Emperor Chapter 587

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Chapter 587: Monk Dazhi Taking Action

“Bang—bang—bang!” On the other side, the other ancestor with an invincible hammer kept on slamming down with earth-splitting power, causing Xian Fan to be pushed back despite having the protection of the elemental armor.

The armor was indeed amazing and was just as valuable as an Immortal Emperor True Treasure. Unfortunately, it specialized in defense over offense, leaving a weakness of Xian Fan’s.

“I’m not playing with you any longer!” Xian Fan furiously roared.

“Boom!” In an instant, Xian Fan’s blood energy became as wild as a tidal wave. With an emperor’s art, another emperor’s true treasure shot up high as if an Immortal Emperor had descended to the mortal world. A huge shadow loomed over the nine heavens and looked down on all gods and devils.

“Mortal Sword!” Everyone became aghast at the sight of this Immortal Emperor True Treasure.

This unbeatable sword was in the possession of the gigantic shadow up above. It was the true fate weapon of Immortal Emperor Fan Chen, the second emperor of the Immortal Kingdom. 1

“Clanggg!” The slash of the sword towards the myriad worlds caused the stars to fall and myriad dao to split apart. All laws were annihilated before the might of this one sword, slaying all deities and causing the heaven and earth to quiver.

The ancestor of the great power was frightened and quickly went on the defensive while taking out all of his amazing treasures and weapons. However, the oncoming slash cut all of these treasures apart.

“Dinggg!” The ancestor’s true fate weapon was broken. Although the sword didn’t hit his body, the remnants of the attack skirted by his body, creating a spring of blood as well as a terrible sword wound. Just a bit closer and his body would have been split apart.

“Eat another one!” Xian Fan’s blood energy did not diminish after just one sword slash, and he unleashed another one that was just as tyrannical and powerful as the one prior.

Activating an emperor’s true weapon was not easy, but Xian Fan’s blood energy still remained strong after the second blow. This was indicative of Xian Fan’s heaven-defying strength.

The shocked ancestor wanted to quickly back away from the battle. Xian Fan’s elemental armor was like an untouchable hedgehog, but now an emperor’s true weapon came into play as well, so it was the same as having two true weapons. Moreover, the elemental armor didn’t expend any blood energy so the combination was extremely formidable.

“Boom!” Xian Fan’s second attack was still stopped. The collision from the two forces caused sparks to flow everywhere like an erupting volcano spewing flames into the sky. This inferno even scorched the stars.

This was a different Immortal Emperor True Treasure. These were terrifying and tough weapons so their collision nearly destroyed the Earth Realm.

“Hahahaha! The Immortal Kingdom is a bit too arrogant. Did you think we of the ghost race have nobodies here?” A cold and dark voice appeared as an old ancestor emerged from the darkness with a sizable boil on his head. Inside was a squirming Nether Insect King.

This Insect King Ancestor, with his own true weapon, stopped Xian Fan’s Mortal Sword. An emperor’s lineage ancestor with a true treasure, of course, had power beyond one’s imagination.

However, Xian Fan remained proud and issued a resounding battle cry: “Die!” The Mortal Sword’s humming resonation filled the sky with a ferocious immortal aura. One sword that cut through everything flew towards the Insect King Ancestor.

“Let me see just how many more you can throw out!” The Insect King Ancestor smiled ominously.

The true treasure in his hand exuded an even stronger imperial power than the Mortal Sword. It couldn’t be helped because the ancestor’s cultivation was much stronger than Xian Fan’s. Since they were both true treasures, it was only a matter of course for Xian Fan to be at a great disadvantage.

The earlier ancestor from the great power saw the Insect King Ancestor repelling Xian Fan’s invincible sword and joined in: “Junior, it’s time to end this!”

He unleashed his strongest offensive merit law, wanting to use this opportunity to kill Xian Fan.

“Rumble!” Meanwhile, the two imperial true treasures were creating devastating effects that crushed the heavenly grand dao. Outside of ancestors, other cultivators shouldn’t even dream about coming closer.

Xian Fan was indeed powerful, but the Mortal Sword required a vast amount of blood energy unlike the Night Era Flower or the Reverse-time Shuttle of Lan Yunzhu. After three slashes, Xian Fan’s blood energy began to deplete, especially after taking on the combined effort from two ancestors.

“Amitabha!” An unparalleled buddhist chant appeared. A gigantic buddhist statue arrived and quickly entered the battlefield.

“Boom!” Another imperial aura emerged. This gigantic buddha had an emperor’s weapon and repelled the attack from the great power’s ancestor, who was working with the Insect King Ancestor.

“Die!” This ancestor had no choice but to use other treasures to stop the new emperor’s weapon.

“Boom!” The ancestor was indeed powerful to be able to use his own treasures to stop an emperor’s weapon. Nevertheless, he was still forced several thumping steps back.

The ghost ancestor was both surprised and angry as he shouted coldly: “Jian Xuan, Monk Dazhi!”

So this buddha turned out to be Monk Dazhi! However, what really made the ghosts angry was that although Jian Xuan came from the Nether Crossing Swamp and was a ghost himself, he actually moved against his own race. This was a cause for rage.

“Junior, don’t forget your identity! You are a ghost yet you are attacking your own — this is betraying your own race!” The ancestor angrily shouted.

“Betray my ass!” At this time, Monk Dazhi cursed, no longer bearing the demeanor of an enlightened monk: “This has nothing to do with my origin! As a cultivator, all of you are using helpless mortals as sacrifices — this is a disgrace to all cultivators and even more of a disgrace to the ghost race! The Ancestral Realm? The Divine Guard? Hahahaha! This monk thinks that they are nothing but a bunch of fiends for carrying out such a ceremony!”

“Boom!” As he was scolding them, he was still attacking non-stop with his emperor’s weapon. He was the descendant of the Nether Crossing Swamp and their ghost king wanted to pass him the throne early on — this was indicative of his strength. Now, he was using his emperor’s weapon fiercely, causing even the ancestor to be quite wary. Although the ancestor was strong, he was at a great disadvantage for not having his own emperor’s weapon.

The furious ancestor shouted and used his strongest treasure to counterattack.

All of a sudden, three different battles were being waged. Lan Yunzhu was using the Night Era Flower and the Reverse-time Shuttle to bombard the Titanic Crescent Ancestor, forcing him to only defend, resulting in his wild anger!

Xian Fan, on the other hand, was using his Mortal Sword to fight against the Insect King Ancestor, but Xian Fan’s situation was not as propitious. Despite using a lot of medicines to make up for the loss of blood energy from using the invincible Mortal Sword, it was still not enough to make up for the rate of consumption. A powerful true treasure required too much blood energy.

Lastly, Monk Dazhi was also quite incredible and used an emperor’s weapon to fight against a great power’s ancestor, but he still didn’t garner too much of an advantage.

“Boom!” Finally, due to the lack of blood energy, the Mortal Sword’s attack became weaker so Xian Fan was forced back by the Insect King Ancestor.

This ancestor didn’t give Xian Fan the chance to fight back and swung down with his own true treasure: “Junior, you are finished!” This attack caused the gods to quiver; it could easily split a Virtuous Paragon into halves.

The Mortal Sword couldn’t withstand such a mighty blow, but Xian Fan didn’t retreat. Xian Fan scowled as the elemental armor emitted a rumbling sound as even more images and immortal lights filled the sky, completely encompassing Xian Fan’s body.

“Bang!” The slash overshadowed even the moon and sun in the sky. However, Xian Fan forcefully met it. The elemental armor was too terrifying. It could withstand an attack from a true treasure without any signs of cracking! Xian Fan was merely jarred from the force of the blow.

“Old man, you won’t be able to!” Xian Fan calmed their chaotic blood energy within and sneered.

Although the Mortal Sword expended a lot of Xian Fan’s blood energy, the Insect King Ancestor was not in a good spot either. It still required a lot of his reserves to unleash an invincible strike from the emperor’s weapon.

“Die!” Xian Fan’s will to fight became even stronger. How could an unparalleled genius like Xian Fan be afraid of battle? Xian Fan stopped using the Mortal Sword as the elemental armor turned into a divine spear, sweeping through everything to attacking the Insect King Ancestor.

The enraged ancestor also stopped using his own true treasure since it was wasting too much blood energy. With a long roar, he used his own true fate weapon to meet the attack.

“Bang—bang—bang—bang—bang!” On the other battlefield, Monk Dazhi unleashed five attacks from the emperor’s weapon like a storm, causing Yin and Yang to reverse and the void to shatter.

However, an ancestor was indeed an ancestor. Although he was blown away while spurting blood, he used other treasures as a shield to block Monk Dazhi’s bombardment!

His cultivation far exceeded Monk Dazhi’s, so even though the monk had an emperor’s weapon, he couldn’t kill this ancestor.

The ancestor made it through the most difficult time and screamed: “Traitor, it’s your turn to die!” All types of powerful treasures headed for Monk Dazhi in a crushing manner.

Monk Dazhi was quite alarmed and relied on his emperor’s weapon to pour down endless universal laws to protect his body. Earlier, his bombardment spent too much blood energy, so he had no power to fight back and could only rely on his defense.

“Boom!” Monk Dazhi was blown away by the ancestor’s counterattack. Although the emperor’s weapon protected him, he still vomited blood. It seemed that he was a bit weaker than the matchless Xian Fan.

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  1. Fan Chen = World of the Mortals; mundane life.


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