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Chapter 588: Human Race’s Counterattack

It was difficult for others to join this battle unless they were Heavenly Kings with emperor’s weapon or ancestors. Weaker cultivators had no place in such a conflict.

Outside of the Heavenly Cemetery, the ancestors and big shots hiding in the shadows were quiet. The battle before their very eyes had silenced them.

They saw that Monk Dazhi was continuously being pushed back by the great power’s ancestor while Xian Fan’s situation was not any better. Only Lan Yunzhu, with her Reverse-time Shuttle and Night Era Flower, was managing to suppress the Titanic Crescent Ancestor.

Eventually, a human ancestor could no longer bear it and shouted: “Are we not as great as these youths? If the youths of our human race aren’t afraid of dying, then why are we old bones afraid? Even if we die, let our deaths be meaningful!” He stepped forward and screamed: “Kill!”

With rumbling explosions, this human ancestor rushed towards the eastern altar and unleashed a fiery move capable of burning the sun and scorching the ocean.

“Ahh!” Screams appeared as several hundred ghost experts were killed by this human ancestor in an instant as their blood poured down like rain.

An ancestor was ultimately an ancestor and could immediately kill thousands with one move. Heavenly Sovereigns and Heavenly Kings were nothing before them. Perhaps a Heavenly King with an emperor’s weapon could prove to be a challenge for these ancestors.

There were a dozen ancestors guarding this place, so one of them came out to stop this human ancestor: “Human, cease your assault!”

Meanwhile, outside the cemetery, a golem ancestor also stepped out: “Today is when we deal with the ghost race! If they use our people for the sacrifice, then we shall kill all of them! Kill!” At this point, the golem ancestor rushed forward as well.

At this moment, three more ancestors emerged from outside the Heavenly Cemetery. Several hundred big shots from the other races that were hiding nearby became the vanguard.

Four ancestors led the group to attack the eastern altar. There were four altars here with many ghosts defending them. Scattering and attacking the four altars at the same time was impossible and nearly suicidal, so everyone focused their force on the eastern altar where Lan Yunzhu was.

“Stop them!” The ghost ancestor at the eastern altar gave his command, and several tens of thousands of experts ran over.

In just a moment, the two sides collided and initiated a bloody battle. The five ancestors of the other races opened the path with sovereigns and kings right behind them.

A scene of earth-shaking carnage followed right after. However, there were a lot more ghosts compared to the other races, so despite the fact that the ancestors were leading the way, the other races’ force was still surrounded by ghosts.

“Help send them off. Hurry up so we can move on with the ceremony.” The Divine Guard Captain ordered coldly.

With this command, the ancestors of the Ancestral City joined the fray. Three of them joined the battle, all with emperor’s weapons.

“Rumble!” The three Ancestral City Ancestors joined and caused the sky to be bathed in blood. Several hundred big shots from the other races were massacred, only leaving about one hundred behind.

“Ahh!” A miserable scream came from a Blood Ancestor. Despite his best effort, he couldn’t stop the killing from the three Ancestral City Ancestors and met his end as his blood spurted everywhere.

Although these were all ancestors of great powers, without an emperor’s weapon, they could be easily killed by another that did.

“Pluff! Pluff! Pluff!” At this moment, the Reverse-time Shuttle shot out rays of temporal light, causing the three alarmed Ancestral City Ancestors to block with their emperor’s weapons.

“Die!” While Lan Yunzhu was occupied with saving the ancestors from the other races, the Titanic Crescent Ancestor unleashed an invincible attack from his weapon. Even Virtuous Paragons of the same level wouldn’t be able to stop it.

However, Lan Yunzhu was well prepared and performed her Cyclical River of Fate to empower the Thousand Carp’s Reversion.

“Whoosh!” Lan Yunzhu’s time reversed, dispelling the invincible attack.

“Poof!” After dodging the attack, the Night Era Flower bloomed once more so the Titanic Crescent Ancestor could only shout as he anxiously defended himself with his true treasure.

Seeing the disadvantageous situation, Lan Yunzhu thunderously shouted: “Gather together!”

At this moment, everyone understood as Monk Dazhi uttered a cry and headed towards the ancestors of the other races. Xian Fan also ignored the Insect King Ancestor and ran towards the others.

Within a short period of time, Lan Yunzhu’s group came together and the ancestors of the great powers erected a powerful barrier. However, this barrier wouldn’t be able to last long. The Titanic Crescent Ancestor and Insect King Ancestor, with their true weapons, rushed forward. Given sufficient time, they could easily destroy this defensive perimeter. Moreover, there were also several hundred thousand ghosts lying in wait. With a command from the captain, several dozen ancestors would attack all at once.

This powerful barrier from the other races’ ancestors might be powerful, but it was merely a small boat amidst a raging sea. They were against the unbeatable might of the ghost race!

The ghost experts were not in a rush to destroy this defense since, in their eyes, Lan Yunzhu’s group was akin to a beast trapped in a cage with no escape.

“Hahahaha! You ignored the accepting heavens and barged into the unwelcoming hell! Even a Golden Immortal from the Great Firmament wouldn’t be able to save you!” 1

The great characters from the other races were completely pale. Dozens of ancestors surrounded them along with hundreds of thousands of other experts. No matter how strong they may be, it was impossible to break out from such a powerful force.

Lan Yunzhu was still quite calm and asked Xian Fan who was squatting down next to her: “Does your sect have no one else here?”

“No, what about the Thousand Carp River?” Xian Fan was using spirit medicines to recover their blood energy. The battle from earlier wasted a lot.

Xian Fan’s body was encompassed in the elemental armor so one couldn’t see Xian Fan’s expression, but from the panting, it was clear that Xian Fan didn’t have much strength left. The Mortal Sword was powerful, but it required too much energy unlike Lan Yunzhu’s treasures.

“They all left already.” Lan Yunzhu replied with a shake of her head. She only stayed behind to wait for Li Qiye.

“Amitabha, amitabha.” Monk Dazhi was also sitting down since he needed time to recover as well. Once he recovered a bit, he spoke: “It seems like this is going to be our end.”

“What’s the big deal?” Xian Fan was still quite domineering and proclaimed with a surging battle intent: “Wait until my energy recovers. I’ll kill all of them till they wail like ghosts and cry like wolves!”

Lan Yunzhu could only force a smile. Although Xian Fan spoke domineeringly, the present situation was all too clear. They had heaven-defying means, but on the other side were the ancestors from imperial lineages, so they couldn’t reverse the situation. They also had emperor’s true treasures no weaker than theirs.

“How about the two of you break out while we guard the back. We will pave a path of escape for you both to go report to the Thousand Carp River and Immortal Kingdom!” A golem ancestor gravely suggested.

Everyone running away was an impossibility, so only Lan Yunzhu and Xian Fan would be given the chance to escape.

Lan Yuzhu shook her head in response: “It is too late even if we break out. The ceremony would already be over by the time the people from the Distant Cloud get here.”

“Are we actually this powerless?” A great character asked in despair. They wanted to save the mortals in the altars, but now, they themselves were trapped and would be killed here.

A human Heavenly King spoke sharply: “No matter what, we have to give it a shot. We will leave our fate to the heavens. If we just sit and watch the ghost race sacrifice our people, then in the future, the ghost race will think that the other races are easily bullied. Even if we die, we have to drag along a few ghost kings. The more we kill the better!” The moment they came out, they already knew that they would all die. They only had several hundred people so despite having four ancestors on their side, their opponent consisted of dozens of ancestors and countless more experts.

Despite knowing that there was no hope, they were unable to bear just sitting around and watching the ceremony sacrifice millions of mortals. Even youths like Lan Yunzhu didn’t mind fighting, so how could those of the previous generation like them sit still?

A great character from the Blood Race spoke with hatred: “That’s right, pay blood with blood! Even if I die, I shall use my blood sacrifice to blow away those goddamn ghosts!”

“Do we really have no other choice?” A Heavenly Devil Ancestor asked one last time.

“Maybe?” Lan Yunzhu would not give up until the very end. She had the best chance to escape safely among the group since she could completely suppress the Titanic Crescent Ancestor. However, she wouldn’t give up just yet!

Xian Fan was still recovering energy as they proudly spoke: “Don’t worry, once my blood energy is back, I will throw out several forbidden techniques to kill them. Hmph! What is so great about the ghost race? Sooner or later, I will make it so that there will be no peace left for the ghosts!” 2

A human ancestor could only sigh after seeing Xian Fan’s pride: “All of you, leave. We old geezers will watch your backs. Although we can’t save the mortals, you all have tried your best. There is no fear of running out of firewood as long as the verdant hills are still there. As long as our human race still have geniuses like you, there will be hope of taking away the peace of the ghosts in the future.”

588 Teaser
Will the other races only watch the three young ones fight?

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  1. I would say this is a bit wacky to use in a xianxia novel with its own established cultivation, but a Great Firmament Golden Immortal is a high ranking immortal in eastern mythology, such as Journey to the West or Investiture of the Gods.
  2. Xian Fan really likes these phrases. This second phrase doesn’t go as well in English as the first one, so I modified it. The raw is — kill them until their chickens fly and dogs bark. This should evoke a chaotic image where one’s home/livestock is no longer safe from the conflict.


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    1. I disagree, it was a pretty intense fight scene. We got to see 3 heroes of the younger generation in what’s likely to be the Heavenly Sovereign maybe King realm battle Virtuous Paragons. Plus the elemental armour is really neat. Don’t forget the Monk being a ghost.

      1. We can also take a closer look and see how vastly different the side characters act compared to when they’re with Li Qiye. You can see their personalities more when they’re facing/cooperating with someone that’s around their level.

        They however become a lot more simpler than nessessary when they’re with Li Qiye. You can see the contrast between them and MC. Yet… there should have been a better way to compare the characters. Because we can see at the previous comments in past chapters, that people will get a bad first impression of them.

        1. …You really need to stop hawing around here with the same topic. You’re wrong, you know that right? You’re just embarrassing yourself. There’s nothing like that, it’s just because the author likes writing about other stuff than the mc because it’s easy and he doesn’t have to care about what he writes, whatever goes, that’s also the reason for people seeming more simple. If it was another novel, I’d agree that seeing stuff from another characters perspective would be cool and we’d get to see how they think and act without the mc around, but in this case that’s really not happening. We just have a birds view over a lot of people who’re doing whatever pops up in the authors head, it hardly gives any information whatsoever about their personalities when apart from the mc.

          In the end, this novel is about the mc, and only the mc, the rest are just minor characters that will cease to be relevant in just a while. Even the maids and other people barely show up and just have minor roles. Most of the time the mc just goes solo without any people. This is not called fleshing out characters, it’s just fillers… and bad ones at that.

          1. Since this is your latest reply to me, I’ll reply to this one only. You also know that using criticism as Filler doesn’t describe what went wrong as well right? It actually makes the situation worse so hawing about “fillers” doesn’t make it right either.

            Do you go up to the doctor and say anything that’s wrong is filler?

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            I mean, I could also use the word Trump to anything that goes wrong with the U.S but that doesn’t describe what was the source of the problem.

            Let’s say if there was a car crash but later report it to the police as Trump. That will only confuse people.

            Will anyone even notice what exactly wrong is with the novel if you just use the excuse of “filler”? That just causes more problems. The reason why I didn’t like the word filler is due to how it makes an opposite effect on constructive criticism.

            If you actually get to reading further onto this story, you noticed there will be an author’s note saying how the native commenters were calling it filler.

            Yet using the word ‘filler’ didn’t describe the source of the problem. So the author ‘assumed’ that he was writting how the ups and downs of the tension was wrong and focused on that for another 200 chapters…

            It was much later until the chinese commenters said he’s over focusing and relying on “Brain Dead” enemies, that cause the mess of all the chapters in this novel.

            The fault lies with the author’s reliance on easy come easy go “Brain Dead” enemies and the critic’s lazy “Filler” replies and not telling the author what actually went wrong.

            Sure he can make the background of the enemy sect fancy but it’ll go to waste if that enemy acts like a lvl 1 slime seeking death all the time.

          2. I guess I’ll start replying in a proper order of your previous chain posts.

            “Don’t try to fool people that it’s not redundant text and it’s not written because of it being an extremely simple and easy way to rapidly sh*t out a lot of words.”

            When did I say it wasn’t all that. Are you eyes just for decorations? The topic was about the wrong use of filler. I use a descriptor of “Skin of Bones” due to the lack of “meat”. Hence it was simple, and there’s a sea full of bones bloated with skin without any proper meat to hold the story up at all.

            “The peanut gallery is going rampant on worthless info”

            Instead of saying filler, that part is where the author is focusing on the wrong dialogue. Sure conversation between characters and reactions are fine. It’s there to enhance the actions of the story so far. The author did a bad job by over focusing and not using narrative for the reactions to help organize the reactive part of the chapter.

            “items that will NEVER BE RELEVANT”

            I would say something but that’ll be spoilers. There are some that will be left in the dust, and again this is about the author’s ability to remember his foundations and piece them together. Though for the most part it’s also the wrong execution on where the author should focus.

            “Reading the machine translations would ruin the text and make it impossible to even understand half of what is going on.”

            The funny thing about this is where one of the early translators “Word of Craft” for “A Certain Middle-Aged Man’s VRMMO Activity Log” Has taken out all of the “filler” and stuff “not relevant” to the story out of his translations and it ended looking like a MTL.

            “I mean, damn, even if people skim read redundant text, it doesn’t mean that they skim read every chapter, just the bad ones”

            Which is fine if they said it was bad and not filler. Thus makes it a proper criticism even if it was a simple. “This chapter was bad, or I didn’t like this chapter.”

            “You can’t justify all the redundant and even repetitive information along with the irrelevant stuff that takes up chapters only to disappear the next chapter never to show up again as proper writing. Don’t lie to yourself.”

            And again where is the part where I was defending the redundancy and repetition? You sure love your assumptions don’t you.

            “Because it’s suicidal and only a retard would do so without the power to back it up. You’d expect relevant characters to be a bit smarter than the average riff-raff. ”

            And that’s what I wanted, smarter enemies. The author has been going with a sharp contrast of smart (MC) and stupid (90% of the enemies 10% of the good ones are related when MC was a crow.)

            “Oh, and it’s still filler.”

            Again the usage of filler is so vague, that it’s like trying to figure out what shapes are what from an image covered in mosaics. There are better words in the English dictionary that properly tells what the author did wrong. Which you have been using with the side of filler.

            “I mean, dude… You’re free to believe whatever twisted truths you want”

            Yet you’ve been twisting my arm and forcing words down my throat with your assumptions. Just like a kettle calling the pot black. It’s more like you somehow went so off tangent that you can outshine a pro sh*t poster from /4/chan with your assumption spree and went with replies that ironically reinforced my topic of “Skin and Bones”. The remaining content of your replies came off as a paranoid conspiracy enthusiast that insist of the Illuminati and completely disregard the fact the author is making story writing mistakes. Where else you didn’t even specify what went wrong with the chapter other than “It’s filler, because aliens, because I say so and you’re wrong.” arguments.

            The irony when you said I was deluding myself when you’re actually specifying what went wrong with the chapters yet still call them fillers. Thus deluding yourself that it wasn’t fillers but repetition, “brain dead” characters, over contrast comparisons to over hype the MC when just the stuff when he was the crow is good enough. Which are all valid bad writing mechanics.

            I mean feel free with your head cannon and conspiracy, but you shouldn’t jump the gun like I did with Rebirth of the Thief and start replying in this site without proper research.

            “stop hawing around here with the same topic.”

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