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Chapter 106 : Dao Child Shengtian (2)

“Make a move and hit him!”

At this moment, Li Qiye smilingly said.

“Clank clank–”

Right when Li Qiye’s words came out, Li Shuangyan immediately took action. With one sword flying forward, even the stars lost their colors. Dao Child Shengtian’s expression greatly changed and he had to rapidly retreat.

This sudden change of events shocked everyone. No one expected for Li Shuangyan to suddenly make a move.

“Goddess Li also wants to be involved?”

Dao Child Shengtian looked over at Li Shuangyan, then he laughed and said:

“Could it be that Goddess Li is jealous? If this is the case, I don’t mind marrying two beauties.”

“Who would compete for a bastard? Shuangyan, kill him for me!”

Li Qiye gave Dao Child Shengtian a completely annoyed look.

“You truly don’t know life from death.”

Dao Child Shengtian, with a ferocious gaze, reached over towards Li Qiye’s direction!


Li Qiye didn’t need to make a move. Li Shuangyan already threw out a sword energy and immediately cut towards the hand of Dao Child Shengtian.

Against this sword energy, Dao Child Shengtian didn’t dare to be careless. He immediately withdrew this hand while he clenched his other hand, and a Life Treasure immediately wedged at Li Shuangyan.

Seeing this scene, people didn’t know why Li Shuangyan had to listen to such a mediocre person. One had to remember, Li Shuangyan was the heaven’s proud daughter, and she was also a genius Royal Noble!

“No wonder why this person, who feeds off women, is so arrogant, he has a woman as his backing!”

Marquis of the Eastern River contemptuously exclaimed. Even though these were words of disdain, they carried a hint of jealously.

“Young Lady, come with me.”

At this moment, while looking at Chen Baojiao, Li Qiye rode his snail into the air and slowly said:

“As the old saying goes: follow me and I will let you eat delicious food and drink fine liquor.”1

This scene was so outrageous that it silenced all of the spectators. Even Li Qiye’s supporters, such as Gu Tieshou, had black lines on their foreheads.

As for the disciples of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, they were totally in awe. This type of womanizing was completely unparalleled. Even when his fiancé, Li Shuangyan, was next to him, he was still openly seducing the fiancé of Dao Child Shengtian. This was an arrogance beyond all imaginations!

“Oh my grandma, this turtle had lived for many thousand years, but this is the first time I’ve seen an arrogant person like you!”

In the end, even the Turtle Monarch of the Flying Dragon Lake was impressed.

Such a scene made everyone dumbfounded. Seducing Dao Child Shengtian’s fiancé right in front of him; if this wasn’t arrogance and stupidity, then it would be a peerless character. If this little brat claimed to be second, then no one would claim to be first.

If this was another young man saying these words in front of her, Chen Baojiao would definitely become angry and would consider him to be a crazy man. However, this boy was only fourteen or fifteen, and he was even younger than her. What was more strange was that he was riding a snail to seduce her. This mess was so ridiculous.

“Little Man, if you want to seduce women, wait until you have long hair.”

Chen Baojiao glared at Li Qiye and angrily said.

“Young Lady, what type of person do you think I am!”

Li Qiye revealed an exaggerated expression and said:

“Do you think I am a wicked man? I carry a natural and noble spirit, and my intention is not to seduce a flower. I’m telling you to follow me, meaning that you will follow my orders and be under my command. In the future, I will let you eat delicious food and drink fine liquor.”

Here, Li Qiye sardonically laughed and continued:

“Also, Young Lady, I didn’t take off my clothes earlier, how would you know that my hair isn’t long enough?”

Li Qiye’s words made countless people laugh, but because they were dreadful of the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom’s face, they couldn’t laugh out loud. They had a hard time holding it back.

“Little Man, you are courting death!”

Teased by Li Qiye, Chen Baojiao’s cheeks were flushed red, and she became even more charming. She roared and struck towards Li Qiye with one finger.

Chen Baojiao didn’t actually want to kill Li Qiye, but Li Qiye was also extremely swift. With his Kun Peng’s Dark Space Transformation, and a Kun Peng appeared on top of his head and he easily dodged to the side.

Then, with the Heaven Transformation, his speed was extremely fast and he could traverse through any space without obstacles. The profound truths in Li Qiye’s hands were even more powerful.

“The Kun Peng’s Six Variants?”

Chen Baojiao, seeing Li Qiye’s ability to dodge her finger, was surprised. She judged Li Qiye again and then said:

“So you are a disciple of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect!”

At such a young age, yet he was able to cultivate an Emperor merit law; this matter alone was enough to surprise Chen Baojiao.

“Young Lady knows her stuff.”

Li Qiye nonchalantly said:

“Emperor merit laws, to me, are no problem. Young Lady, following me will result in an unimaginable future!”

“Little Animal, you want to die—”

At this moment, Dao Child Shengtian was furious; he was completely flustered compared to his previously calm demeanor. He roared and went straight towards Li Qiye.


Li Qiye didn’t make a move. Instead, Chen Baojiao coldly snorted and blocked this attack.

“Shuangyan, why are you so slow in killing a chicken? Even though your offensive power is lacking, it shouldn’t be this weak. Where is your Physique?”

Regarding Dao Child Shengtian having the power to retaliate, Li Qiye was not happy.

“You really wanted me to kill him?”

Li Shuangyan thought Li Qiye was just kidding. Dao Child Shengtian was the descendant of the Heavenly God Sect. Killing him would be like piercing the heaven; it would definitely bring about a suffocating catastrophe to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.

“When I speak, do I pretend?”

Li Qiye calmly said:

“He isn’t a son of an Immortal Emperor. Just quickly kill him and stop wasting time.”

Finished speaking, he waved his sleeve, as if he couldn’t stand this annoyance any longer.

Such arrogant words bewildered people. As for Dao Child Shengtian, he almost vomited blood from anger. He was a genius renowned throughout the Grand Middle Territory, but right now, he was looked down upon by such a no-named brat.


At this point, Dao Child Shengtian became crazy and roared. Suddenly, his Fate Palace was as grand as Mount Tai. It shot out endless magical runes, like a boundless ocean. These vast magical runes could sweep through the heavens and earths.


But at this moment, the holy light suddenly surged. A holy lotus seat suddenly appeared. Li Shuangyan was emitting endless immortal light. During this brief moment, she looked like a fairy descending to earth.

Li Shuangyan’s steps were as natural as the flowing water and floating clouds. These steps exceeded the countless magical runes of Dao Child Shengtian. These magical runes could grind out the void, but Li Shuangyan was like the blooming lotus; nothing could stain her. As such, the countless magical runes had no effect on her.

The Void Imperfection Physique, a supreme Immortal Physique. Her Immortal Physique was already number one!


Li Shuangyan’s heaven piercing sword stabbed the chest of Dao Child Shengtian. When his life was hanging by a thread, a “Zheng” sound occurred and the armor on his body blocked the sword.

However, despite this being the case, this sword was still too sudden. Dao Child Shengtian’s body was struck away for more than one hundred miles by the sword’s power. When he finally stopped, his face was deathly pale.

“Such a frightening physique, could it be that Goddess Li is really a Saint Physique at grand completion?!”

Seeing this scene, the Turtle Monarch of the Flying Dragon Lake lost his colors. He continued to murmur:

“To be untouched by all Daos — this is the Pure Jade Physique at grand completion?”

At this point, everyone was left aghast. Even the gray robe old man, who was following Dao Child Shengtian, was no exception.

To be untouched by all Daos was a very frightening matter to all cultivators. Meeting such an opponent was absolutely like meeting death.

Li Shuangyan was also moved by her improvement. At this moment, she truly understood how heaven defying the Immortal Physique Li Qiye taught her was! Even if there were Void Imperfection Physique merit laws in this world, they couldn’t compare to the supreme Immortal Physique of Li Qiye. This was the number one immortal physique.

“Shuangyan, your attack is too weak.”

Li Qiye shook his head and said:

“In the future, you need to learn some killing techniques.”

One sword should have been enough to kill Dao Child Shengtian. Unfortunately, Li Shuangyan was not gifted in the art of killing. She had spent more time drowning in the art of formations, but she also didn’t have a suitable killing formation.

At this moment, Dao Child Shengtian’s expression was very ugly. He had become a Royal Noble not long ago. He thought highly of himself and believed that he could be the number one person in the Grand Middle Territory. He didn’t expect to lose in the hands of Li Shuangyan.

“The Crystal Jade King Physique, it truly is great.”

Dao Child Shengtian coldly said:

“Goddess Li, today, I will show you what is considered a grand killing technique!”


After a loud explosion, a wild scene appeared behind him. At this moment, with ferocious killing intent from countless desolate beasts, Dao Child Shengtian was like a fierce beast coming into life. All existences within one hundred thousand miles were shivering.

His Life Wheel surfaced and his Longevity Treasure started to channel all of his blood energy. His Royal Noble aura also appeared, as if he was the king of all Royal Nobles.

“Watch out, there is a fierce weapon hidden on his body.”

Feeling the ancient fierce beasts’ presence, Gu Tieshou was worried. He stepped forward and reminded Li Shuangyan.

“Elder Gu, if you want to fight, I will humor you.”

At this moment, the gray robed old man, who was with Dao Child Shengtian, came out.

This old man exuded a powerful presence. With vague momentum, he was like an Enlightened Being growing wings into an immortal. Others felt as if they were looking at the heavens and had to lift their heads up to see.

“Imperial Advisor Si Tu –”

Seeing this person, Gu Tieshou’s expression greatly changed and his eyes became serious.

“Enlightened Being Si Tu! The Imperial Advisor of the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom, an Enlightened Being, ah!”

Seeing the face of this gray robed old man, many people greatly changed their expressions, including the experts from the Violet Cloud Sect and the Flying Dragon Lake.

Enlightened Beings were above Royal Nobles. If Royal Nobles reigned over humans, then Enlightened Beings suppressed the Royal Nobles. Like the stars in the sky, they were worshiped by all.

Becoming an Enlightened Being during the Difficult Dao Era was extremely amazing. One could even say that although Royal Nobles and Enlightened Beings were only one realm part, the gap was like the heaven and earth.

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  1.  Idiom meaning live well, extravagant, whatever you desire


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