Emperor Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 : Brutal (1)

The next day, Li Qiye woke up and immediately asked if Nan Huairen wanted to go on another sight-seeing trip. He wanted to see if there was anything left from his era that were still around.

Nan Huairen did not want to go at all. It didn’t matter whether Li Qiye was crazy or stupid, his intuition told him that Li Qiye would definitely cause trouble; going with him was simply masochistic.

Unfortunately, Li Qiye already turned around and started to go on his trip. Nan Huairen had no choice but to follow him. The most important task during this trip was the marriage trial. If something actually happened to Li Qiye, he wouldn’t be able to escape unscathed.

However, not long after their departure, they were surrounded by Du Yuanguang and his outer disciple friends. These disciples didn’t see eye-to-eye with Li Qiye. With Du Yuanguang leading the mantle, it was a wondrous opportunity to teach this arrogant bastard a lesson.

“Ah, it is Brother Du, I have heard of your great reputation for a long time now.”

Nan Huairen knew that trouble was coming, but he still kept his calm and friendliness.

Du Yuanguang only gave Nan Huairen a short glance and said:

“Nan Huairen, you don’t have any business here. Move to the side or we’ll deal with you as well.”

Nan Huairen’s expression darkened, but he knew that the strong eats the weak. Thus, he bowed slightly and asked:

“Brother Du, what is the meaning of this?”

Du Yuanguang completely ignored Nan Huairen this time around. He sent an icy cold glare toward Li Qiye that was filled with killing intent.

Li Qiye, elegant and poised as always, stepped up toward Du Yuanguang and said:

“A smart dog does not block the road; if you don’t want to be a dog, then get out of the way.”

After he heard this, Nan Huairen knew that everything was ruined. Especially when he saw the thirst for blood in Du Yuanguang’s eyes, he knew this would not end without incident.

An angry disciple yelled out:

“Do you not want to live? The Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect no longer has the qualifications to be considered an Immortal Emperor lineage. You dare to jump around like a clown in front of us? A mere ant dares to be disrespectful?”

Li Qiye was ready to retort but Nan Huairen quickly stopped him and whispered:

“Forget about it, Senior Brother. Don’t worry about them. Du Yuanguang is an outer disciple that is getting a lot of attention. He is also the last disciple of Protector Hua. If he passes the yearly examination, he would immediately become an inner disciple.”

Nan Huairen’s intention was to remind Li Qiye that they could not afford to antagonize someone like Du Yuanguang. He had the support of a protector from the Nine Saint Demon Gate. A protector position in this sect has a higher standing than an elder position in the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.

Du Yuanguang did not make a move, he only coldly said:

“We, the Nine Saint Demon Gate, rule over Old Ox country. Even if you are from a small sect, you are still a guest; we would still like to treat you with the required courtesy befitting of our status. However, recently, one of my brothers has lost a treasure; this is not a common occurrence in our honorable sect.”

Nan Huairen’s complexion became gray. He panicked:

“Brother Du, what is the meaning of your words?”

Du Yuanguang glanced over to Li Qiye and said:

“In the last two days, there were no other guests beside the people from your sect.”

Du Yuanguang clearly implied that the thief was from the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. This matter did not only affect one person because it also greatly influences the reputation of an entire sect. Even someone as wily as Nan Huairen couldn’t help but show an ugly expression.

“Brother Du, please watch what you say!”

Nan Huairen wanted to treat this matter diplomatically, but it now concerned the reputation of his own sect. He would not stand for such an insult.

“Watch what I say? Your sect is desolate and poor like a beggar; who could guarantee that a thief had not infiltrated your sect? Your prime disciple is just a piece of trash; to say that your sect recruited thieves would not be unreasonable.”

Nan Huairen’s face became red with anger. As a person who truly cared for his sect, he could not stand for this mockery.

“Brother Du, we want to meet with Sectional Leader Fu of your sect. No matter what happens, we demand an answer from your sect regarding this baseless accusation.”

Du Yuanguang exploded in laughter for ten seconds then confidently replied:

“Meet Sectional Leader Fu? Nan Huairen, it is not like I don’t want to reserve some dignity for you, but you and this trash, alone, do not have the qualification to invoke a meeting with Sectional Leader Fu. Our sectional leaders are capable enough to obtain the title of Named Hero. It is unknown whether your elders are capable of the same task. Maybe your elders are qualified to meet with Sectional Leader Fu, but you and that trash? Don’t even think about it.”

After he finished his speech, Du Yuanguang stared coldly at Li Qiye. The other disciples clapped in agreement and started to once again taunt Li Qiye with nasty words.

Nan Huairen was shaking with rage, but Li Qiye still maintained his composure and carefully retorted.

“Whether this whole incident is your planning, the leader, or even your protector, it does not matter to me. Little Du, simply put, it is because you are smitten with your senior; I think her name was Li Shuangyan? Even though I have never seen her before, you guys are too petty. Your prime descendant, Li Shuangyan, and her engagement with me is merely a one-sided affair. Because I respect your sect’s current status, I would consider having her as a maid.”

“And as for you?”

Li Qiye continued:

“You are so naive. If your goddess has such talents, she wouldn’t have you in her eyes. I already don’t care for her, why would you try to compete with me for her like a fool? Get out of the way; you should find a place with a nice spot of shade and take a break to cool off your hot head.”

“You bastard! If you want to die so much, then I’ll show you to your death!”

Du Yuanguang, enraged by those words, summoned his sword as well as his aura.

“Du Yuanguang, if you want to fight, I will reciprocate.”

Having witnessed Li Qiye’s bravery, Nan Huairen, who was burning with rage, felt a lot better. However, he knew that Li Qiye had never cultivated before, so he immediately stood guard in front of him.

“Fine, I will take care of you first, then I’ll kill the little bastard!”

Fiery anger exploded from his eyes. To him, Li Shuangyan was an untouchable goddess, yet Li Qiye dared to insult her.

Li Qiye slowly pushed Nan Huairen back, and he calmly said:

“Hey Huairen, if someone wants to take my life, then I’ll be the one to put an end to him. You should stand back and watch.”

“Good! Good! Excellent!”

Du Yuanguang was no longer angry but bursting out in laughter:

“This is the funniest thing I have ever heard. A piece of trash like you wants to kill someone who is at the Provisional Palace stage, like me? So be it, I will give you a chance to fight!”

Knowing that he was a mortal, they knew he could not use any merit laws; the other disciples pitied Li Qiye.

“Martial techniques versus merit laws? You don’t even know the basics, yet your arrogance is through the sky. It is such a pity.”

Li Qiye could not be bothered by those comments. He exclaimed:

“That is fine, everyone can witness this battle.”

He walked towards the battle stage.

“You can’t!”

Nan Huairen was filled with fear. He grabbed Li Qiye and said:

“Senior! This is impossible! Du Yuanguang has reached the pinnacle of the Provisional Palace stage. You cannot be his match.”

“It is fine. He is only at Provisional Palace and not at Royal Noble! However, even if a Royal Noble in the Nine Saint Demon Gate dares to mess with me; depending on my mood, I would mince him into tiny pieces too.”

Li Qiye smirked lightly, then pushed Nan Huairen away.

Nan Huairen’s head started to hurt. His first thought was that his senior had become senile. Li Qiye had only joined the sect for a few days; he has not begun to practice even the most basic of cultivation techniques. He only had access to the “Invisible Dual Blades” martial technique.

A person who only practiced martial arts could not fight against a cultivator. Martial techniques, when compared to a merit law, was like heaven and earth; not to mention Du Yuanguang was also an expert in the Provisional Palace stage.

Nan Huairen regained his reasoning and he immediately went to find his master, Protector Mo. He knew; if this fight happened, only death would be the result.

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