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Chapter 554: Phoenix Maiden’s Death

Even during her last moments, she was still in love with Di Zuo and acted for his sake. Everything she did was, in fact, for him!

Lan Yunzhu couldn’t help being moved by her. Although she was not sympathetic towards the maiden’s chosen course of actions, the maiden’s courage was still admirable.

“What a wonderful woman. It is a shame, you shouldn’t have chosen to oppose me.” Li Qiye shook his head and slowly said: “End yourself, I will give you a dignified death.” With that, he put down the Phoenix Maiden.

After standing upright again, the maiden looked in the direction of the distant Earth Realm; she was full of reluctance to part. She then took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

“Bang!” Her body quivered dramatically as blood dripped down from the corners of her lips as she slowly fell down.

In the end, a heaven’s proud daughter of an entire generation had to commit suicide. She was a strong woman, but one wrong move had cost her the entire board. Despite her numerous schemes, she couldn’t stop Li Qiye’s unbeatable path.

The ghost experts also sighed after seeing her commit suicide. She deserved what happened today; this wouldn’t have happened if she didn’t continuously oppose Li Qiye.

However, they did admit that she was a wonderful woman and had no fear of death even at the very last second. Or perhaps, she had prepared herself for death a very long time ago.

Once the maiden used the well-being of the ghost race as an excuse to suppress Li Qiye, this ending was destined. She had righteously appealed for Li Qiye’s death for the sake of the ghost race; if she had tried to escape, all of her scheming would have been for naught. Her reputation would be damaged along with her husband’s and the Myriad Bones Throne’s.

Death was the only option after losing, thus she was prepared and had no intention of escaping. In this struggle, either Li Qiye had to die or she had to perish.

At the very least, to the eyes of outsiders, she had used her death to protect justice and the ghost race.

After she committed suicide, an unequalled man in the Heavenly Cemetery in the Earth Realm felt a prick in his heart and immediately knew what had happened. He then screamed out: “No!!”

Along with his rage, the sky darkened as if a storm was approaching.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye looked at the maiden’s corpse and shook his head, saying: “What a shame.” He then shifted his gaze towards the five bronze walls and headed for the Pentagate.

“Rumble!” The five walls were shaking as if they were about to break apart from the continuous explosions and crackles.

There was no doubt that the Pentagate’s seal couldn’t withstand the Titanic Crescent Ancestor attacking with an emperor’s weapon. It was only a matter of time before he broke out.

This was why Li Qiye immediately ran over to use this chance to kill all the experts and the ancestor from the sacred ground. He still had a method to kill them, even if the ancestor was a powerful Virtuous Paragon!

“What is this treasure?” An ancestor from a great power anxiously thought to himself. Although the Pentagate was being torn apart, the crowd was still moved by it.

The sacred ground brought along many experts, including Heavenly Kings and Heavenly Sovereigns. What was even more terrifying was that their ancestor was locked inside with an emperor’s weapon in hand.

An ancestor with an emperor’s weapon had horrifying destructive capabilities, yet he couldn’t break through the walls in a short period of time.

The fortified might of the walls was evident since an invincible weapon that belonged to an emperor couldn’t even destroy it.

Right when Li Qiye wanted to take care of the sealed experts inside the walls, a series of immortal hymns suddenly appeared as an endless stream of lights drowned the sky.

These lights came from the middle of the pond and were akin to a divine sword piercing the firmament. These beams then intertwined together in the sky in a spiral pattern.

“What is going on?” This sudden change startled everyone as they looked deeper into the pond.

Li Qiye also became serious after seeing this towering, immortal light. The light that spiralled into the sky was also accompanied by a whirlpool in the pond that emitted continuous splashing sounds.

Li Qiye then decided to forgo suppressing the sacred ground’s experts and instead looked at the center of the whirlpool. He turned around and dragged Lan Yunzhu along as he spoke: “We’re going now!” With that, they rushed towards the pond.

“Boom!” With a deafening blast that collapsed the sky, the Titanic Crescent Ancestor finally broke through the five bronze walls. A huge hole could be seen in one of its sides.

The ancestor, with his emperor’s weapon and terrifying aura, looked like an angry god. His anger was understandable since although he was an imperial ancestor with an emperor’s weapon, he was still sealed by a junior. How humiliating was this?!

“Buzz!” The Pentagate couldn’t trap the experts from the sacred ground any longer, so it disappeared as it flew back into Li Qiye’s Fate Palace.

“Little animal, I won’t forgive you!” The Titanic Crescent Ancestor roared with a furious might that shattered the void.

Li Qiye ignored his threat then shouted at Lan Yunzhu: “Hug me tightly!” He then rushed even faster towards the pond.

During their quick journey to the center of the pond, the scenery changed continuously. Sometimes they were in a world with countless erupting volcanoes. At times, they were in a mortal world full of prosperous humans. At other times, it was a dead world that had suffered endless destruction…

One step was one world. In the blink of an eye as worlds shifted past her gaze, they had traveled past three thousand worlds.

This pond could not be so easily trespassed since one wrong step would result in their disappearance, but Li Qiye made it look so easy; it seemed like a mere stroll.

This was not strange at all. With one enlightened grand dao from the other shore, Tian Lunhui could take one hundred steps or even more. His grand dao, compared to Li Qiye’s grand dao, was far too lacking.

“Little animal, even if you escape to the farthest reaches of the earth, I will still kill you!” The Titanic Crescent Ancestor also rushed into the pond while shouting at Li Qiye.

He wanted to take revenge and take back their Declivity-Mountain Bell. They would become the biggest sinners of the sacred ground if they permanently lost the mountain bell.

In an instant, the two reached the deepest part of the pond. This place had turned into a rowdy whirlpool as it spun around with a particular rhythm.

Li Qiye looked at the whirlpool with a grave expression.

“What is it?” Lan Yunzhu noticed his serious demeanor and asked while being worried. She seldom saw this expression from him.

“Perhaps the biggest fortune will appear right here.” Li Qiye answered then added: “But that isn’t important. The important part is that the grave secret among secrets is about to appear.”

“Grave secret among secrets?” Lan Yunzhu asked in astonishment. She knew how great the biggest secret was in these realms.

“That’s not all. It is no longer important whether the biggest fortune will appear here anymore. A bit later, there will be a flower blooming right here. When it appears, you need to take action right away!” Li Qiye answered while still gazing at the whirlpool.

“That flower is the secret among secrets?” Lan Yunzhu asked in shock: “Just like the Five Immortal Phoenix Ginseng?”

“It is not a True Immortal Medicine or an Immortal Medicine. It is a very special and unique flower, not to mention that it is especially suitable for you.” Li Qiye continued: “I didn’t expect for it to appear in this generation. You are too lucky to meet this chance.”

“Can I actually do it?” Her heart beated faster as she wondered. The reason for her hesitation was due to the phoenix ginseng. Despite being a medicine, it was unbelievably powerful.

“Rest assured, you can definitely do it. Your Cyclical River of Fate is the most appropriate merit law. In the past, Immortal Emperor Qian Li had quite a deep and fateful connection with this flower. Although Qian Li created this secret law, the emperor was not able to take it due to a slight absence of luck. Nevertheless, the emperor still benefited from it.” Li Qiye said: “When it appears, it will be fine if you directly use your secret law.”

“How do you know all of this?” Lan Yunzhu was startled since Li Qiye knew the past of her Ancestor, Immortal Emperor Qian Li, too well.

The river sect had no written records of this event, yet Li Qiye knew it like the back of his palm.

Li Qiye remained tight-lipped about this issue. He couldn’t tell her that he was the one who took Immortal Emperor Qian Li to this pool in the past. At that time, the emperor met this blooming flower and used a great method to lock it down. Alas, the emperor was a bit unfortunate and couldn’t seize it. Nevertheless, because of this flower, the emperor was able to study a grand dao that resulted in great benefits.

“What is happening here?” A group of cultivators came closer to the edge of the pond while looking at Li Qiye who was gazing at the whirlpool in the center. They wanted to enter but were afraid of disappearing without a trace!

“Hmph!” The first to rush in was the Titanic Crescent Ancestor. He not only wanted the great mythical fortune, but also to capture Li Qiye to take back the mountain bell.

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