Emperor Chapters 998 to 1000

Translator: Bao
Editor: Nahct
Proofreader: Light

Chapter 998
Chapter 999
Chapter 1000

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Wooo! Chapter 1000! It’s been quite a long journey, a year and a half actually. However, the journey has just begun! Here’s to a thousand chapters and many more to come!

PS: Unfortunately, I have an exam tomorrow and won’t be able to edit the last two chapters. They will be updated tomorrow asap, but enjoy them for now~

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  1. congratulations on 1000 and thank you but remember your health and family comes first not us so if you or your family gets sick treat yourself and them first

  2. yasss 1000, I don’t care about all the hate people need throwing, but this is the only novel I’ve read that has been great from ch1-1000, well chapter 1 was confusing af tho. Thank you so muchhh Bao lots of love.

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