Emperor Chapter 37

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Chapter 37 : Tu Buyu (1)

The Life Wheel continuously spun while the blood roared. The Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law was an absolutely outstanding law, even through the eons; it turned the blood energy into a ferocious vortex.

Right when the incantations of the word “Taint” appeared in the blood of Li Qiye, his blood became extremely heavy; the blood flow slowed down due to this.

However, no one could underestimate the magic of the Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law. After the mysterious truths of the word “Taint” slowed down the blood flow, the merit law angrily acted up, using its full power, controlled the Life Wheel, and roared with all of the impact in the world.

The stagnating blood flow suddenly became faster with the push from the Life Wheel and the Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law. The blood flow in Li Qiye’s body, at this moment, was like a gigantic dragon that was rampaging, fierce and immense.

The overbearing blood went into a rampage, tearing apart Li Qiye’s meridians, destroying his bones, and burning down his Fate Palace. Within a short moment, Li Qiye’s Physique was nearly ruined.

Li Qiye, in agony, spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. This was a great pain that he almost couldn’t handle. Suddenly, there was a crack that appeared in his body, and in the next second, his whole body began to shatter like a piece of porcelain.

The power of the mysterious truths within the word “Taint” was more than people could ever imagine. The blood, with tremendous weight under the pull of the Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law, could overwhelmingly destroy anything.

Li Qiye’s body was severely crushed; his Mortal Physique could not withstand the power of divinity from the conflicting force inside his body! However, the word “Taint” was certainly not trying to kill Li Qiye. If the mysterious truths of the Physique Scripture was nothing more than this, then it would not be coveted for many eons by Immortal Emperors.

Li Qiye’s palace was also destroyed by the force of the vigorous blood, but as his body was crushed, many songs of the Grand Dao started to sing. Countless mysterious truths from his Fate Palace came into action; his True Fate was absorbing the endless incantation runes, and these runes made his True Fate radiate Life Energy throughout his body.

At this moment, under the effect of the word “Taint”, the Spring of Life gushed out a raging Water of Life; it was as if a tsunami had appeared. The Cauldron of Life immediately burned with Soul Fire; the Soul Fire brightly shook the heaven and earth.

The thousand leaves of the Tree of Life stretched brilliantly toward the four directions; they emitted countless Life Energy. Afterwards, the Leaves of Life fell down to the ground, and the deepest root of the Tree of Life connected to the deepest part of Li Qiye’s Fate Palace. All of the roots eventually tied Li Qiye’s whole body, locking together his shattered remnants.

The Pillar of Life used its mysterious incantations to connect to the word “Taint”, as well as the heaven and earth. The incantations ran endlessly and started to borrow the power of the world to make the body of Li Qiye pierce the Nine Heavens and drill into the Nine Earths.

At this time, the Water of Life, Soul Fire, Leaves of Life, and the incantations of the Pillar of Life were refined by the word “Taint” while surrounded by Li Qiye’s blood. They turned into Primordial Chaos energy which wrapped around the entire, broken body of Li Qiye.

(TL: The word “Taint” is the same as the first letter in “Primordial Chaos”)

At this moment, Li Qiye’s body was tormented by the heavy blood on the inside, which weighed as much as ten thousand mountains, while the Primordial Chaos energy was surrounding him like a mud paste in a blockade. The whole process was extremely painful.

However, despite the pain, Li Qiye was still holding on. Li Qiye was enduring so that the blood with the “Taint” mysterious truths would refine and recreate his body; because the Primordial Chaos energy was encompassing his body, his completely shattered body didn’t break into pieces onto the ground.

Blood, once again, disintegrated Li Qiye’s body. The “Taint” mysterious truths, time and time again, destroyed Li Qiye’s body; this process was like a giant hammer smashing into Li Qiye time and time again while the Water of Life, Soul Fire, Leaves of Life, and Pillar of Life’s incantations combined into Primordial Chaos energy, and was recasted to the broken areas in order to rebuild Li Qiye’s body.

If outsiders could see this scene, they would be shocked to witness the power of the Fate Palace Four Symbols: the Spring of Life, the Tree of Life, the Cauldron of Life, and the Pillar of Life.

For eons, countless sages wondered and studied the mysterious truths of the Fate Palace Four Symbols to no avail. It was believed that only Immortal Emperors could comprehend the entirety of the truths within the Four Symbols.

However, at this moment, a thirteen year old boy was able to communicate with the Four Symbols; it was simply unthinkable.

In fact, since ancient times, regarding the mastery of the Fate Palace Four Symbols, no one went as far as Li Qiye did, including Immortal Emperors. He spent endless years researching the Physique Scripture, how could there be someone else who had the same grasp of mastery as he did?

Suffering time and time again, the refinement continued. Li Qiye did not know how long the process had been; the pain had made him numb.

Ever since he had chosen the Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law and the Physique Scripture, this result had been within the expectations of Li Qiye.

Although he could have also cultivated the Physique Scripture without the Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law, in this world, there was only this merit law that was capable of driving the mysterious truths behind the word “Taint” within the blood flow.

Because of the Hell Suppressing Immortal Physique, he needed the power of the Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law; not only to completely destroy his body, but also to reshape it into a higher rank.

An unknown amount of time had passed; Li Qiye felt an itch throughout his body. The body reshaping had been completed, his shattered body pieces were connected once again. His pain had totally disappeared and when he opened his eyes again, his body was without damage. It was hard to believe that Li Qiye’s body, which was fragmented and split, was now without the slightest wound; it exceeded people’s imaginations.

There were different advantages and disadvantages for different Physique methods; each method for the formation of different Physiques vary, but in this world, there was no other Physique method that was flawless like this Physique Scripture. To be able to completely destroy a body, then reform it perfectly; in the entire process, there was no lasting harm.

When Li Qiye stood up and took a step, the brick below him was instantly shattered. He did not activate his blood energy, nor exercise his merit laws; it was purely due to his body movement. The effect of the Hell Suppressing Immortal Physique from the word “Taint” was frightening.

When a cultivator practiced the word “Taint” to grand completion, two different Immortal Physiques would appear. They were the Hell Suppressing Immortal Physique and the Sky Destroyer Immortal Physique.

Although they came from the same word “Taint”, these two Immortal Physiques were completely different.

The Hell Suppressing Immortal Physique made it so that the body was as heavy as a thousand mountains. Once a cultivator reached grand completion of this Physique, it was said that he could crush everything with his own body, including the galaxy itself.

There was a saying: the Hell Suppressing Immortal Physique was immeasurably heavy; one lift of the foot could stomp to death both Immortals and Demons. From this saying, one could only imagine how heavy the Hell Suppressing Immortal Physique truly was.

The Sky Destroyer Immortal Physique turned the body into a mighty, infinite power. When completed, a cultivator could rip apart the earth barehanded and wrestle a real dragon; these were easy matters.

Li Qiye had been cultivating on the peak while using this self-torturing method for more than a month. With the Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law rotating his blood non-stop, Li Qiye had broken through two small stages within just a month. The last two stages, Essence Development and Earth’s Extension, were not a challenge to him.

When he was about to pass the Essence Development stage, his merit law led the Life Wheel to spin. His heavy blood energy bellowed out roars and turned into a huge vortex, sucking blood up and down inside it.

This vortex, combined with the Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law and the Kun Peng’s Six Variants, frantically absorbed the world’s spirit energy. The Kun Peng inside his Fate Palace, the world’s largest creature, opened its mouth and satisfyingly swallowed the spirit energy from the heavens like an endless pit.

In the blink of an eye, Li Qiye nearly absorbed all of the spirit energy surrounding his old peak. Fortunately, there were no other people around; otherwise, this would cause a great shock.

This spirit energy from the world was moved into his True Fate where it was refined. The more spirit energy there was, the stronger the True Fate; the stronger the True Fate, the stronger the Dao foundation; the stronger the Dao foundation, the stronger the cultivation level.

After the True Fate had absorbed enough of the world’s spirit energy, it radiated an aura with enough force to tear away the vast fogs from the four oceans. At this moment, the True Fate wanted to break away its own boundary, to turn this vast space into its own territory. This process was called Earth’s Extension.

Nan Huairen was shocked to find out that it only took Li Qiye a month to break through the two stages of Essence Development and Earth’s Extension.

“Within a month, to enter the Physique Accumulation stage, senior is too crazy!”

Nan Huairen was envious from watching; this speed could be comparable to geniuses.

Of course, Nan Huairen didn’t know that if Li Qiye didn’t cultivate the Hell Suppressing Immortal Physique and didn’t have the Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law to carry his blood which weighed thousands of pounds, he wouldn’t have such a satisfying result.

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