Emperor Chapter 18

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Chapter 18 : Demon King Lun Ri (2)

It was natural that Yu He could not see through an object like the Serpent Punishing Stick. Since ancient times, the amount of people that have seen it with their own eyes were few. Without his knowledge from traversing the ominous grounds, he too, would not have known the secret and magical properties of the Serpent Punishing Stick.

If one could not discern its characteristics, then it was only a wooden stick in their eyes.

“I’ll kill you!”

Although his body was tattered with wounds, his Silver Eagle Physique activated automatically. Below Xu Hui’s ribs, two sharp claws came out and went for the heart of Li Qiye.

Xu Hui had the Silver Eagle Physique because his father was a Silver Eagle that became a human from having an accomplished cultivation level. The pair of claws were always hiding inside his body incase he ever needed to suddenly surprise his enemies.


The wooden stick easily stopped the silver eagle claws, forcing them back into Xu Hui’s body.

“You seek your own death!”

Li Qiye coldly proclaimed.

“Whoosh whoosh.”

Two blades immediately pierce through Xu Hui’s shoulders and pinched him into the ground, immobilizing his body.

“Do you think it is that easy to kill me? Today, I’m going to hit you without mercy.”

Li Qiye continued to hit him with the wooden stick; he felt cheated by the event that had just transpired.

“That is enough!”

At this moment, Protector Hua could no longer keep watching. He jumped into the battle stage and yelled.

Li Qiye glanced at him and said:

“What now? If the child can’t win, the old man wants to join in as well?”

“Young one, don’t be so delusional!”

His eyes contained anger and hatred, he gravely said:

“Let him go, or I will personally kill you today.”

“I was going to spare him, but…”

After finishing, Li Qiye sliced the two blades across Xu Hui’s body, severing him into multiple pieces. The blades that struck through to the floor created a rain of blood and sparks.

“Hui’er! You little bastard, accept your death!”

Protector Hua lost all restraint and his blood force punctured through the sky. A magical sword, towering twenty thousand meters, flew towards Li Qiye.

Protector Mo couldn’t react in time; his mind was full of panic.


As the sky piercing sword appeared, suddenly, a gigantic foot from the heavens stomped down with an unstoppable force. No one could stop this blow; not a Named Hero, nor a Royal Noble. Not even an Enlightened Being or a Heavenly King would have been able to; all living beings were just ants compared to the might of that foot.


Protector Hua only managed to let out a pitiful scream. His body, under the giant foot, became meat paste; he could not be more dead.

Everyone was shocked because the foot did not belong to Li Qiye; it was from one of the four gigantic statues situated at the four corners of this battle stage. It was unbelievable that a Royal Noble like Protector Hua was killed in one stomp.

“You can’t…”

Everything happened too fast, Grand Protector Yu He had ignited his blood force and flung it towards the foot in order to save Protector Hua.

However, that foot did not take any damage; it performed another stomp.


Yu He was smashed away straight into the main mountain; his blood wouldn’t stop flowing.

“Don’t you dare!”

A thunderous cry roared up in the sky; it was as if it was encompassing all of the mysterious truths of the heaven and earth; heavenly auras illuminated the whole sky. A person suddenly appeared in the distance, floating in the air. Behind his head was a heavenly blinding aura that could burn the world.

“First Elder!”

All of the Nine Saint Demon Gate disciples yelled out in bewilderment. The first elder raised his palm and immediately flipped it towards the statue. This palm technique, that carried incomparable might, flew towards the statue.


Another deafening sound blasted into the air. This time, the statue used its hand to meet the palm strike. It annihilated the technique; the first elder’s blood painted the sky’s color. Even someone as formidable as he could not handle a single strike from the statue.

Everyone was at a loss for words. The statues at the battle stage suddenly made a move, killing Protector Hua, kicking Yu He away, and used one punch to defeat the first elder.

Afterwards, the statue remained still like nothing had happened.

Li Qiye, in the middle of the arena, casually opened his mouth.

“Like I said, if the Nine Saint Demon Gate does not follow the rules; I would have no qualms in flipping your sect upside down.”


The first elder, although wounded, had his blood force that was still going strong. He immediately flew to the sky, wanting to use all of his might against the statues. He was afraid inside because he did not know why their own statues would rebel against the sect.

“Elder, don’t make any more moves. These four statues are the Heavenly Guardians of the Nine Saint Demon Gate.”

Right now, a commanding voice, that was filled with nobility, rang from the deepest part of the Nine Saint Demon Gate.

“Sect Master!”

Hearing this voice, everyone from the Nine Saint Demon Gate knew who it belonged to. This was the sect master, Demon King Lun Ri, the leader of a whole generation of geniuses in the Grand Middle Territory.

The first elder stopped immediately; he kept staring at the four statues while he pondered many questions.

All of the disciples were surprised as well. They have never heard anyone talk about the sect having Heavenly Guardians, let alone Heavenly Guardians that could harm their own sect.

“Elder, Protector Yu He, please invite Young Master Li into the sky chamber to talk. Would that be alright?”

After hearing the invitation, Li Qiye smirked and answered:

“Finally, someone who can see with their eyes; a little talk will not hurt.”

Grand Protector Yu He quickly came to Li Qiye and respectfully gestured him toward the sky chamber. The more he stared at Li Qiye, the more afraid he became. This thirteen year old was too frightening.


The sky chamber was an important location in the Nine Saint Demon Gate. All major decisions were discussed and made there, and only elders had the qualifications to enter.

Of course, Protector Mo and Nan Huairen could not enter as well. Since the sky chamber was situated in the deepest part of the sect and Li QI Ye could not fly, a grand Royal Noble like Yu He had to bend down to fly him over on his back.

Right now, all of the elders were present in the chamber. Heavenly auras exuded from all of their bodies; their Life Wheels bounced up and down; mysterious patterns of law that resembled the creation of a new world crossed their entire bodies. They had all reached the stage of Enlightened Beings, definitely not Royal Nobles.

One Royal Noble could destroy the entirety of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, imagine how strong an Enlightened Being was. The hidden strength of the Nine Saint Demon Gate was truly staggering when seen; no wonder they were the rulers of Old Ox Country.

Despite all of this, Li Qiye was not surprised one bit and he sat down gracefully in the sky chamber.

“Since the ancient times, no one had ever connected with our Heavenly Guardians.”

The Demon King’s voice appeared, but no one could see him.

Li Qiye shook his head and said:

“I don’t like talking to people who hide their face behind a veil.”

The elders were not pleased with his words. Demon King Lun Ri was a monstrous man, and all of the elders here deeply respected and feared him. However, this Li Qiye was not minding his words towards the King at all.

“It is not as if I don’t want to see Young Master Li, but right now, I am still in the middle of closed cultivation; I can’t personally meet you.”

Demon King Lun Ri patiently explained.

Li Qiye nodded his head and smiled.

“Fine, I won’t make it hard for you; at the very least, I am a very reasonable man.”

Lun Ri politely inquired:

“I want to hear how you were able to connect with our Heavenly Guardians.”

All the elders were surprised as well; they never knew that their sect had Heavenly Guardians.

At this moment, Lun Ri started to explain:

“The Nine Saint Demon Gate has four Heavenly Guardians which are the four statues in the battle stage. They were invited by the patriarch to protect our sect. Not only that, they also guard the Heaven’s Vein and Earth’s Vein between the battle stage, which is the bloodline of our sect, but until today, they have never made a move.”

His voice became graver as he went on during his explanation. Once finished, all the elders’ eyes were on Li Qiye. They did not understand why the forever immobilized Heavenly Guardians helped Li Qiye today.

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  1. Ok, I read this yesterday but I just couldn’t get this out of my mind.

    Why did the MC killed Xu Hui? I can’t understand it. A man who lived for millions of years, who raised the most amazing leaders since they were child, would kill a youngster just becasue he was insolent? What’s wrong with the MC? Shouldn’t he show a little more patience when treating with a youngster? Considering the MC lived for millions of years and has an unshakable willpower we can’t say he lost his temper and killed him on a fit of rage, and if he killed him on a whim then that’s just awful!

    Xu Hui was a minor character, a steeping stone for the MC, he was a spoiled brat but there was noting that presented him as a bad person, he didn’t hurt the MC or his important ones, he didn’t stole anything from the MC, he was just there… We don’t know if he was a good person or a bad person, he was just a 20yo guy whose biggest mistake was to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Protector Hua – “Let him go, or I will personally kill you today.”

    MC- “I was going to spare him, but…”

    Protector Hua only asked for the MC to let go of Xu Hui, granted, he was rude but that’s it, he didn’t actually go overboard, and just because of that MC decided to kill Xu Hui? What was his thought process? “Oh, this guy is annoying, I think I’m gonna kill his disciple…” or something like that?

    I don’t know if I missed something but this part really disappointed me…

    1. I also found that aspect of the MC to be problematic. The only reason he killed someone, was because someone else offended him? That’s insane. If you kill person A, because person B threatened you…Killing person A will surely hurt person B, but at what cost? Why should person A suffer the consequences of whatever Person B did and said?

      I don’t mind that the MC is overbearing and at times, over the top — his million years of experience does not necessarily mean that he’s objective and fair, it can also mean he’s completely desensitized to everything in the world. Maybe, the MC just doesn’t care at all about human life? It’s possible. I just don’t find it in good taste that he killed Xu Hui just out of spite of Protector Hua. With that much I agree, but I don’t agree that the MC’s overall behavior is wrong, a person’s experience can go towards all sorts of paths, and don’t forget that the MC tutored juniors to great heights, just so they can free him of his bounds, not because he was generous. It seems like our MC is incredibly ego-centric and utilitarian, although not without some shred of common sense.

      1. These guys tried to KILL him without a reason. Even though they are just ants for him. Do you don’t understand why person kill poisonous insect that tried to kill him, or that? He killed Xu Hui not because of his teacher, in contrary he wanted to spare him to give face to sect, but if even representatives of sect is such unreasonable then he is don’t have a reason to do so.

    2. Simply if you treat him respect he will do the same. So why would he spare someone that wants to kill him. He was going to spare the one he fought but then that person’s teacher threatened to kill him. This isn’t a world where age = patience and wisdom. It’s a world where the biggest fist reigns supreme.

    3. I don’t find it to be very surprising. Don’t forget that the mc is a several million old super crow that has pretty much nurtured several immortal emperors, he is the master of min ren and he subjugated the first leader of the sect he’s currently visiting and made him serve min ren, that sect was nothing but a servant sect of the cleansing incense sect… and some small junior and toddler elders(compared to his own age) dares to be disrespectful and even claim he was going to kill him, who is the master of his masters(that demon guy current sect master) supreme ancestor masters(that virtuous nine paragon or whatever he was named) master(min ren, virtuous nine paragon was just a dao protector)… he has all the right in the world to kill people there, he was even asked to look after the first sect masters descendants in that sect, so he needs to teach them some lessons. Even if they don’t know about it, he is the one with the highest seniority, they’re not even fit to lick his feet, much less wanting to kill him. If you went up and told some supreme emperor that you were going to kill him, do you think you’d be spared capital punishment?

      Seriously, their attitude is extremely lacking so they get a beating and a lesson in humility, nothing wrong with that, that he is currently in a young humans body doesn’t matter and that they are unaware of his identity doesn’t matter as well, facts are facts. Tell me the person who wouldn’t become arrogant as hell after sitting at the top position for millions of years… If some immortal emperor came to visit the sect and their juniors and elders started to be offensive, disrespectful and tried to directly assault you, don’t you think it’s kind of stupid to think that the immortal emperor would just be like “oh, well, he doesn’t deserve to die for this, might as well be humble and ignore their crimes instead of doing the same to them that they wanted to do to me”? And his previous position was pretty much above immortal emperors, as all those different immortal emperors were just juniors to him, even if he currently has almost no power that doesn’t change this fact. He wouldn’t have acted like this if he didn’t have those heavenly guardians as a back up, for sure. The same can probably be said for the previous disciple he killed, the statues were there, so he could act as he wished, even though it’s external power, it’s still a part of his power, right?

      The only thing I don’t really like is that it might bring about unnecessary grudges, but due to the two sects relationships and that he is pretty much their in-law already and he can move their heavenly guardians, I doubt it would escalate beyond anything minor, if that girl follows him in the future that would mean that offending him would also be offending her, right? and she has a very respectable position in their sect as the prime disciple and has won everyones hearts…

  2. And, here are the golems. I wondered when they’d appear. I’m sure this won’t be the last time a sect will suffer because of its own foundation, which the MC set up for them.
    This is a nice path for the story to take, hopefully we’ll see more similar shenanigans and traps set by the MC’s past journeys, instead of being exposed to cultivation ranks and random titles that hardly matter to the MC at all.

    1. Yeah, it’s honestly probably the first time I’ve seen a mc that has actually been hoarding shitloads of treasures and secrets all over the world that he can use… Usually the mc that reincarnated(this isn’t really reincarnation though) wouldn’t have prepared anything due to the reincarnation being unexpected, or he would come from another dimension/world or it would be too far into the future for anything to remain. Actually, it’s probably one of the first mc’s I’ve seen that is actually 10+ million years old at the beginning… It’s quite unique in this aspect, I think it will be an interesting journey to follow.

      The only thing I hope is that cultivation becomes more important later on, a mortal without cultivation being able to beat someone up to the 8th or so realm is freaking ridiculous, the rest of the realms had better bring about a gigantic difference in powers…

  3. Yo Bamboo or Salt guy, if someone slap your freaking face will u be angry or say thank u for slapping me .Another
    example, if someone stole your money till u become a beggar would u be angry or thank him for stealing you money? If u are a BUDDHA or A SAINT that a different story. But if u are a normal human being, of course u would be angry. Same apply to LI QI YE. THE disrespect him, they mock him, they have a though to kill him. Did li qi ye kill them. No because no one knows him. But when they try to kill him of course he will kill them back. This is also to represent and example for the other. They pick a fight with LI QI YE , they die. Another secret, LI QI YE student own that sect. In a weird way, LE QIE YE also own the sect. THAT four stone is one of his collection treasure. One Stone is equivalent to one IMMORTAL EMPEROR strength.

  4. Hm… This is pretty ridiculous… He’s already got golems that can beat up everyone below the virtuous paragon stage… and that’s the second strongest realm with the exception for immortal emperor that we know of… I wonder if the story will continue beyond immortal emperor later on? because thus far the power levels seems really screwed up… a mortal beating up someone of the 6th realm and seemingly able to do the same with someone of the 8th realm, then some golems already show up that can easily beat up everyone at some of the highest realms… Usually a mortal would be powerless against someone of even the first realm, being easily killed with just a finger, but here we see that cultivation barely matters against the mc… I’m not really comfortable with what I’ve seen thus far in terms of the cultivation system, really. I hope the author will come up with some good idea so that he doesn’t become invincible too fast, I like overpowered mc’s, but I really don’t think that they should be able to kill someone several realms above themselves, it’s too ridiculous and those golems are crazily overpowered… Perhaps there’s a humongous difference between strength of people with different physiques, life wheels and fate palaces, so these guys we see in the beginning has some of the lowest quality ones?

  5. … Well, it happened. The story got so ridiculous that I find it funny now. In a “so bad it’s good” way.

    I can’t get rid of the image of the Monty Python foot squashing a cultivator.

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