Emperor Chapter 12

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Chapter 12 : Arrogance (2)

Li Qiye no longer wanted to look at Sectional Leader Fu and Xu Hui. He stepped outside; it was as if he was taking a stroll on an empty street, and said:

“I don’t care who the current master of the Nine Saint Demon Gate is. Demon King or Virtuous Paragon, whatever. If you want to follow the courtesy guidelines, fine. If not, then don’t do it; I will gladly reciprocate the treatment. Today, right here, I will massacre all of the Nine Saint Demon Gate; I will send all of you down to meet the old chicken head.” 

“Good! Good! How courageous. I will pull out your ligaments, then flay your skin! Then we will see how you are going to destroy our sect.”

Xu Hui was at a loss for words. This was the most comedic event he had ever witnessed. This was the first time he had seen such an arrogant and ignorant person.

Right now, Protector Mo and Nan Huairen wanted to dig a hole and hide themselves in it. A mortal proclaiming to destroy the Nine Saint Demon Gate? This was a sect that was extremely strong even within the whole of the Grand Middle Territory; it ruled over a whole nation. Who could actually massacre them?

Li Qiye ignored Xu Hui and kept on walking gracefully outside.

“Bastard! Die!”

Xu Hui floated into the air and rotated his sword’s energy towards Li Qiye.

“Stand down!”

A voice, akin to thunder in the sky, rang across the whole sect; no one could resist the authority contained within it. It pierced straight to the soul.

Due to this voice, even Xu Hui and Sectional Leader Fu couldn’t help but shiver; their limbs went limp.

“First Elder.”

Sectional Leader Fu recognized the voice; with fear still spread through his body, he found himself unable to believe that such a small matter was causing the presence of the first elder.

“It was a fair competition; when killed, one can only blame oneself for not being as skilled.”

His voice continued to roar through the sky.

Legend has it that the first elder was an Enlightened Being. This was a character whose strength was only below the Demon King. His presence today made everyone think that there was more to the mortal than meets the eye.

“Our marriage alliance between the Nine Saint Demon Gate and the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect is our sect’s tradition.”

The first elder, ignoring the death of Du Yuanguang, let his thunderous voice strike again.

“However, marriage is not a small matter. If the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect wants to marry our prime descendant, he has to prove that he is worthy.”

After hearing the words of the first elder, Li Qiye returned to his tranquil manner and said:

“Finally, the Nine Saint Demon Gate has someone who will take responsibility. If you want to follow the tradition, I shall do the same. You want to test me? So be it; I accept. Picking a day is not as good as meeting the day; we shall conduct the test right now. To marry your descendant is my choice; however, if anyone dares to disrespect me, I will teach them a lesson.” 1

Finished with his words, he walked right outside.

“It will be today.”

After finishing his final command, the sky finally returned to its serene state.

Everyone started to scatter since no one dared to disrespect the first elder’s command. However, the consensus here was that Li Qiye did not know that the sky was high and the earth was wide. His arrogance seemed to know no bounds.

Protector Mo no longer cared for his image. He grabbed Li Qiye and carried him back to the room.

“You fool. If you want to die, please don’t bring our sect down with you.”

“Protector Mo, do you have to be so scared?”

Li Qiye, unwilling to be carried back to the room, pushed Protector Mo’s hands away.

“You… You… You…”

Protector Mo couldn’t help himself anymore and started to hyperventilate.

Nan Huairen, like a mistreated bride, cried:

“Senior, do you know how strong the Nine Saint Demon Gate is right now? Let alone their elders and the Demon King, all of their protectors have the qualification to be Royal Nobles. Demon King Lun Ri, using a single hand, would be enough to bring disaster to our sect. Before, when their first elder was disarming the conflict, you should have taken the chance to nullify the problem.”

“Is that how it is? It is too late now. Plus, I prefer to talk with my fists.”

Li Qiye coldly said.

Of course, Li Qiye could not reveal his secrets. If the Nine Saint Demon Gate wanted to cause trouble, he would use this opportunity to test the integrity of the sect. Although, that year, he promised Nine Saint Virtuous Paragon to take care of his descendants, but if they didn’t know their place, Li Qiye would be happy to cure them of their corruption. Additionally, it would justify him taking the treasures of Nine Saint Demon Gate.

Nan Huairen gave up, no longer wanting to speak or look at Li Qiye. He felt like he was conducting music, but only an ox was listening. It was a waste of his energy. 2

Protector Mo finally regained control of his voice; he could only scornfully say:

“You better follow the rules and attend the trial. If you keep causing trouble, you don’t have to worry about going back to the sect. No one can save you then.”


The trial was taking place in an ancient pavilion. There were two protectors acting as the mediators. One of them was Protector Hua, the master of Xu Hui. The other was Grand Protector Yu He, the strongest protector in the Nine Saint Demon Gate.

Circular, visible auras surrounded the body of Protector Hua. It was as if his body was made out of golden metal. As for the grand protector, his aura was much more intimidating. His Royal Noble strength seeped out in a sanguine color instead of a golden one.

Many disciples surrounded the pavilion because cultivating could be lonely and mundane at times. They were all eager for the opportunity to watch an entertaining scene. So many were here that even a fly could not get through the sea of people.

The group that opposed this marriage the most consisted of the male disciples. They all hoped for Li Qiye to fail his trial because they believed that he does not qualify to be the husband of their goddess.

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  1.  Another proverb saying that there is no reason to wait
  2.  Basically, an ox can’t hear or appreciate the music, just like a dumb person can’t be appealed with reasoning


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    1. If the story will continue on like this, I don’t even mind not having any idea what an “Enlightened Being” is (eerily creeping into Claymore territory here with yet another random title we have no idea what it means).
      Seeing other people lose their shit over the MC’s overbearing behavior is pretty funny to carry the story for a while, even though I doubt we’ll see a whole lot of it.

  1. he promised Nine Saint Virtuous Paragon to take care of his descendants, but if they didn’t know their place, Li Qiye would be happy to cure them of their corruption. Additionally, it would justify him taking the treasures of Nine Saint Demon Gate.

    So, basically, the logic here is: “You should all clearly respect me, a 13 years old Mortal brat. How dare you even disrespect me? I merely spat at the face of your Sect’s idol for the grave sin of being told she’s above me, and I also just killed one of your sect members after intentionally provoking his wrath to intentionally arrive at this precise hostile situation. I did all of this on purpose, and you DARE to disrespect me?! Alright, hand over your treasure and I’ll turn a blind eye to it. I shall allow it.”

    It’s pretty funny how overbearing the MC is, but revealing his inner thoughts like that really doesn’t help with his likability.

    1. You’re trying to relate to this as someone who probably grew up in the Western World. Among the youthful Chinese, being domineering is considered a talent. Ofc, you have to back it up but so long as you do, its considered cool. The author of these novels are all Chinese, they don’t cater to the Western world. You have to remember, its you who is reading these novels. No one is forcing you to, so please stop being antagonistic about the way the MC’s are or the standard cliche’s of the Xianxia genre. If I don’t like a LN, I stop reading it.

      As for the current situation : You have to remember this, if they weren’t trying to escape the marriage, intentionally picking on them after they elected a 13 year old mortal as the prime disciple (2 days back)- didn’t look down on him from the get-go, then things wouldn’t have escalated to this point. Their intentions weren’t sincere to begin with! (The Nine Demon Sect was considered a vassal to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect yet its Elders are ready to scourge its heritage) You’re wanting him to deal with this the way the civilized man in the Western era does but this book is not written in that setting! These world’s are essentially the law of the jungle. Think about it this way, if he was truly a mortal- he probably won’t even survive their test. Is this fair to him?!

      And he’s not a mortal. He has had all the past life experiences. He is a culmination of all of that! He has what it takes to back what he says, so him not taking all the bullying lying down is not considered arrogant. I can understand where you’re coming from though, I know that its probably repetitive. But I enjoy it, you probably do so as well. This is why we’re still reading this!

  2. Our character needs treasures, if he can kill them then he should go ahead to speed up his growth from his current power level, whatever it may be.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  3. The amount of logic is astounding in this novel. Li Qiye, the million years old crow, is going to massacre the descendants of his disciple because they disrespected the 13 years old arrogant mortal he currently is. They truly don’t know how high the heavens are!!

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