Emperor Chapter 59

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Chapter 59 : Conspiracy (1)

“Lonely Peak was assigned by the elders as the living quarters for first brother.”

Nan Huairen spoke up against the injustice towards Li Qiye.

Hearing Nan Huairen’s words, Leng Shizhi shot out a cold glare at him, and he coldly said:

“At this moment, I am reassigning the Lonely Peak – you have something to say?”

Here, Leng Shizhi paused for a moment, and then he continued:

“Nan Huairen, in the sect, you are somewhat considered an intelligent man. Don’t spend your days sticking together with this bag of straws; this is akin to destroying your own future! If you follow a piece of trash like him, you, at the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, will not achieve even a half step forward!”

These words of Leng Shizhi; they weren’t just to simply sneer at Nan Huairen, but they were also there to threaten him!

Nan Huairen was one who understood that long sleeves helped one dance beautifully; he was smooth and slick at establishing social relations, so how could he not understand the overtone? Following who, Nan Huairen’s heart already had its own ideas. Regarding Leng Shizhi’s words, Nan Huairen said in a grave manner without hesitation:

“Senior doesn’t need to worry about this. First brother is the outstanding talent of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. I will be like the heavenly thunder; where he commands, I will strike there!”

“Willing to fall from grace?!”

Nan Huairen, in front of him, denied his request, so Leng Shizhi coldly scowled.

Li Qiye did not care for these political dealings; he only stared at Leng Shizhi, and he said:

“For the sect’s comradery, I will give you one chance. Do a good job at fixing the little courtyard; otherwise, tomorrow, you wouldn’t be able to stand up even if you wanted to!”

Li Qiye saying this caused Leng Shizhi’s eyes to exert coldness, his killing intent became higher. He coldly smiled once, and then he said:

“You don’t know the immensity of the heaven and earth! Do you truly think you are the first brother of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect? I dare you to say this to my face! Hmph, with just you and these bunch of scrap metal in front, yet you still dare to say arrogant things! A group of clowns has the qualifications to be my enemies?”

Leng Shizhi’s words immediately made the hearts of Xu Pei’s group angry. These words of Leng Shizhi had not only dishonored Li Qiye, but it also dishonoured them as well.

Facing a Leng Shizhi that did not know the correct boundaries, Li Qiye was too lazy to pay attention to him. He turned around and left.

“So? Weren’t you spouting arrogant words earlier? Saying that I wouldn’t be able to stand up tomorrow? Currently, why are you trying to flee now? Being a coward even before the battle begins, yet a bag of straws like you still dared to jump around in front of me…”

Seeing Li Qiye’s turning around, Leng Shizhi coldly laughed as he said this.

“Beat him down from the peak; beat him until his father and mother can’t recognize him anymore. If he doesn’t want to repair my courtyard, cut off his third leg as well for me!”

Li Qiye essentially didn’t want to waste too many words with Leng Shizhi. He only went to the front of Li Shuangyan’s pavilion, and he commanded her.

“Ha ha, ha ha…”

Li Qiye’s sudden command to Li Shuang Ya made Leng Shizhi act as if he had heard the funniest story in the world. He laughed until his body was arched; he pointed at Li Qiye with tears in his eyes, and he said:

“Who do you think you are? Do you think you are the Demon Emperor? Or a Mortal Emperor? You are only a bag of straws, yet you still dare to be arrogant and bossy towards goddess Li? Goddess Li, this idiot, I will discipline him for yo-”

However, before Leng Shizhi could finish his sentence, Li Shuangyan had stood up, looked at him as if she was looking at an idiot, and she coldly said:

“I will give you one opportunity to make a move.”

Suddenly, Leng Shizhi’s smile was frozen in the same place. His expression was even more exaggerated than when one would eat shit. His whole body was frozen, and he couldn’t have any other expression.


During the moment when Leng Shizhi was still in a daze, Li Shuangyan, with one kick, made him fly outside of Lonely Peak. Afterwards, an agonizing scream from below Lonely Peak echoed; without a doubt, Li Shuangyan used an appropriate force.

At this point, the disciples that had destroyed the courtyard were standing still. Li Shuangyan taught Leng Shizhi a lesson; in the blink of an eye, she had already beaten him till he screamed! This scene shattered the other disciples’ courage.

Even the group of Xu Pei – the disciples from the Cleansing Jade Peak – couldn’t help but look at each other. Even though in the recent days, Li Shuangyan had always been by Li Qiye’s side; however, they rarely talked to each other. From the group’s understandings, Li Shuangyan staying was because the two sects had a marital pact, so she had to stay with the first brother.

However, they didn’t expect that the heaven’s proud daughter, goddess Li, princess of the Old Ox country reigning over ten thousands people, would listen to their first brother. If this matter was to be spread, others would find it hard to believe.1

What was the Nine Saint Demon Gate, what was the current Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect? Right now, Li Shuangyan’s status was high beyond imagination. Even the elders of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect didn’t have the qualification to compare to her; such a grand unreachable character, yet she still listened to their first brother – this matter was too impossible to think about.

After Li Shuangyan taught Leng Shizhi a lesson, like the most loyal hound of Li Qiye, Nan Huairen coldly smiled, stared at the disciples whom destroyed the courtyard, and he said:

“You still haven’t rolled out? Maybe you are waiting for us to take care of you all as well? Hmph, we’re all disciples of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect; you shouldn’t cross the boundaries. Don’t think that you hugging the legs of Elder Cao means that you could ignore the laws”

“… First brother’s heavenly aura is something that you guys could provoke? Hmph, such narrow-mindedness, even for the Demon King, first brother would still be an esteemed guest! Don’t think that you could challenge big brother just because you all have found some backing! Big brother is merciful, and he wouldn’t bother with you all; otherwise, there would only be death, no matter the backing you have!”

Nan Huairen was wily and meticulous. He knew exactly what words to say and what actions to take. This time, it looked like he was using Li Qiye to act arrogant, but these words were not only for the courtyard-destroying disciples; these words were also for the Xu Pei’s group to hear – these words were meant to wake them up!

These disciples regained their wits, and their bodies shivered. With those words, they threw away the equipment in their hands, and they turned around to flee. Right now, their boss had already been beaten to the point of screaming like a butchered pig. Even if they were ten times more courageous, they still wouldn’t dare to challenge Li Qiye.

When the group of Xu Pei was still surprised, Li Shuangyan had flew down in front of the pavilion. To teach Leng Shizhi a rough lesson, to someone with her cultivation, it was like the lifting of one’s hand.

Even if Leng Shizhi was the genius of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, versus someone like Li Shuangyan, the heaven’s proud daughter, it was not enough to reach the apex!

Once Li Shuangyan had returned, Li Qiye stared at her once; he then said.

“Not taking the sect’s order into consideration, you should remember your own responsibility! To anyone who blocks my road, no matter who it is, kill them without mercy!”

Li Qiye’s words made Xu Pei and her group confused, but Nan Huairen’s heart was moved! The group of Xu Pei didn’t know the intricacies inside, but Nan Huairen did.

Li Qiye had previously said that Li Shuangyan would just be a maid! Currently, Li Qiye had commanded Li Shuangyan like this; in this matter, Nan Huairen had suddenly understood; in this matter, how could it not shock Nan Huairen?

Li Shuangyan is the princess of Old Ox country, and the descendant of the Nine Saint Demon Gate; however, today, she was only a maid for first brother!

During the moment, when the crowd was still dazed, Li Qiye turned around, and he went inside the pavilion of Li Shuangyan. His words resonated from the inside; he was always as nonchalant and carefree like this:

“This time, you had failed in your duty. I will temporarily stay in your bedroom; you stay in the next room to protect my Dao for me.” 2

As Li Qiye said this, Li Shuangyan was both angry and dejected. In the end, she could only stomp her foot, and she went inside afterward, without saying anything.

Such a scene turned Xu Pei and others into stone statues; this scene was too dominating, right? This scene was the most aggressive and domineering event they had ever seen.

Li Shuangyan, in their minds, was an unreachable character, a generational Heavenly Goddess, a descendant of the Nine Saint Demon Gate, and the princess of Old Ox country; her master was Demon King Lun Ri, and she also had a natural born King Physique and Saint Fate Palace. Only one of these matters was enough to shock others. A heaven’s proud daughter like Li Shuangyan, no matter the place, would be the moon that all the stars revolved themselves around.

However, today, this heaven’s proud daughter, Li Shuangyan, could only be in the room to service their first brother. This thing, this scene, it was too dominating; this type of domination, even a Mortal Emperor could just be like this, no more!

Inside the treasure pavilion of Li Shuangyan, inside her lady’s chamber, Li Qiye lied down on her elegant bed, and he glimpsed at Li Shuangyan’s annoyed expression. Both of his hands padded the back of his head comfortably, and he casually said:

“I know you are upset. However, you truly failed your duty. Being my maid, you should know what to do. If you feel that I am not worthy of your service, then you could leave at any time. This type of matter, I don’t want to force you; picking a stubborn melon will make it not sweet.”

Li Shuangyan was only staring at Li Qiye in silence, and she didn’t say anything no matter what.

“Your silence, I will consider it as you are willing to stay here.”

Li Qiye nonchalantly said, and he dropped this matter. He spoke with Li Shuangyan:

“Send these words to Demon King Lun Ri in place of me, and tell him that I require an alchemy master. The higher the skill, the better.”

“I will send the message to master, but, as for the person sent by master, it is not for me to decide.”

After a while, Li Shuangyan’s anger subsided. In the end, she was used to being the heaven’s proud daughter; with this sudden change in status, she was not yet used to it. After her mind had calmed down, she truly faced herself once more.

“Regarding this matter, I’m sure if Demon King Lun Ri will have his own opinion.”

Li Qiye smiled, and, after everything was decided, he stopped caring. He then went into a deep sleep.

With such a scene, Li Shuangyan didn’t know whether to be annoyed or silent. This thirteen to fourteen year old boy; he was more domineering than any other man she had previously met. Today, he even took her bed, and he even felt that it was such a natural thing; he was complacently lying there and snoring! This arrogant man was something she had seen for the first time; however, what made her even more quiet was that this man sleeping on her bed even though he was just a little boy much younger than she was; a thirteen to fourteen year old little boy!

Sure enough, the next day, the courtyard was rebuilt by others; this new courtyard was not lesser than the old one.

Leng Shizhi was unable to stand up from Li Shuangyan’s beating, and this caused Cao Xiong, his master, to have no place to vent his anger at the moment!

His idea was to hope that his disciple could climb up Li Shuangyan. He did not think that his genius disciple, who he was most proud about, not only didn’t receive Li Shuangyan’s favor, but he also had been beaten to the point of not being able to move on his bed!

This matter made Cao Xiong angry to the point of vomiting blood. His disciple was beaten by the descendant of the Nine Saint Demon Gate, princess of Old Ox country; what was he gonna do? Kill to the door and find Li Shuangyan to even the score?

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  1.   On top of ten thousands people is an idiom. I’m sure Old Ox country has billions of mortals considering the scale of this world
  2.  Protect Dao is a rather common term in this novel and even others. I originally had it as fate protector, but Dao protector is also nearly identical


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          I do disagree on the “Giving direction for the story to build up interest? Inserting depth into the story by elaborating about the setting”. The world building/plot of Emperor is the biggest draw of this novel, as well as the premise and the mysteries behind it. Its weaknesses are info-dumping and repetition.

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            If I’d have to say, it’s that Emperor truly does seem like a story that has a lot to say, but suffered from an unfortunate start.

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