Emperor Chapter 520

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Chapter 520: Flirtatious Banter

However, Li Qiye now took a bunch of destiny stones at once — this miracle completely broke the common sense of the cultivation world. Such a thing simply couldn’t happen!

“How… could this be!” At this point, someone let out a shrill scream since they were unable to cope with such a ridiculous scene.

Only destiny stones chose their masters, cultivators didn’t choose destiny stones! But now, Li Qiye picked them as if he was selecting cabbages in front of a street vendor. In the end, the majority of the destiny stones had been purchased by him like cabbages.

A cultivator’s heart couldn’t handle such a stimulating scene, so he screamed in the face of this impossible scene where someone was taking a group of high level destiny stones away: “Oh mother, what is happening? Has the heavens gone crazy? How could the heavens allow someone to take away so many stones? Oh heavens, do you not have eyes?!”

At this moment, this cultivator was not the only one who suffered from an irregular heartbeat. This was definitely not a dream, it was real.

Even Lan Yunzhu, who knew Li Qiye well, found it hard to believe: “How is this possible?” Breaking common sense was not enough to describe this event — it was too bizarre. If it wasn’t daytime right now, she would have thought that a ghost was playing with everyone.

“It is because I am too handsome.” Li Qiye replied with a smirk. He didn’t tell her the truth that was only known by him.

“Handsome my butt!” Lan Yunzhu angrily glared at him and retorted. From now on, she would no longer become shocked no matter what other strange events happened around Li Qiye. After all, what could be stranger than what happened today?

Li Qiye selected a stone from a batch of stones and threw it at Lan Yunzhu as he smiled: “You are quite lucky, the stone I talked about earlier is still here. You can have it.”

She became speechless when she caught the destiny stone that shone with a divine light. This was such a good stone, yet Li Qiye was giving it away as if it was just a cabbage.

What silenced her even further was that this destiny stone didn’t like her and ran back towards Li Qiye instead.

“Little guy! In the end, this lady still has dual saint talents. I’m a heaven’s proud daughter, yet you dare to look down on me like this? Watch it or I’ll skin you!” At this point, Lan Yunzhu no longer cared about her lady-like image since she was quite hurt. These destiny stones all grabbed onto Li Qiye as if he was a handsome man adored by flowers!

Li Qiye cheerfully smiled while he patted this stone and said: “This little girl isn’t bad. She has dual saint talents and a Heaven’s Will Secret Law for her foundation. Don’t worry, I’ll protect this girl later on so you won’t lose out.”

In the end, the unwilling destiny stone fell into Lan Yunzhu’s hand. She didn’t know what to say; this brat was too mysterious and downright scary.

“Why are you welcomed by so many destiny stones like this?” Lan Yunzhu curiously asked because she was lost. This matter was completely irrational.

Li Qiye answered with a smirk: “Because I am handsome and loved by all. The phrase ‘flowers bloom on sight’ was created to describe me.”

“Bleh!” Lan Yunzhu seemed as if she wanted to vomit and snappily retorted: “If you are handsome, then every single man in this world is extremely dashing!”

“Do you really want to hear the real reason? It’s very simple, it is because I am the ruler of this world and the only one to sweep through the endless eras!” Li Qiye laughed before responding.

“Uncle, your face is thicker than a temple block.” Lan Yunzhu gave him a look and continued: “I can believe you becoming the ruler in the future, but to say you are the only one who has swept through all eras? Come on now, this is clearly boasting. How old are you? You’re still just a brat!”

Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile before speaking: “Fine, the real reason is that I will build a stone sect. In the future, these destiny stones will be my generals. Under my protection, they will rampage in this world and bask in the worldly essence to become eternally supreme!”

“Bah, who would believe you.” She glared at him again and fiercely said while swinging her fist: “Uncle, if you want me to believe you, then at least try to say something more serious, or else I’ll really take care of you!”

Her appearance made him grin. He then gestured with his hand and slowly said: “Be more serious? Very well, we will talk more seriously. Girl, don’t forget about our bet. Remember that you have to undress completely for my viewing pleasure tonight, to let me see if your figure is top notch or not.”

“Damned pervert!” Lan Yunzhu was both embarrassed and angry as she let out a cry: “In your dreams!” With that, she turned away and ran.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye leisurely caught up to her and quipped: “Girl, one must keep their words. A gentleman’s words are as heavy as mountains.”

The flustered Lan Yunzhu kept on running and exclaimed: “Bah, I’m not a gentleman, I’m just a little girl!”

Li Qiye followed after her with a smile.

At the Divine Dragon Mountain, everyone quietly watched Li Qiye leave as if he was a super freak.

A long time after he left, someone tragically screamed: “Damn, my destiny stones! I still want a nine accumulations destiny stone!”

Looking at the bare hills left many older cultivators lamenting for the younger people who came here to test their luck. Being in the same generation as that devilish Li Qiye was really saddening.

The news of Li Qiye picking destiny stones spread like a storm across the Prime Ominous Grave. All five Grave Realms heard of this, and countless cultivators and lineages were shocked!

Even great characters were startled. An ancestor of a great power couldn’t believe it: “Impossible!”

A disciple reported to his ancestor and swore: “Ancestor, this disciple saw with my own eyes, and my master was there too.”

“This kid is too… scary. How could this be possible? It… breaks all common sense.” After the news was confirmed, countless great powers were stuck in a daze.

Then, this heaven-defying news entered the ears of the other geniuses. Both the Titanic Crescent Saint Child and the Ghost Insect Evil Child were dejected. They secretly screamed in their minds and thought that, unless they eliminated Li Qiye, there would be no day when they could rise.

Inside the Wood Realm, Di Zuo immediately stood up after hearing this. His blood energy erupted and rose to a terrorizing level, causing the sky to darken and the moon to shake.

“Very good, I need a supreme and untouchable genius like this to be the stone to pave my path towards becoming an Immortal Emperor!” He declared as his tiger-like eyes swept through the plains in an overly domineering manner.

He continued on with a deep tone: “I initially wanted to slay Tian Lunhui as my paving stone, but now, I have an even better prey.”

As one of the top geniuses of the ghost race, Tian Lunhui revealed a dark smile while being shrouded in his mysterious aura. With an ominous glare, he smiled and said: “When the sandpiper and clam fight, the fisherman will catch both.”

He then closed his eyes with a detached attitude as if nothing mattered to him. Maybe it wasn’t that it didn’t matter, maybe it was because everything was within his grasp.

Another top existence among the young geniuses, Xian Fan of the human race, was very shaken after hearing this news: “That guy was successful? The Five Elements Immortal Armor accepted me, but that stone didn’t. And yet, that guy actually did it. Too scary.” After a long daze, he then reflected: “Amazing, there is always a higher mountain. It seems that this path towards becoming an Immortal Emperor won’t be so boring after all.”

This shocking news stunned countless races while the glory of numerous geniuses dimmed. As the news spread even further, many people beat their chests and stomped the ground in anger. How could people not go insane when Li Qiye alone carried out a whole bunch of eight and nine accumulations stones? Many young cultivators still hadn’t refined a true fate weapon for themselves, and other cultivators wanted a better destiny stone.

Cultivators must take the opportunity when they were still young to change destiny stones since they wouldn’t be able to do so at an older age. This was because, once they become old, it would take too much life essence to refine a new true fate treasure.

Many young cultivators dreamed about going to the Divine Dragon Mountain to find a nine accumulations destiny stone, but now, Li Qiye shattered their dreams by taking away a whole bunch.

Ultimately, the ones who were the most depressed were the ghost race. Recently, they had been severely suppressed. The three heroes of the Sacred Nether World were their pride and future aspirations. And now, Li Qiye crawling out of nowhere alone was not enough, even Xian Fan showed up. Li Qiye was even more dazzling than Di Zuo and Tian Lunhui, so the entire younger generation of the ghosts had been put to shame. If this continued, then the younger ghost generation would be oppressed by humans, so it was understandable that the ghost race became exasperated.

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  2. Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile before speaking: “Fine, the real reason is that I will build a stone sect. In the future, these destiny stones will be my generals. Under my protection, they will rampage in this world and bask in the worldly essence to become eternally supreme!”
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