☠EoSP Chapter 145 Release☠

Hey guys.  This is a sponsored chapter.  Thanks for the donation Nathan, Viktor and Jimmy.





4 thoughts on “☠EoSP Chapter 145 Release☠” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. I honestly love this series, but i am having trouble figuring out the release schedule for it, how many chapters per week is coming out and when, i am assuming when they are god damn ready. So if it is not too rude, may I ask if another chapter of this series is scheduled for this week?

    Also would love to sponsor a chapter, buuuuuut…… steam summer sale took all my cash T.T

      1. I am very happy to hear that. So it looks like i can look forward to at least another chapter this week as i noticed the donation has reach the milestone for another ^^

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