Emperor Chapter 608

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Chapter 608: Stone Medicine World

“No!” The Ancestral Flow Master’s heart skipped a beat after seeing this scene. After a long time, she finally took a calming breath and murmured: “You absolutely cannot die, you still owe me!”

At the same time, many imperial lineages were lit up all of a sudden. The explosion of the Ancestral Realm caused the imperial mirrors to emit a blinding and endless radiance. This was an explosion that simulated the end of the world.

All the ancestors standing in front of their mirrors palpitated at this scene. Many pale ancestors fell to the ground. After a long time, the endless light finally disappeared from the mirrors.

The mirrors lost their aim as only a vast nothingness was left.

“The Ancestral Realm was blown away?” Everyone was dumbfounded at this scene. Although the realm was not as big as the Sacred Nether World as it was only a minor world or a huge heavenly grotto in another world, even an emperor couldn’t easily destroy a minor world like this. At this time, the realm was completely destroyed and disappeared from the earth; the Ancestral Realm was no more.

Inside the Myriad Bones Throne, one dazed ancestor murmured: “What about the silver maelstrom? Did it explode as well?”

The near-death ancestor shook his head and said: “No, it flew away.”

Another ancestor asked: “Ancestor, what is that thing? It seemed like it had its own consciousness and life. Is it related to the origin of us ghosts?”

“I don’t know.” The ancient ancestor sighed softly and said: “There have been many confusing events today. In my life, I have never seen such amazing things as this before.”

All the other ancestors were quiet. Their ancient ancestor was right, they had never imagined that the Ancestral Realm would be destroyed. Thirteen Immortal Emperors working together was indeed incredible.

Inside the Thousand Carp River, before their own imperial mirror, Lan Yunzhu quivered with her fists gripped tightly, her nails cutting deep into her skin.

“Don’t worry.” Venerable Yang consoled her: “That guy’s fortune is great. My intuition tells me that he definitely won’t die that easily.”

Although he said this, he himself wasn’t so sure in his mind. No one knew whether he was consoling Lan Yunzhu or comforting himself.

At the Simple Mountain Immortal Kingdom, this blast also shook the ancestors before their mirror. Xian Fan was also there to watch the vast mirror. She murmured: “Don’t die. If you are dead, it would be very boring to have no invincible rival on this long path of the dao.”

Some time after, this news finally made it to Qiurong Wanxue. Her heart fluttered as she slumped into her chair. After a while, she calmed down and stood up to firmly say: “No, Young Noble is absolutely not dead. I believe in him. There is nothing in this world that can kill him, he is still alive!”

With that, she became determined with a serious pair of eyes. A long time later, she took a deep breath and finally made a decision in her mind!


An unknown amount of time after, Li Qiye opened his eyes and took a look around. The first thing he saw was a simple wooden house. Although it was plain, it was very clean, which showed that its owner was a hardworking and meticulous person.

Li Qiye tried to sit up, but he couldn’t move at all. His entire body was aching painfully as if it was about to split apart. He noticed that he was wrapped in cloth; someone had been tending to his wounds.

He quickly tried to analyze his current condition and couldn’t help but smile wryly. His entire body was cracked with heavy bone and muscle damage. It could be said that not a single inch of muscle was intact. During his internal examination, he found that there was something extra inside his forehead. It was a silver light around the size of a finger. With a more careful look, this was not a silver light but rather a lock or an order in the shape of a sword. Countless silvery lights intertwined in a complicated and convoluted manner. Li Qiye wouldn’t be able to understand its mysteries in a short time.

He suddenly remembered the last blow that resulted in the huge explosion. At that time, he faintly sensed that the storm of imperial auras in his sea of memories seized something in the deepest part of the silver maelstrom. Now, he realized that his intuition was correct and that this silver thing was stolen from the maelstrom.

He forced a smile and sighed. This was not the thing he was looking for. Discarding the old plan, he decided to go to the Ancestral Realm for the Ancestral Flow Master. She couldn’t do it herself so he wanted to help her.

There was also one more thing, and this was Li Qiye’s personal matter; he wanted to find a person. In the past, this person also went to the Ancestral Realm but disappeared later on.

The dark existence said that that person was not with him, and Li Qiye believed this. Once someone reached a level like the dark existence, there was no need to trick Li Qiye.

However, he was sure that the person he was looking for disappeared in the Ancestral Realm. The only thought in his mind now was about the silver maelstrom — this was the crux of the issue.

He gently sighed and uttered: “There will be another chance later on.”

At the very least, he finished two of his wishes so all of his efforts were not wasted.

“You are awake.” Right when Li Qiye was lamenting, the door opened and someone quickly came inside. When this person got close to the bed, Li Qiye saw that this was a healthy and strong young man.

How could this youth not be strong? Other than his head, the rest of his body was made out of rock. Only his head seemed to be made out of blood and flesh. If it wasn’t for his head that resembled that of a human’s, he would be no different from a carved statue.

The youth’s eyebrows were thick and large with a pair of bright eyes that gave him the appearance of a straightforward and simple man.

Anyone else would have a heart attack when they saw a person made of stone, but Li Qiye was very calm. What situation had he not encountered before?

“Where is this place?” He asked the youth. Li Qiye couldn’t move so he knew that this young man had saved him.

“This is Jadeblood Mountain.” The youth answered right away: “You are hurt very badly so don’t move.”

“Jadeblood Mountain?” Li Qiye’s brows furrowed. He had been all over the nine worlds, but he had never heard of this place.

“Hahaha, my bad, I gave it this name.” This youth was very simple-minded and quickly explained: “This is the countryside of the Stonetreading County of the Giant Bamboo Country. This is where I plant Jadeblood Bamboo, so I gave it the name Jadeblood Mountain.”

“Giant Bamboo Country…” Li Qiye was a bit surprised to hear this and asked: “This is the Stone Medicine World?”

The young man was startled by the question and said: “Of course! Where would this be if not the Stone Medicine World?”

“Stone Medicine World…” Li Qiye was in a daze. He understood that the explosion from the silver maelstrom had broken the worlds’ barrier, blasting him into the Stone Medicine World.

The Stone Medicine World was one of the nine, just like the Mortal Emperor World and the Sacred Nether World. All were considered major worlds.

Li Qiye asked: “This place is the Giant Bamboo Country? Its capital has a gigantic bamboo, right?”

“Yeah.” The youth became even more surprised: “This place is indeed the Giant Bamboo Country. Do you not know where you are?”

Li Qiye put on a wry smile and said: “It’s a long story; I was on an adventure but there was an explosion in a dangerous location. I was blown away so I don’t know where I was sent to.”

“To be blown away yet still alive, your luck is quite good.” The youth shivered after hearing Li Qiye’s story: “I saw you falling from the sky. When I got to you, your entire body was cracked. Luckily, your heart was still beating or else I would have had to bury you right there.”

Li Qiye looked at the youth and said in a serious manner: “You saved me… I will repay this life debt later.”

The youth scratched his head and laughed: “Hahaha, you are too polite. The truth is that we have a similar bloodline. One fourth of my blood is from the human race. You should know that there are very few humans in the Stone Medicine World, so maybe we are actually relatives.”

Li Qiye smiled after hearing the youth and replied: “Perhaps.”

The young man suddenly realized something and quickly told Li Qiye: “Oh right, I almost forgot. I am cooking a medicinal congee for you. Wait a bit, I’ll go get it.” Having said that, the youth hurried away.

“Giant Bamboo…” Li Qiye murmured in a daze after the youth left. Giant Bamboo Country — what an old name. Li Qiye didn’t expect to find himself in this place today.

A few things from the past appeared once more in his head, a past that was covered in a thick layer of dust. After remembering these things, his heart sank as he lamented while sighing.

Tens of millions of years had passed. Li Qiye had undergone numerous life and death situations as well as goodbyes. He had grown used to all of this and could even be considered numb.

No matter the era, he maintained a positive and optimistic mind as he courageous trod forward. Even if he was the last one standing, he would continue to walk alone.

However, there were a few people and things that were especially hard to forget. They were buried deep in his memories, but once the dust was brushed away, he unavoidably recalled them.

After all this time, he had forgotten what it felt like to cry, but the past always had some things that caused his heart to ache upon remembrance.

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