☠EoSP Chapter 191 Release☠

Hey guys.  This chapter wraps up EoSP.  I want to thank all my readers and donors.  This is my first completed project. Woo!  The remaining donation will be moved to my next project.

So let me know what you guys want for next week.


Choice A)  3 chapters of SSN + 2 DMW


Choice B) 3 chapters of SSN + 1 DMW + 1 chapter of the new project





36 thoughts on “☠EoSP Chapter 191 Release☠” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Thank you and congratulations on EoSP being your first completed project!

    Also: “Choice (A) >>> 3 chapters of SSN + 2 DMW”!
    I want to know how SSN ends already.
    Besides DMW needs some love, one chapter a week is a bit sad.

    As for a new project, how about ‘Ark The Legend’. Doesn’t look like RainbowTurtle will continue it.

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