Emperor’s Domination – Index

Yanbi Xiaosheng (厌笔萧生)


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Ten million years ago, Li Qiye planted a simple water bamboo into the ground.
Eight million years ago, Li Qiye had a koi fish pet.
Five million years ago, Li Qiye cared for a little girl.
In the present day, Li Qiye woke up from his slumber; the water bamboo reached the apex of cultivation; the koi fish became a Golden Dragon; the little girl became the Nine Worlds’ Immortal Empress.

This is a tale regarding an immortal human who was the teacher of the Demon Saint, Heavenly Beast, and Immortal Empress.

Bao’s Synopsis
A boy that was imprisoned for millions of years had regained his mortal body. He became a disciple of the declining Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect where its patriarch used to be his disciple. Now he will bring this sect back to its former glory.

This is his journey to reach the apex and take revenge on those who had imprisoned him.

This is his story of meeting old friends and making new companions.

This is his path of traversing the Nine Worlds and becoming the next ruler of the Heavens.

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Chapter List

Chapters 1-99
Chapters 100-199
Chapters 200-299
Chapters 300-399
Chapters 400-499

Chapter 500 – Di Zuo’s Arrival
Chapter 501 – Xian Fan
Chapter 502 – Five Elements Immortal Armor
Chapter 503 – Prime Ominous Grave’s Opening
Chapter 504 – Corpseblood Cloud
Chapter 505 – Ominous Grave’s Secret Realms
Chapter 506 – Secret Realm Elves
Chapter 507 – Legendary Grand Creation
Chapter 508 – Exchange
Chapter 509 – Obtaining The Treasure
Chapter 510 – Realm’s Defining Treasure
Chapter 511 – Mysteries of the Destiny Stones
Chapter 512 – Adventures in the Metal Realm | (April Fools – Birth of a Creation)
Chapter 513 – Divine Dragon Mountain | (April Fools – Impending Doom)
Chapter 514 – Dragon Mountain’s Destiny Stones | (April Fools Teaser)
Chapter 515 – Searching For Destiny Stones
Chapter 516 – The Stone At The Peak
Chapter 517 – Arrogant Stone
Chapter 518 – All The Destiny Stones Competing For A Master
Chapter 519 – Most Arrogant Stone Accepts A Master
Chapter 520 – Flirtatious Banter
Chapter 521 – Diamond Carp
Chapter 522 – Wood Realm
Chapter 523 – Dangers In The Wood Realm
Chapter 524 – Lost Alchemy Garden Of The Immortals
Chapter 525 – Ultimate Alchemy Location
Chapter 526 – Cultivating in the Alchemy Garden
Chapter 527 – Cultivation
Chapter 528 – Twelve Fate Palaces
Chapter 529 – Secret Among Grave Secrets
Chapter 530 – Five Immortal Phoenix Ginseng
Chapter 531 – Threat
Chapter 532 – Opening The Coffin
Chapter 533 – Mysterious Lamp
Chapter 534 – Immortal Medicines Begging To Be Taken Along
Chapter 535 – Simple Mountain Immortal Kingdom’s Quest For Treasure
Chapter 536 – Jadewater Queen
Chapter 537 – Mysterious Old Pond
Chapter 538 – Long Zuntian
Chapter 539 – Divine Spark Phoenix Maiden’s Scheme
Chapter 540 – Competition
Chapter 541 – Leisurely Stroll
Chapter 542 – Tian Lunhui
Chapter 543 – Tian Lunhui’s Strength
Chapter 544 – Disappearance
Chapter 545 – Treasure Inside The Pond
Chapter 546 – Bronze-Carapace King
Chapter 547 – The United Crowd
Chapter 548 – Diamond Saint Physique
Chapter 549 – Change Of Mind
Chapter 550 – Fighting Against The World
Chapter 551 – Declivity-Mountain Bell
Chapter 552 – Bare Hand Blocking Emperor’s Weapon
Chapter 553 – Myriad Enemies Annihilated With A Wave Of The Hand
Chapter 554 – Phoenix Maiden’s Death
Chapter 555 – Night Era Flower
Chapter 556 – Another Meeting With The Diamond Carp
Chapter 557 – Hundred Saints Imperial Formation
Chapter 558 – Dark Star
Chapter 559 – Mysterious Living Thing
Chapter 560 – Di Zuo Waits For The Battle
Chapter 561 – The Storm Is Here
Chapter 562 – Azure God-Monarch
Chapter 563 – Myriad-Form Rend
Chapter 564 – Kun Peng Versus Golden Dragon
Chapter 565 – Imperial Spear
Chapter 566 – Myriad Fists
Chapter 567 – Ultimate Attack
Chapter 568 – Aphotic
Chapter 569 – Di Zuo’s Death
Chapter 570 – Titanic Crescent’s Three Ancestors
Chapter 571 – Swallowing Three Ancestors
Chapter 572 – Earth Realm


115 thoughts on “Emperor’s Domination – Index” - NO SPOILERS

    1. This Daoist has to disagree.

      This Novel is just as Childish as WQDK and BTTH. Li Qiye is same level of retard as Yun Che and Lin Dong.

      The translator does put in great effort though, and is very regular.

      1. I can see you’re point about it being as childish but the differences for me is that it doesn’t try to hid it. This story is just straight up the MC being OP as shit coz he knows everything. And I feel the author does a good job of making that story enjoyable as you learn more and more about him and the world.

        So to me it doesn’t have that bullshit plot armor feeling coz you knew from the start that he already has everything figured out.

      2. Please everyone ignore the comment from “Daoist LastWish”!! Every word he said is complete nonsense. Childish? The MC is overpowered yes, but using the word childish is just foolish! This novel is nothing like WQDK and nothing like BTTH, to be honest to compare ED with these two novels is just idiotic. Li Qiye a retard like Yun Che?? These two characters do not have a single similitude, their character as different as left from right. Overall it baseless nonsense what this foolish “daoist” said.

        1. If you cannot see the similarity that doesn’t mean that more discerning people cannot. These two characters are exactly the same. The so called ‘difference’ is just fluff, mere window dressing.

          I suppose you think that ED, WQDK and BTTH are greatest novels ever written.

          Enjoy yourself, don’t mind this old daoist.

          1. Considering that you cannot seem to keep the different main characters straight (Yun Che is from ATG, not BTTH — that’s Xiao Yan), perhaps one shouldn’t pay too much attention to your opinion.

            The similarity you’re referring to is simply because they are all main characters of xianxia stories. You might as well say all main characters of detective novels are the same, because they’re all smart and make deductions based on clues.

            You ignore the actual differences between the characters by calling them “window dressing”. Yes, funnily enough, if you don’t take their differences into account, it’s very easy to claim things are the same! A screwdriver and a hammer are both tools, obviously they’re the same thing! One hammers nails, one screws in screws; they’re both used to drive in things that fasten things to other things! The differences are just fluff, mere window dressing.

          2. LNs aren’t so important that I need to remember the main character names, especially since the characters are so forgettable and can be exchanged between the novels without changing anything.

            Yeah, Chen Chang Sheng and Yun Che are the same, after all they are protagonists of the Xianxia novels. Sherlock Holmes and Miss Marple are the same too, being protagonists of detective novels.

            Also, if that’s the best analogy you can come up with, then I suggest you stop reading novels and stick to using screwdrivers and hammers.

            “Actual Differences” Lol.

          3. Denigrating examples of xianxia literature on a site dedicated to xianxia literature is kind of like pissing in the pool you’re swimming in.

            Whether or not you acknowledge the differences, they are there. I have no issue keeping the different protagonists straight. Yes, they share many qualities. Just as Miss Marple and Sherlock Holmes do. That doesn’t make them the same character. It simply means they belong to the same genre.

            As for my analogies, I try to ensure they’re simple enough that the people they’re directed at can understand them. Perhaps I evaluated you too highly previously. Mea culpa.

          4. “As for my analogies, I try to ensure they’re simple enough that the people they’re directed at can understand them.”
            *insert supa hot fire roast meme

      3. I think it’s much more similar to tales of demons and gods. Both are born to a new or younger body and both are knowledgeable about the future past. I disagree with the retard and childish thing. . . The only off part for me are the words / phrases / expressions are quite exaggerated or poetic. But all in all, it’s great.

      4. How much of this novel have you actually read. Because I assure you this novel is great and the Mc is not a retard at all he acts any way he wishes and his mind is very meticulous and intelligent. This novel is great and has had a great amount of time and effort put into it by its author and is thus very complicated. Daisy Lastwish is completely wrong and has obviously not read much of this novel at all. I recommend to read his novel and to the give up on it as its very good.

        1. God dammit auto correct why you do this to me?

          What I meant is Daoist Last wish is really wrong and has obviously not read too much of this novel. I recommend reading this novel and not giving up on it as it is very good and satisfying to read. The author has obviously put a great amount of effort into this novel and has spent a long time on it

      5. LOL I like ED I used to like BTTH but started the manga first and cant find that point in the noval I love WDQK. I dont think your rite If you dont like it why post just stop reading it. And Yun che is ATG so you most just be a troll. ISSTH is my fav. But as my momma taught me if you aint gat nothing nice to say dont say nothing at all. If you think you can do better then DO IT. Dont complain.

  1. It’s quite a unique story and I pretty much enjoy this story’s MC quite a bit. After doing some searching online it seems as of today the chapter for this book (in chinese), is up to chatper 2276… and while the english is still 300 ish. I hope this story gets translated up-to-date or at least be finished I go into retirement lol.

    PS; don’t take me wrong, I really appreciate for the translators to get stories done, and am really thankful for them to have the time to do so, but at the same time I am really eager to keep reading more while this story is getting only a chapter a day. I hope more and more translators can come and get as much chapters done as possible. Thanks again for the hardwork! 🙂

  2. Good day Mr.Translator Sir… Is it possible to put the titles of the chapters too besides the chapter number… Because there are times that I do back reading to freshen my memories or relieve my boredom while waiting for the new chapter but it is a bit difficult to browse with only the chapter # in it…

      1. Thank you most esteemed Elder for fulfilling this humble disciple’s request.
        I am forever in your debt Eternal Ruler of the Wuxia World’s Immortal Emperor Realm.

  3. ImmortalEmperorBao
    Uma vez que o livro se tornou livre, muitos voluntários se ocuparam em traduzí-lo para inúmeros idiomas, tais comos Árabe, Português Brasileiro, Alemão, Italiano, Espanhol, etc.
    Eu gostaria de agradecer a você .
    O seu trabalho é muito apreciado porque ele leva o Debian para milhões de pessoas que não poderão ler antes de ser traduzido .

    Muito Obrigado pelos capítulos !!! 🙂 🙂

  4. Hi is there a prequel to this story? I feel like I’ve read about Emporer Min Ren somewhere I just can’t think of where and if there is a story about him, could I please have the title of the story ?

    Thank you

    PS this chat box isn’t very friendl

      1. I feel like i’ve read something somewhere before about Min Ren, a child in his clan being bullied in his clan Li Qiye as the dark crow takes an interest in his abilities having watched Min Ren for a couple of weeks. He is diligent, hard working and has talent. Li Qiye has decided to train this child, as he himself dislikes bullies.

        I don’t know I just feel like I’ve read about Min Ren somewhere before.

        PS. To some this story may seem to be childish, however it has a good story line and the Author has done a great job in keeping the flow of the story. So thank you for translating it :), having read thousands of books in the last 10 years of my life I can tell you that this has come to be a godsend for me who is getting sick of reading broken litterature by authors who don’t know how to keep a story flowing and/or cut their own stories off, in hopes of keeping a reader interested for the next story in the line.

        1. Well, I also had some feeling like that at first … but the thıng is , I have been a bookworm all my life and could not be satisfied just by read,ng the stories. I needed lores and stuff like that . Then everytime i couldn’t find some lore, , would fill in the blanks and make a lore out of my imagination so i can say this also is a case of imagination overriding memories… also this is how i started writing 😛 may as well give it a try

  5. i just have catch up to you …
    because I’m not a native english speaker.
    a had a lot of problems to read at first. thats way i took me 3 week to complet it. 🙂

  6. Is there like a list of the cultivation levels in this novel? Cause seeing the cultivation levels here leads me to be confused, I have no idea what’s stronger than the other plus there seems to be 3 different cultivation levels?

  7. Currently reading chapter 486 and I have a think to say, this novel awesome it’s one of my favourite novels. MR. TRANSLATOR thanks for your hard work and keep it up looking forward to you next chapter translations

  8. Did the math, currently 486 chapters translated, translator releases minimum of 17 chapters per week and 7 chapters have been released for the week. So when the week ends there chaper count will be at least 486+10 = 496 (approx 500). So author will need to translate (2300-500) 1800+ chapters.
    Chapters translated (min):
    Weekly => 17
    Monthly => 17×4 = 68
    Yearly => 68×12 = 816
    duration => 1800/816 = 2.205 years (from next week onwards)
    Mr. Bao you have a lot to do, keep it up. thanks for your hard work until now and for the future. I’ll be cheering ? for you ?

  9. This novel is neither good nor bad. It’s OK.
    Not a “must read” but you can read it while waiting for your favorite novels to have more chapters.

    If you just look for a novel with an arrogant, domineering, all-knowing and OP MC you might consider it as a really great novel, though.
    He basically saw and experienced nearly everything the 9 realms have to offer during his millions years of existence as the Crow God. He is totally unimpressed by kingdom toppling beauty (met countless of them), generational genius (trained countless of them) or immortal treasures (own a whole lot of it). I’m surprised the MC doesn’t suicide to escape the boredom of such life.

    The MC becomes more powerful as the story goes on but he never grow or change as a character since nothing major ever happens. No desperate fight, no great loss, no upturning event, no true love. Everything happens smoothly. Smoothly to the point if being boring.
    520 chapters and I can barely remember what happened so far. Story isn’t that bad at all but nothing surprised me and nothing worth remembering happened.
    At least not all other characters are brainless dead dog who exist only to be trampled by/cheer for the MC compared to other novels like this one.

    Might sound like a bad review but I would give it a 2,5/5.

  10. This one is brilliant, it’s pretty generic but also takes the matters from a different view. It has a calculating yet mostly relaxed mc who just focuses on reaching the apex … you know his focus is what got me really good . he feels like meng hao in TDG storyline … something like that i guess… also thanks to to the Immortal Emperor Bao and the team ( sorry for not being able to remember all names its almost morning here ) for translating ED .

  11. Brother bao thank you for the translation. I love this story n the mc.
    Can there be more updates daily? I can only request.
    And brother bao an update needs to be made to the glossary. With pictures if possible.

  12. Translator has almost reached his goal to work on the translation full-time, so I hope you make it translator 🙂

    Stories really enjoyable, my favourite so far. There are distinct problems with it, such as the info-dumps it likes to give out, but it is the best novel at capturing the idea of ‘mystery’ in xianxia, and it is always a very enjoyable read. MC is likeable, the girls are also likeable and make sense. To iterate further on the girls, they’ve been constantly adored and spoiled since birth and are at the top in their current world. Arrogance and confidence will undoubtedly arise from that sort of situation, no matter who you are. After the MC expands their worldview, their real personalities start to come out.

    I wouldn’t say this story has a harem, but I wouldn’t say it -doesn’t- have a harem either. I really like the idea of sword maids, I find the concept interesting. I don’t know if other novels do it? I’m sure some must. MC is definitely arrogant, but he isn’t twisted. He has a firm heart that has been forged through countless struggles, so he already knows what he desires and what he can’t stand etc. the MC likes gentle women, their strength or status or anything doesn’t mean much to him. Only their heart does.

    Well enough rambling. I really recommend this. The story isn’t life-changing, but it is a really pleasant story that leaves a happy feeling with you. The ‘love’ part of the story isn’t unnecessarily problematic and filled with drama. It is just a nice read. That is all I ask of a story. Wish there were more.

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