Enroute to China

Just giving everyone a head’s up that I’m heading to the airport now.  Expect radio silence for the next 24 hours (14 on plane, then immediately sleeping/jetlag when I get home), followed by chapters, glorious chapters again 🙂

PS – In case there are no chapters, I blame deathblade for getting sick and making me read ISSTH raws on the plane instead of his translations



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    1. That’s nice. Don’t announce it because we don’t care weather you care about it or not. Your opinions hold no value to anyone here so there’s no need to go out of of your way to tell us.

    1. Ren, have some maps tofu for me. So envious of u n deathblade. Long live china web novels. Thanks so much for sharing a little bit China culture with us. Much appreciated.

      1. I really like the relationship with linley and delia, they are just really awesome together ^_^ Although, there is one girl for spoiler reasons I won’t mention, but I feel bad for her (hint, its not alice) 😛

      2. yeah i tried to read the manhua’s of quite a few of the different novels in here, but it bothers me too much that they skip so many things and make some things so shallow or even add other random stuff into it, that said i still love to read manhua’s or manga, but it’s hard when you’ve already read the novel 🙂
        – just came to the part where linley grew a interest in sculpting, ah i wanna read royal road again.. but at the same time i just know it hasn’t gotten much further so i’ll try to forget that for now

          1. The problem with LMS is the bad grammar and inconsistencies in the earlier chapters.. Makes it almost unreadable.

          2. Thanks! but while i’m saddened that it’s slow i still love to read it smoothly. tried the machine translated chapters, but i definetely enjoy the slow translations more, and as such i can only blame my own laziness for not putting enough effort into learning chinese (yet), maybe once i’ve finished the math course im currently in lasting till may + exams, i will reconsider, but i doubt im structuated enough. :c

          3. I thought Royal Road had like the first 20 volumes… and the current translations are being handled by turtle…? We’re past 30 something… at this point… and the current mtl is quite good quality as if it weren’t being mtl’ed at all and is much better than many non-mtl translations.

          4. The current translation of Turtle are very good on arkmachinetranslation. Its almost as good as royal road, He is one of the best machine translators. Give it a try. Yes its reached around volume 32

          5. okay, i’ll give it a try then. i miiight be wrong but i don’t think i am, i’ll look into it later today 🙂

    1. Planely speaking, do you think his air plane will go through many air planes or have they planed to not go by plane cruising but planely going more balistic?
      Do you believe all the plane plane puns where planed as intend, including the misspelling?

  1. I wonder if this has anything to do with the meeting all the CN novel Authors are attending at the end of the month?

    When I heard about it from the TMW Author I did wonder if the ENG translations would come up.

  2. See you here then Ren (almost not likely, it’s a big country lol). I’m still working overseas here in China until April 11 but will be back in China on the 24th to visit my girlfriend.

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