Emperor Chapter 995

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Chapter 995: Storm God

The Storm God was someone who was very defensive of her own people on top of having a bad temper and a bossy style. Many people stayed far away from her, including even some of the ancestors of Crimson Night itself.

Those who dealt with her all had a negative impression of her. Some of these ancestors referred to her privately as a witch as well.

But ultimately, she was still the emperor’s daughter. Even those who were annoyed with her couldn’t do anything about it.

After entering the Holy City, the first thing the Storm God did was capture Si Yuanyuan. However, the Thunder Tower Lord did not agree. He had made a promise to Li Qiye and the Bloodbull Godfiend.

Thus, due to the conflicting views, they immediately fought. The tower lord naturally had a great advantage inside the Thunder Tower. The furious Storm God took out an imperial weapon and trapped the tower lord’s group inside the tower.

However, Yi Chuan’s group was not so fortunate. They had just left the Godwar Mountain to return to the Holy City but were immediately captured by the Storm God’s underlings. The reason was very simple, they were acquaintances of Li Qiye.

“Li brat, listen up. You have three days to come and admit your crimes at the Thunder Tower or my Crimson Night Kingdom will kill all of your friends and acquaintances!” After capturing Yi Chuan’s group, she immediately sent out this message.

The whole city was silent after hearing this. Many people glanced at each other, and one ancestor commented: “The witch is here. Tough luck for anyone who makes her angry…”

No one wanted to mess with her. Provoking such an unreasonable person was the same as poking a hornet’s nest. Even if you were in the right, it would still be meaningless in the end!

Of course, the Blood Race was the most excited. Many Blood experts secretly rejoiced. A Blood disciple sneered: “The Storm God is finally here to take care of business. That Li guy dared to kill our disciples so he must be crushed to dust!”

“Li Qiye is here!” Not long after her message was sent out, Li Qiye was spotted in the Holy City.

“He definitely can become the number one genius after climbing the Prime Peak. What a shame that he offended the Storm God.” An ancestor of a different race saw him walking into the city alone and lamented with a sigh.

“The Storm God might not kill him!” A human expert said: “Even if she is strong, there is still a limit. Li Qiye is so heaven-defying and devilish that I feel he has a chance to reverse the tides.”

The humans didn’t wish for Li Qiye to die in the Storm God’s hands. Plus, they wanted to see him reach the peak and bring glory to the human race in the southern region!

“The Storm God is definitely unkillable. Don’t forget, she is Immortal Emperor Chen Xue’s daughter. Although she was sealed for countless ages, people do say that she has her father’s protection. Outside of emperors, no one in this world can kill her.” An ancestor who knew more about the Storm God spoke with frustration.

“The Storm God didn’t come alone either, a few Blood ancestors followed her.” A knowledgeable person spoke: “Li Qiye is not only facing the Storm God, he is facing the entire Blood-devil Tribe and perhaps even all of the Blood Race.”

“Maybe we can go find the ancient clans in the Holy City.” Many humans didn’t want a direct confrontation between Li Qiye and the Storm God to take place: “If the ancient clans here come out, maybe they will be able to resolve this conflict!”

Many people were skeptical of this proposal. The ancient clans were not so accessible. Those who had the ability to meet them were not necessarily willing to talk to them for Li Qiye’s sake.

Under the watchful eyes of many people, Li Qiye entered Crimson Night’s branch in the city. His last visit ended with a bloodbath. Today, he came again, so everyone wanted to see how this storm would end.

The excitement had reached its peak. No one dared to even breathe out loud while watching Li Qiye make his entrance.

The first thing one would see after entering Crimson Night’s branch was the Thunder Tower. At this moment, it was sealed by an imperial decree.

This piece of paper emitted a vast imperial energy with words as immense as Mt.Tai; it had the ability to suppress gods and devils!

Anyone would understand after seeing this decree that if it was pressing down on them, they wouldn’t be able to move no matter how powerful they might be!

It was left behind by Immortal Emperor Chen Xue, a decree capable of commanding the nine worlds and suppressing myriad realms! It was a one-time use emperor’s possession. If it wasn’t for the heaven-defying nature of the Thunder Tower, the Storm God wouldn’t have used it!

There was an old woman sitting on an imperial throne in front of the Thunder Tower. Her hair was already white and many wrinkles decorated her face. However, her eyes were especially cold and as sharp as an owl’s. People’s hair would involuntarily stand on end when gazed upon by this pair of eyes.

She was the Storm God, the most headache-inducing character in the Barren Earth.

Yi Chuan, A’Li, and the others were imprisoned to the side. They were kneeling on the ground, unable to move at all.

“Good, you have finally come to admit your crimes.” The Storm God sat imperiously on her throne and smiled coldly.

The spectators couldn’t wait to see how Li Qiye would react to this overbearing tyrant!

“Admit my crimes?” Li Qiye smiled and glanced at her: “Who says I’m here to do so?”

“Really?” The Storm God said with a sneer: “Junior, I can still let you go even if you don’t admit your crimes! However, from now on, I will kill anyone who is even remotely connected to you! For example, the Pure Lotus School! As long as I give the order, my Blood Race will completely massacre the school within three days!”

“Haha, you can go now.” The Storm God smiled deviously: “I’ll kill them first to show you that we are serious!” She pointed at Yi Chuan’s group.

She continued on: “I’ll keep you alive, but you will never find peace again. Make a friend and I shall kill them. In the next thousands of years, my Blood Race will murder all of your children and descendants so that you will never have peace!”

Her insidious smile creeped many people out. The contents of her words were even scarier!

No one doubted what she was capable of. It could even be said that she didn’t need to dirty her own hands. A single command would be enough to rally many Bloods to carry out her will!

LI Qiye couldn’t help but smile while staring at her: “Go? I haven’t thought about leaving. Since I’m already here, I might as well slaughter every single one of you as well as any Blood who wishes to oppose me and challenge my authority!”

“Hahahaha, such a big tone!” The Storm God smiled insidiously: “Junior, I don’t need to take action to kill an ant like you. Watch, I just need to give the order and you shall be destroyed!” With that, she gently clapped her hands.

More than thirty old men with gray hair instantly appeared from the left and right sides. Even though their blood energies were withered, they still emitted the auras of Virtuous Paragons that made many people tremble. These were not regular ancestors but top-level paragons, including legendary masters and eternal existences!

“Saber Emperor School, Blood-devil Tribe, Wang Clan…” A few big shots recognized these ancestors’ identities and quivered in fear!

There were actually very few Crimson Night ancestors here. The majority of them came from the Blood-devil Tribe!

Such a lineup was quite intimidating. With just one word from the Storm God, the ancestors from these great powers immediately came to help her. Her ability to rally strength was truly frightening.

“Leave if you want, I won’t keep you here.” The Storm God sneered: “Like I said, no confession, no peace for the rest of your life.”

“You think they alone can protect you?” Li Qiye smirked after glancing at the ancestors on both sides.

The Storm God stared him down and snorted: “Junior, I know you have some incredible means! However, without the Thunder Tower, you would still die even if you were a Godking!”

Li Qiye smiled in response: “Feng Piaoluo, after so many years, you still haven’t changed at all. You’re still a vixen, ignorant and stupid. You didn’t inherit even one percent of your father’s wisdom. People say a dragon will give birth to a dragon and a phoenix begets a phoenix…”

“… I can only say that it is such a shame for Immortal Emperor Chen Xue. He was a wise emperor of a generation, yet he gave birth to you, a daughter stupid beyond remedy! He used heaven-defying means to rebuild your constitution, but you are so stupid that you could only barely reach the God-Monarch level. What’s even more laughable is that you run around claiming to be a Godking. Wow, if a pig can eat the wondrous natural supplements of this world for daily meals, then it can become a God-Monarch too!”

He shook his head at this moment: “Fine, a congenital case of stupidity is still forgivable. After all, not everyone is born a genius, it’s just that there is no cure for you! You still think that this is the generation when your father ruled the world and so you keep on acting like a princess. Look around you, who is still following you now? Only a bunch of worthless nobodies…”

“… If you weren’t so helplessly stupid, then all of the generals left behind by your father would be willing to stay and pledge loyalty to you. But alas, all of them made excuses to live reclusively, not one was willing to follow you. What a failure of an imperial princess you must be to make even the loyal generals of your father stay far away from you despite the kindness shown to them! There is no saving you.” At this point, Li Qiye looked at the Storm God with pity. 1

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