Emperor Chapter 993

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Chapter 993: Visiting The Prime Peak

Li Qiye shouted: “Open!” His yell reverberated across the entire starry sky. He didn’t hold anything back and unleashed all of his blood energy.

His life wheel emerged and poured out a crazy amount of longevity blood. The Yin Yang Sea of Blood erupted in the most tyrannical fashion to deliver an endless torrent of blood.

This amount of blood energy was even more terrifying than an ocean. It whirled around and became tornadoes that swept through the sky.

However, his blood energy alone couldn’t open this bronze box. He activated all of his laws and his thirteen palaces soared to the sky.

At the same time, the vessel of life, vessel of genesis, and the vessel of athanasia floated above his head. They released the most powerful force in this world — the life force of countless existences. It was more than enough to supply three thousand worlds for an eternity…

He also summoned one treasure after another: Dao Sword, the green lamp, Yin Yang Mirror, small coffin… All of his most powerful weapons were taken out.

He topped it off by opening his mind. One Immortal Emperor soared out after another and took control of the weapons!

Meanwhile, Li Qiye personally used the World Seal and unleashed Heavenly Annihilations strong enough to suppress the nine heavens. What was even more frightening was when Li Qiye attacked with a time-halting annihilation; with a buzz, even the huge stone statue was petrified in its entirety.

As he exerted all of his methods, the entire space trembled. World-ending forces swept through this area, causing stars to explode and illuminate the surroundings.

Even Godkings would quake with fear at Li Qiye’s ultimate suppression, let alone other outsiders. Death was the inevitable outcome when faced with such an onslaught!

“Open for me!” Li Qiye commanded. His longevity blood colored the entire area crimson, finally allowing him to move the heaven and earth’s myriad dao.

Under this urging from Li Qiye, the bronze statue radiated a blinding light. Runes flew out of the bronze statue. Each of these bronze runes was as immense as a mountain.

“Zzz—” Li Qiye rearranged these runes once more. This was an arduous process that was much easier said than done.

“Clank!” Eventually, he ordered all of them into a dao article that instantly entered the bronze box.

“Ka—” Clanking sounds came out of the box as it slowly floated upward.

“Success!” Li Qiye was ecstatic to see the box beginning to surface. He had long waited for this day when he could obtain the box.

“Pop!” The box completely left the bronze statue. Li Qiye instantly put away his treasures and hastily grabbed the box!

“Rumble!” Before he could look at the item inside, the entire bronze statue suddenly shook as if an earthquake was coming.

“Not good…” Li Qiye was startled and instantly turned around to leave without any hesitation. He summoned a treasure and hastily fled.

“Rumble!” Right when he made it out, this space completely collapsed.

In the sky, one star after another collapsed like dumplings falling into a pot. Galaxies and their myriad stars were instantly destroyed…

This scene was extremely shocking, as if the end of the world was approaching. No existence could survive this immense destructive power, regardless of how powerful they might be.

“Boom!” Right when the entire area was about to collapse, the huge bronze statue suddenly shattered the void and disappeared. Who knew where its destination was?


Outside of the Godwar Mountain, many people were full of regret and pity for Li Qiye, especially the distraught humans. Li Qiye was the Fierce of the human race, the genius with a chance of surpassing Lin Tiandi and Jikong Wudi. However, he died an early death — this was a huge loss to the human race.

The Blood Race naturally did not share the same sentiment after his disappearance. It was instead a cause for celebration. This was one less problem for them in the future.

“Boom!” As many mixed feelings were in the air, a loud thump sounded. A figure slammed into the Prime Peak.

“Look!” This sudden development attracted a lot of attention. Many people took a look and saw someone slamming into the mountain.

A keen-eyed fella clearly saw it and exclaimed with surprise: “It’s Li Qiye…”

Li Qiye looked very downtrodden after slamming into the Prime Peak. Blood stained his robes and his entire body seemed to have been torn apart.

“He’s still alive!” The humans were especially happy to see him.

A great character from the previous generation of the human race excitedly shouted: “Incredible, he managed to come back alive despite the dangers of the Prime Peak. Fierce is indeed fierce, tough to the point where even the old heavens can’t take his life!”

The Blood Race was unhappy to see his return. The majority of their experts didn’t look good anymore, all of them sporting cold expressions.

Li Qiye got up. Despite his terrible appearance, he was still as relaxed as always. Moreover, he obtained a supreme item from that space. These injuries were not worth mentioning!

He patted the mud off his clothes and smiled before looking at the top of the peak. He then continued upward.

The spectators here watched with bated breaths. Their eyes were fixated on Li Qiye. For ages, no one had heard of someone who successfully climbed the Prime Peak. Everyone hoped that a miracle would happen. If Li Qiye could reach the top, then he would be breaking the impossible taboo from the old ages.

He was still a distance from the summit, but Li Qiye had a dignified expression. He was cautious. This would come as a shock to those who knew him because very few things warranted such prudence from him.

He suddenly felt a small strand of killing intent. He shuddered and immediately took action but was half a beat too late.

“Xshh!” A red shade appeared in the air. This very weak killing intent instantly shot through his chest, causing his blood to spurt like a rainbow in the sky. It was quite beautiful and shocking.

“Pardon!” Li Qiye ignored his injury and opened his mind. A supreme pardon decree flew out.

“Zzz—” The decree pinned itself to the top of the peak and turned into a universal law that penetrated the muddy ground.

After it drilled into the soil, the weak killing intent finally disappeared. Li Qiye heaved a sigh of relief and channeled his laws and blood energy to treat his wound.

“What was that thing? Why was it so powerful?” No one could see the killing intent. They only saw Li Qiye’s chest being pierced instantly without giving him a chance to resist. This made the spectators quiver!

Everyone had seen Li Qiye’s ferocious power before, but he couldn’t resist at all. Just how terrifying was this?

Li Qiye took a deep breath and slowly stood up. Finally, he reached the summit and disappeared from the public once more.

They could only watch him vanish. No one else could see the situation at the top or what was there.

Even if they flew up all the way to the nine heavens and opened a heavenly gaze capable of illuminating myriad realms, they still wouldn’t be able to see the summit. This was because time and space were sealed there, not allowing anyone to spy on it.

The soil at the top was as red as blood. A terrifying sealing power assaulted him in a blatant manner that would cause anyone to quiver. Even Immortal Emperors would sense a threat coming from underground.

It could be said that the more powerful one was, the stronger the suppression would be in this place. The frightening part was that this power seemed designed specifically for invincible existences like Immortal Emperors.

If an emperor stood in this place, they would be attacked by the most horrific force in this world, an extremely terrifying curse. This curse, to an emperor, was the most severe and ultimate type of offense!

Immortal Emperor Slaughtering Formation — after so many years, it was still hidden in this place deep underground. It aimed to destroy all things that belonged to the Ancient Ming in this location!

Back then, Immortal Emperor Long Ming and the strongest forces of the Dark Dragon Dynasty were killed here. After that final battle, the formation had always presided over this location. It wanted to slowly grind out everything the Ancient Ming left here so that they would never be able to recover from the remnants.

After millions of years passed, everything had dissipated. This generation was the time for Li Qiye to take back the Immortal Emperor Slaughtering Formation because he still had use for it elsewhere.

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