of him (well its not really his fault but whatever) chu yuyan lived such a miserable life.

      1. yup, all because he had to be stubborn. even xu qing told him to accept her. i mean, he even said that if things had been slightly different, he would have chosen her instead of xu qing. he says this during the dao lake arc, and this was right before the marriage, so he must have loved her. i really don’t understand his stubbornness.

  4. Amazing interview. Although we, as readers, have more questions, but we understand the limited time of Master Ergen.

    Thank you for providing this, Patriarchs! (Almost wanted to type – Thanks for the chapter 😀 😀 )

  5. I love him and ISSTH is in my top 5, but the romance was the only/biggest let down, but it’s his most proud moment in the novels, I noticed many others where the same, is that a cultural difference? I wonder.

    1. Ofcourse it was. Albeit a little high pitched and like a gurgling brook and could be mistaken for a giggle like the ones husky teen girls make. But ofcourse it was a manly chuckle. :3

  6. “How long does it take for an incense stick to burn?”

    Asking the real questions.

    I always thought it was 5 minutes. Now I know it’s 15-30 minutes. AND IT’S VARIABLE?

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