Emperor’s Domination Chapter 222-231

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 222-231
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Translator: Bao

Editor: Nahct

Chapter 222

Chapter 231 – Sponsored by Darean I, Damien S, Gonzalo D.

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  1. Fancy seeing you here XD I’ll definitely be reading these tomorrow once my midterms are done (for now).
    I was wondering what happened with the translation, but have midterms so I’ve been focusing on that.
    If I have edits should I just post them in the comments again? Disqus was more convenient for that since it auto sorted the comments.

  2. Welcome Bao I’ve been reading on PoT but I noticed you didn’t post in a while but glad to know you’ve move to wuxia looking forward to reading it here!!

  3. Altho there are so much ranks with different namew that i’m honestly still confused ’bout ’em after 200something chapters but this is still insanely interesting to read. Welcome & glad to have you here.

  4. man! I really love seeing you here, Emperor Bao….. I was wondering where was the new updates! sooo…. it’s here! hahaha! I really love this novel! One of the best I say. It’s because I rarely like novels… this one, is one of my top 7 ongoing novel and the one that I truly like… E’sD, DE, ISSTH, Reincarnator,TMW, IRAS, TKA…! woooh!

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