Emperor Chapter 378

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Chapter 378: Entering The Sacred Nether World

In fact, after the paths collapsed, there were legendary masters who wanted to forcefully penetrate the spatial wall to enter another world, but alas, no one had heard of a successful attempt. Later on, even when a Divine Investiture Expert came into being to open a path, they still did not dare to enter the channel.

This type of channel was extremely unstable and could collapse at any moment. Even a more powerful existence would die under such a force.

“In the current Mortal Emperor World, I’m afraid that only the Realm God can safely go to another world.” An ancestor from a great sect had to admit this fact amidst the astonished spectators.

The reason why the Realm God had this title was because of the rumors of it being an existence that was most adept in spatial techniques. Some said that the Realm God’s achievement in spatial techniques shamed even Immortal Emperors…

In a short amount of time, countless gazes were fixated towards the sky. Of course, all of them wanted to see if the Realm God could actually take Li Qiye to another world. Then, there were those who were both celebrating and lamenting: “Nothing could be better than Li Qiye going to another world. Let a devil like him bully the geniuses of the other worlds. A monster like him staying at the Mortal Emperor World would only overshadow all the other geniuses.”

Even though this thought was a bit depressing for many people, they looked forward to Li Qiye’s departure from the Mortal Emperor World. A supreme existence like Li Qiye was a form of cruel emotional torture to all the other geniuses since he loomed over them like a huge shadow.

A monster like this going to another world to bully other people was worthy of celebration.

At the area where the stargate was situated, an ancient dao platform had been silenced for more than thirty thousand years. At this time, the Realm God used a great technique to create an extremely large dao gate that shone brightly. Anyone who stood before this dao gate would feel as if one could traverse across space and time.

“Ready?” Eventually, the Realm God asked Li Qiye with a serious tone. Even an invincible existence like the Realm God became solemn. If it was personally traveling, then it could absolutely make it to the Sacred Nether World unscathed, but at this moment, it was Li Qiye who was going.

The Yin Yang Refining Immortal Mirror appeared over Li Qiye’s head. This supreme treasure of the Middle Continent Ancient Kingdom poured an endless immortal spatial void to protect Li Qiye’s body. At the same time, the Yin Yang fishes jumped out and swam around him.

“Go, I am ready. You can lock onto the coordinates now!” Li Qiye took a deep breath and, with a serious expression, he then nodded his head towards the Realm God.

The pine branch raised Li Qiye up along with a shout from the Realm God: “Open!”

The moment this word came out, a buzzing sound could be heard. In this instant, the pine tree was like the sharpest divine spear in this world, something that could be stopped by nothing.

In just a second, the pine tree that carried Li Qiye entered the dao gate. His body was suddenly trapped in a giant crystal.

With a loud “pop,” the unstoppable pine branch pierced through this unbelievably thick crystal barricade.

It seemed like such an easy matter, but all the cultivators back at the Eastern Hundred Cities felt a powerful wave that emanated from the Heavenly Dao Academy when this blow hit. An invincible aura swept through the cities; this sudden eruption sent chills down the spines of many people.

At this moment, everyone understood that the Realm God’s blood energy had exploded in order to unleash a heaven-destroying strike.

“This blow might have penetrated the spatial wall!” A legendary master murmured after calculating the power of this attack from sensing the invincible aura that swept through the region.

With a “pop,” the pine tree punctured the crystal wall and quickly sent Li Qiye into a pathway. In this split second, Li Qiye witnessed an extremely magnificent world that was filled with life and endless vitality. Anyone would be astonished by such a scene since the landscape of an entire world was before their very eyes.

In this instant, the Realm God locked onto a certain coordinate. Then, the pathway sent Li Qiye off like a storm, using the Realm God’s utmost speed.

The endless storm within the pathway chaotically destroyed everything. The turbulence of time and space was something to be feared; even Virtuous Paragons were no exceptions. In this place, carelessness would only result in death.

However, the Realm God was indeed a divine existence. At this time, it used an unbelievable speed to send Li Qiye through the majority of the turbulence. Time itself was not a match for his speed, so spatial gaps were no longer a concern.

Li Qiye was sent to a certain chaotic sphere. It was as if this sphere had naturally formed itself and was then filled with great sects of the heaven and earth.

“Boom!” With a deafening explosion, the pine branch also penetrated this chaotic sphere. Keep in mind that this strike of the Realm God could easily kill a large group of Virtuous Paragons, but it still couldn’t pierce through this chaotic sphere.

“Open!” The Realm God crazily roared. At this second, the pine branch became extremely bright and sharp as if it could even pierce through the body of a celestial existence.

“Xhhhshh!” Primordial chaos gushed everywhere after the Realm God finally managed to pierce through this chaotic sphere. Then, it immediately threw Li Qiye inside.

“Bang!” A loud destructive sound resonated right when this chaotic sphere was pierced. Suddenly, an endless wave of emperor aura emerged. This emperor aura instantly annihilated the pathway as if an Immortal Emperor came to life.

“Immortal Emperor Fei Yang, truly amazing!” Li Qiye screamed. With one hand holding the Fragmented Realm Spatial Disk, he slammed it into the chaotic sphere. At the same time, the Yin Yang Refining Immortal Mirror also shot out an immortal light to block the power of this chaotic place!

“Buzzz—” The Yin Yang fishes jumped up and carried Li Qiye as they soared towards the chaos. But during Li Qiye’s advance, the vast emperor aura crazily erupted once again as if it wanted to crush him. At this critical juncture, the Fragmented Realm Spatial Disk spewed out a brilliance and immediately sucked Li Qiye inside.

“Rumble!” The emperor aura failed to crush Li Qiye, resulting in the pathway getting ravaged from the enraged emperor aura. At this time, the Realm God used an unbelievable speed to retreat as the emperor aura wildly pursued it.

“Boom!” In the end, under the devastation of the emperor aura, the entire pathway collapsed. At the most critical moment, the pine branch of the Realm God managed to escape to the outside.

The collapse of the pathway emitted a terrifying power that alarmed even the legendary masters within the Eastern Hundred Cities. Many looked up to the sky and saw the retreating pine branch. An ancestor with keen eyes noticed that there were burn marks on the pine branch, and this astounded many people.

“Did the pathway actually collapse?” Seeing the burns on the pine branch, an ancestor took in a deep breath and murmured: “Where did Li Qiye want to go? Even a pathway opened by the Realm God was destroyed. Just what kind of powerful suppressive force was present at his destination?”

“This is terrible.” The hearts of many legendary masters sank when they saw the wounds on the branch of the Realm God. Even a pathway created by it was destroyed…

The Difficult Dao Era was over, and a new Heaven’s Will was being created to signal the start of a new grand era. Many hidden existences had begun to take action; some even planned to go to different worlds, but after seeing the Realm God’s situation, they quickly dispelled this thought. Despite it personally escorting Li Qiye, the pathway was still destroyed. If it was them who met such an event instead, death would be assured.

The group of Li Shuangyan was shocked to see the wounds on the pine branch back at the academy. They all felt that something terrible had happened.

“He is fine and had arrived safely.” The Realm God spoke. The group of Li Shuangyan finally felt relieved to know that Li Qiye had made it safely. They then bowed to the Realm God before they left.

The Realm God then stared at the horizon and, after a long silence, it finally lamented with a sigh and uttered: “It really is that legendary existence, the most mysterious existence. Tens of millions of long years… This generation will be constantly troubled with restless times. It is truly a pitiable fate for those who live in the same era as him. Who in this world could possibly compete for the Heaven’s Will against him!?”

Eventually, the Realm God no longer spoke and quietly went into a deep slumber.

However, on the second day after Li Qiye’s departure, many pieces of news began to leak.

“Have you heard? People said that Li Qiye wanted to go to another world and, in the end, the pathway collapsed and he died in there.” A person said while acting mysteriously. Despite his attempt at being secretive, there was still a hint of gloating and delight.

Many people naturally became elated after they learned of Li Qiye’s death. A disciple from a great power sneered: “Someone who commits many bad deeds will naturally be punished one day, and that day had finally come.”

“That’s right, the heavens is not blind. It will not forgive anyone!” A personally cheerfully laughed. To people like them, this was the best pieces of news they heard this year.

But there were also those who pitied him. A great character from the previous generation lamented: “Why did he have to seek his own death? He would be alive and kicking if he stayed in the Mortal Emperor World. Why the need to do this!”

“Li Qiye’s might would allow him to tread on the path of the heavens with no problem ah. It could even be said that he had a great chance to reach the Heaven’s Will. But now… he already buried himself before becoming invincible.” A cultivator couldn’t help but say.

“The path of the heavens is arduous, so it is better to be careful. No matter how stunning a genius may be, they could still die an early death on this path.” Someone finally ended with these words.

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