Emperor Side 3-1

Side Story 3: The Crow In The Rainy Night 1

Ye Yunzhou watched the sparse rain shower the night with both hands propping up his chin.

He was surprisingly mature for a twelve-year-old boy. Even though his face still had a youthful innocence, his forehead showed signs of a seasoned maturity.

The boy was born in a very small village that consisted of only several dozen families. His ancestors had all been good-natured farmers in this village.

He was lost in thought while gazing at the cold rain that helped him forget about the past. His birth was also the death of his mother while his father succumbed to the toil of life when he was eight.

Fortunately, he had three decent farm plots on top of the occasional assistance from his neighbors. This allowed him to barely have clothes and a full stomach.

This was the age of dreams and fantasies. Despite making just enough to eat, he still had his own dreams during this rain watch.

He dreamed of the day when he could become an immortal, freed from sadness and worries, dressed with golden robes and satiated with wondrous meals, a life of freedom while soaring through the heaven and earth.

He had heard the adults talk about immortals before. One hundred miles away from the village was a divine mountain with a sect called the Southern Creek. Within were immortals capable of doing all the things he yearned about.

His eyes lit up whenever he thought about them with an unquenchable ambition for cultivation. This was because two days ago, an amazing immortal came to Wu Qi’s house. He rode the clouds and trod on the wind before descending from the sky. After his visit, he took Wu Qi in as a disciple.

This immortal was called the Purepine Ancient Saint, a big character from a faraway immortal sect.

Wu Qi grew up together with Ye Yunzhou. They were extremely close, so Yunzhou was very happy for Wu Qi.

A chilling breeze blew by, causing Yunzhou to shudder. He calmed down and looked up to see that the roof of his house was leaking water. He had to slightly shift to the side to avoid it.

When his father was still around, his house had two rooms and one hallway, but one of the rooms had collapsed, leaving behind his own leaky room.

His belly rumbled. It was another night of hunger as the boy reached into his dried food pouch. There was not much left, so he had to swallow his saliva and endure this hunger to save it. When the rain ended, he could go find more food.

“Boom!” Suddenly, a dark shadow rushed in through the window. It was a dark crow that decided to land on the string by his bed.

The crow shook its body, causing water to spray everywhere. Yunzhou had to dodge as he couldn’t do anything about the little bird.

It had been staying at his place for several days now with no fear of strangers and nonchalantly treated this place as its home.

After coming inside, the crow didn’t bother looking at Yunzhou at all. It lowered its head into its feathers and seemed to be sleeping.

The boy softly asked: “You couldn’t find any food outside?” He had grown familiar with this intruder taking his room for its own and felt that this was how it should be.

In the morning, the crow would leave and wouldn’t return until around this time. Yunzhou actually thought that it wouldn’t come back.

The crow had no reaction and ignored the boy completely without moving its body.

After seeing the crow’s dispirited appearance, he reached into his dried food pouch and salivated. After a moment of hesitation, he took some food out and placed it before the crow while saying: “Eat this if you are hungry, I still have some left.”

The crow kept its head buried in its feathers and didn’t care for the boy. The crow was surprised for a bit and felt that it was quite funny. Why was the boy trying to talk to a crow that wouldn’t understand him in the first place?

“I forgot, how can you know what I’m saying? You’re just a crow.” The boy smiled wryly and scratched his head.

However, the crow suddenly lifted its head and coldly stared at him. The boy’s smile froze after seeing this peering gaze. This crow seemed to be able to understand him!

He found it inconceivable, as if this was a dream. A crow capable of understanding humans — no one would ever believe this.

After a while, he showed the food on his palm again and said: “Do, do you want to eat?” He wasn’t certain of his hunch.

However, the crow ignored him and resumed the resting position inside its feathers.

He felt as if he saw a look of contempt in the crow, as if it was high and mighty and wouldn’t stoop down to eat his dried ration.

Ye Yunzhou pinched his face and murmured: “I, I must be dreaming.”

After being scorned by the crow, he went back to his spot and sat down with both hands hugging his knees while staring at the crow.

What kind of crow was this? Could it really understand humans, or was it just his imagination? In this short period of time, the boy let his imagination run wild.

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