Emperor Chapter 338

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Chapter 338: Gathering of Geniuses

“Three Grand Era disciples entered some ruins and found a damaged immortal throne. After this throne was excavated, it actually emanated a hymn from an immortal scripture. The three disciples became much more profound after listening to this immortal scripture…”


In just a short one or two days, many young cultivators who went inside this space had obtained great harvests. Some were geniuses and some were just ordinary students. Having heard this news, those who had not gotten anything became even more spirited and carefully explored more and more. They all hoped that a big fortune would belong to them.

Li Qiye and company continued to wait on this small mountain. Bing Yuxia and Ye Chuyun’s presence also caused many passing-by cultivators to take another look.

At this moment, one could say that Li Qiye was a famous person, someone who was known by everyone in the Eastern Hundred Cities. People became quite curious when they saw Li Qiye’s group sitting on this mountain; they weren’t digging nor searching for treasures.

People found it strange and wondered if this tiny mountain actually contained a great treasure or something.

Before, someone would tease Li Qiye for picking this trivial mountain, but no one dared to provoke him now. Many secretly took note of Li Qiye since they felt that Li Qiye wouldn’t be staying there without a reason.

Nevertheless, no one dared to step forward to ask him.

Slaying Ba Xia and Hu Yue, ending Zu Huangwu and Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan, working together with the academy to kill countless experts from the alliance, including eleven old undyings… In the eyes of many people, Li Qiye was a vicious man who kills without batting an eyelid. Who would mess with such a character?

Those who Li Qiye was waiting for still hadn’t arrived. Instead, a different group came in their place.

A woman flew by treading on a moon without being stained by the flaws of the mortal world. She was as ethereal and ephemeral as a goddess, causing the hearts of others to beat faster when she arrived!

Goddess Mei — Mei Suyao, the descendant of the Eternal River School and their current representative. She was completely renowned in this world, and she caused many young men to throw everything they had away in order to court her.

Many followers were right behind her; in fact, there were far too many. Some were from the great powers, some were from a few minor powers, and there were even ordinary vagabonds.

The reason she had so many followers was not just because of her charming beauty, but also because of her great wisdom. They aspired to contribute to her greatness.

She came into this world in order to teach the dao scripture to many people, especially in the Eastern Hundred Cities. Countless people were taught by her; both gifted and ordinary disciples all gained great benefits after listening to her lectures.

Slowly, Mei Suyao had gathered a force to be reckoned with. It was an organization erected by her followers from all over the world. Some were in love with her while others were there for her vision. There were also those who were willing to be her followers in order to hear her lectures and understandings regarding the grand dao.

Some even considered her followers to be part of a separate daoist practice — Suyao’s own doctrine.

This time, her trip to the timeless portal was filled with adventures in many grounds and secret realms. Mei Suyao only took a couple of things while the rest of the great treasures all fell into the hands of her followers.

Because of this, her group became bigger and bigger. Even though she did not organize these people, it did not matter. Regardless of their reasons, they went wherever she went as if they were part of her shadow. Amongst them, Saint Child Qian Yue was the most determined.

He was the one who had followed her the longest. He had even pledged his loyalty, but he was ultimately rejected by her.

Mei Suyao stopped by the small mountain occupied by Li Qiye. She observed this mountain and read the grand dao before she eventually spoke to Li Qiye: “Brother Li, Suyao is here for a great opportunity. If Brother Li and other dao friends are willing to depart, Suyao will open this mountain.”

Her words caused those who had been paying attention to Li Qiye to become shocked. Her followers were also surprised and excited at the same time. Every time she did something like this, she had always opened a secret realm with treasures. She never took everything and only collected one or two items, so many people enjoyed following her. Outside of her pious followers, there were also those who found that following her was not a bad thing for there would always be a big harvest!

Li Qiye glanced at her and smilingly shook his head: “Unfortunately, I do not intend to move. I found this place first, and it will be up to me to decide whether or not to excavate this land. If you want to probe into the mysteries inside, then wait on the side.”

“Hmph, this realm belongs to everyone. Do you want it all for yourself?” A person declared in indignation after hearing Li Qiye’s response. Some became incensed, especially Mei Suyao’s followers. They felt that Mei Suyao was number one amongst the contemporary younger generation so Li Qiye was out of line.

“So what if I want it all for myself? If you are not convinced, then come and bite me!” Li Qiye was too lazy to stare at the discontent crowd as he continued on: “I found this place first, what I do with it is up to me to decide. However, I welcome all of those who disagree to step forward!”

This lazy tone was filled with an incomparable ferocity and contained an aura that looked down on the rest of the world with disdain.

These domineering words from Li Qiye forced many to halt their breath as they glanced at each other in anger, but no one dared to step forward. Who didn’t know about Li Qiye’s viciousness? He dared to kill the descendants from two Ancient Kingdoms, and he even stole their Immortal Emperor Life Treasures. Was there anything he didn’t dare to do? No matter how tough one’s neck was, it would still not be enough to prevent this vicious man from chopping it in half.

While many were silently enraged, a person descended from the sky. “These words are too overbearing.”

Suddenly, an aura of a solitary tyrant filled the heaven and earth. His appearance was accompanied by myriad laws. One step created one world as the moon and sun became faint while the mountains and rivers shook. His visit caused the grand dao to sing as if a god had descended from the heavens.

“Deity Jikong Wudi!” Seeing the descent of this man, Mei Suyao’s followers and those who were watching Li Qiye were shocked to see him in person.

Thunderous noises also arrived along with his entrance. Chariots and divine ships that were dragged by fierce animals carried many young geniuses who were following Jikong Wudi.

Goddess Mei Suyao and Deity Jikong Wudi could be said to be the apex existences amongst the younger generation. No one dared to stand beside them! They instead followed these two.

Compared to Jikong Wudi, Mei Suyao’s followers were a lot more complex and had a great variety as they came from all four directions in this world. They also had different goals. Some were in love with her, some were loyal to her, some wanted to help her preach to the world, and for some others, it might have been a combination of everything.

Mei Suyao personally did not want to have this formidable force. Her trips around the world to preach the dao was only for her own dao heart, it was not to attract the talents of this world.

Jikong Wudi’s followers were completely different. The majority were geniuses from the great powers, and many were experts of the previous generations. The reason for them to follow Deity was very simple — they thought highly of him and believed that he would shoulder the Heaven’s Will to become an Immortal Emperor this generation!

To his followers, the moment he becomes an Immortal Emperor, they would also become divine generals with illustrious achievements.

Jikong Wudi, himself, directly or indirectly controlled this powerful force. It had to be said that this force also had great potential in the future!

His arrival took many breaths away; Mei Suyao’s followers were no exceptions.

Jikong Wudi had triple saint talents and came from the Space Trample Mountain; in this generation, countless people greatly valued him. They were sure that he would become an Immortal Emperor to follow the footsteps of his ancestor, Immortal Emperor Ta Kong.

No matter how talented one was, they all felt inferior in Jikong Wudi’s presence.

“Deity is the only person who was accepted into the Emperor Era Hall in this generation.” During this academy’s recruitment period, his reputation was great because he became the only student of the Emperor Era Hall. Rumor has it that this hall was very different from the other four. It hid big secrets and had great opportunities. It had been speculated that he obtained something extremely amazing to calm his mind and learn the dao during his stay at the Emperor Era Hall. They believed that this was enough to pave his future path towards becoming an Immortal Emperor!

Mei Suyao remained calm and at ease despite Jikong Wudi’s arrival. As fellow apex geniuses of this generation, Mei Suyao was very quiet and indifferent. Despite the fact that she came into the cultivation world from her reclusive sect, it seemed that she never wanted to compete for anything.

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